Singers fear being blackballed for performing at Trump inauguration

It’s less than a month away from January 20 when Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the U.S.A., but his team is struggling to find entertainers to perform.

Fox News reports, Dec. 22, 2016, that the only confirmed entertainers so far are 16-year-old “America’s Got Talent” 2010 runner-up Jackie Evancho, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and the Rockettes.

Even pro-Trump entertainers are politely declining, giving one excuse or another. They include Gene Simmons of KISS and country singer Garth Brooks. Opera singer Andrea Bocelli initially accepted the invitation, but then withdrew, reportedly because of the backlash he’d received.

TMZ reports yesterday that the reason is because entertainers believe they will be “blackballed” if they perform at the Trump inauguration:

There’s a secret scare in the music world over Donald Trump’s inauguration … some singers and bands want to perform but they’re getting cold feet because they’re worried it will hurt their career.

Sources in the music industry connected with people who have been “on the list” tell us … some of the singers and groups have floated rumors they might perform to judge the public reaction … which by and large has scared them into running for the hills instead of towards the Hill.

We’re told trial balloons were floated by at least 4 camps … we’re told everyone’s so scared of the backlash the camps will never admit they’ve even entertained the prospect of singing at the inauguration … they’re all so worried it will negatively impact the artists’ careers.

It’s a sea change from every other inauguration. Up to now it didn’t matter if it was a Dem or a Republican … there were enough big stars willing to perform it wasn’t a problem.

liberal tolerance

This should put the end, once and for all, to the myth of “liberal tolerance”.

To call “liberal tolerance” a myth actually is too kind. In psychological parlance, it’s the narcissists’ Grandiose False Self — a big lie that preening liberals tell themselves and the world.

In winning the GOP primaries and the 2016 presidential election, Trump has defied every expectation in the book. I suggest that his inauguration should be likewise.

Think outside of the box!

Instead of big-name singers and stars from the Hollywood cesspool, he should ask U.S. military bands, as well as school bands from the small towns and cities of red states, to perform at the inauguration. They are more reflective and representative of the tens of millions of everyday Americans who’ve voted for Trump.

Send a message to Trump about this! Go here.


17 responses to “Singers fear being blackballed for performing at Trump inauguration

  1. The world are made of two kinds of people Heroes and Cowards and if you let the crooked left control your life you are a COWARD. To do nothing lets the BASTARDS WIN, I have NEVER been afraid of Bullies, they are COWARDS on the inside, hit them back with their own medicine.
    Semper Fi.

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    • As an old Chicago boy, I endorse you 150%. I learned very early on that one either stands up or gets put down, so it should be obvious what one must do, as a necessary minimum. Or as my father would have said, “I don’t want to know what they did, but what you did.” End of story.

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    • AMEN, brother! And “It Don’t Matter!” We are winning! The fence-straddlers and moral cowards will rue the day they missed the opportunity to stand up proudly.

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  3. These are pathetic times.
    I call what is going on ” neoMcCarthyism”.
    This is going on in Hollywood, the music business and in my world, the visual art, illustration, publishing world.
    If one, especially a working artist who makes a living by his/her creative efforts is open in their support of the president Elect, the blowback is unbelievable.
    In Hollywood there is a secret group of conservative actors called “Friends of Abe” and membership is , of course, secret as membership alone would out them as conservative, with detrimental effects to their careers.

    I could list examples of the horrible things being said by award winning illustrators and authors in the children’s book world that would break your heart with their ugliness and lies.
    Even worse, for me, is the intimidation, the very real necessity of keeping quiet, as exercising my freedom of speech would result in being blackballed.

    It is easy to call those of us who are not even famous celebrities ” cowards”, but that is not quite fair. A famous celebrity like Gene Simmons who is worth many millions declining an invitation is in a different league than a creative who is grateful for every project in this current economy feeling they must remain silent.

      I pray that after Jan 20 things turn around quickly, and that membership in the progressive "club" is no longer mandatory for creatives.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah!

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  4. great idea Dr. Eowyn and TOTB should be the theme for our country for the next 4+ years…I wonder if trump’s camp has asked ted nugent to perform at the inauguration?
    good thing trump isn’t gay and asking these so-called “supporters” (really a bunch of cowards) to bake a “wedding” cake.

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  5. They’ll regret it one day, not being part of a great Presidency. But at least they’ll have the great unwashed giving them the thumbs up while illegally downloading their music for free. IRONIC.
    Secondly, the Left thinks they stand for freedom of speech but they go to great lengths to shut down anyone who doesn’t spew in line with their rants-essentially cutting off Free Speech. IRONIC
    Thirdly, the left spouts that they are the party of the people and love/peace but they’re the ones getting violent, hurting people who have nothing to do with their protests and being decisive and exclusionary. IRONIC
    BEGINNING TO THINK THESE CREATIVE TYPES ARE ALLOWING THEMSELVES TO BE PUT IN A BOX. Not very Creative, different, original or thought provoking. IRONIC!!!

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    • Karen . . . you said it call when you wrote They’ll regret it all one day, not being part of a great Presidency. But at least THEY’LL HAVE THE GREAT UNWASHED GIVING THEM THE THUMBS UP WHILE ILLEGALLY DOWNLOADING THEIR MUSIC FOR FREE. We could not possibly wish any great problem to befall these losers than that they are denied royalties on their creative works! The people who threaten blackballing others for their appearances at an event are worse than the damn mafia! At least you expect the mafia to behave in a criminal manner, you don’t up until now believe that this kind of behavior would be in vogue here in the United States of America by a socially radical group.

      A pox on all the libtards, may their failings by monumental, frequent and very public in nature!

      God Bless the USA, and our soon to be President – Donald J Trump

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  6. Proggies sure have a lot of H8TE in them.

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    • DCG . . . these goings on have cemented in my mind at least that liberalism is a mental disease, or that those who are attracted to liberal ideas are mentally diseased in the first place. No doubt about it!

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  7. Liberals: They hate everyone else.

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  8. Have you ever seen a happy and contented liberal? Of course not they don’t exist.
    It is a sad day that they have decided to deny half the country a celebration like this. The entertainers that have backed out, will also take a hit from the other side. We won’t forget. Some may be afraid of an actual physical attack or even an attack from terrorist. Which right now, those from the left are acting like domestic terrorist, in my opinion.
    I am really disappointed in Bocelli backing out, for he will always have Europe at his beck and call. Perhaps he, standing there unable to see, he has concern of being unable to react to an attack, I am not sure, but it is disappointing.
    I hope at the last minute people push back and refuse to be intimidated, for they will profit down the road.
    The same goes for the past Presidents refusing to attend, shame on them.

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    • Glenn47 . . . I to was disappointed by Bocelli backing out of the inauguration ceremonies; I personally think that some of these famous performers need to hear from us Deplorables

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      • If I thought he would or could actually read a letter, I would send it. I wonder just how much of his correspondence is censored? He will always have a very good income from Europe.


  9. This would be an IDEAL time to start an entertainment and media complex independent of Hollywood. Something that respects the morals and aspirations of all of America outside the Hillary Archipelago.

    Talk about real change.

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