Hillary supporters are medicating their butt-hurt by overeating

In the wake of Hillary Clinton’s loss in the Nov. 8 election, Democrats are in a collective meltdown, blaming everybody and everything instead of Hillary and themselves.


Some, like actress Olivia Wilde, indulge in empty gestures like cutting her hair so she wouldn’t look like Melania Trump, as if anyone would actually mistake her for the new First Lady.

Others, like students at Michigan Law School, comfort themselves with coloring sheets, play dough, Legos and bubbles.

Others, like Hollyweird screenwriter Eirene Donohue, break down into crying fits even weeks after the election.

Others are doing passive-aggressive Christmas this year by giving “revenge Christmas gifts” to families and friends who’d voted for Trump — cash donation to liberal causes and organizations, in lieu of actual gifts.

Others, like gay attorney Daniel Goldstein, scream at Ivanka Trump and get thrown off Jetblue.

Still others go into a homicidal rage, like Justin Barkley who shot and killed a UPS driver named William Schumacher in a Walmart parking lot, thinking him to be Donald Trump. (H/t FOTM‘s Longknife 21)

Now comes news that disappointed Hillary supporters are medicating themselves with food, lots of food.


Deena Shanker reports for Bloomberg, Dec. 23, 2016:

The morning after the 2016 vote, Hillary Clinton supporters woke up in a state of shock and grief. The unthinkable had happened, and almost nobody saw it coming.

So they did what Americans do best: They ate. And ate. And ate.

Lose It!, a calorie counting app that helps users track their daily food intake, says there’s always a Tuesday to Wednesday drop-off of active users, as dieters lose motivation they had earlier in the week…. But something funny happened the Wednesday after Election Day. The drop-off rate was four times as much as usual.

“There was definitely a post-election slump,” said Charles Teague, chief executive officer of Lose It!. The company doesn’t record its users’ political leanings, but it says 75.8 percent are female and 77 percent are aged from 18 to 44—demographics that swung to Clinton.

Meanwhile, orders for desserts such as cheesecake, pie, and ice cream were up 72 percent on Caviar, a meal-ordering app operating in 15 urban markets, including Boston, New York, Dallas, and Seattle. Clinton also carried cities with 50,000 residents or more with a strong margin, even in deep-red Texas.

Here’s to all you precious snowflakes!


15 responses to “Hillary supporters are medicating their butt-hurt by overeating

  1. Paging Jenny Craig!

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  2. When Michael cannot seemingly solve his own problems, at least y looking at that picture . . . why does he go on the war path and claim that HE knows what we all should be doing to solve the problems of this nation? This seems rather counter-intuitive don’t ya think! I can hardly stand looking at him. . . . . and I wish he would just go away.

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  3. Finally someone is trying to get the word out about Justin Barkley.
    The Ithaca Voice reports:
    Man accused of Ithaca homicide: ‘I shot and killed Donald Trump purposely, intentionally and very proudly’

    ITHACA, N.Y. — An Ithaca man accused of killing a UPS driver from Candor said in court Monday afternoon that not only did he believe he shot and killed Donald Trump, but that no evidence could be presented to him to suggest otherwise.

    Justin R. Barkley, 38, said during his arraignment and subsequent attempt to plead guilty, “I shot and killed Donald Trump purposely, intentionally and very proudly.”

    He told the court that he knew where president elect Donald Trump would be on Dec. 8 and waited in the Ithaca Walmart parking lot kill him.

    “I went there to purposely shoot and kill him and put him down,” Barkley said.”

    Once again proving that Liberalism is a Mental Disease and left untreated, can be fatal.
    All Lib/Prog Propaganda sites and all the “Kill Trumpers” are accessories Before the Fact for encouraging this Whack-doodle. Anyone that sent him a Twitter or Facebook message encouraging him after he had said anything about his intention to kill Trump, is guilty of Conspiracy to Murder a President Elect.
    I hope the victim’s family’s lawyers sue everyone encouraging violence against Trump from George Soros down to Michael Moore, and hit with the Civil Suit as a co-conspirator in the Murder law suit.
    And this was Dec 8th! 15day ago. Where is the Media on this? Trying to sweep it under the rug because their lawyers have told them they are guilty as homemade sin for publishing anything encouraging this!!
    And the court has already reduced it to a second degree murder & giving him the Easy Out, Insanity Plea!
    Ithaca Voice:
    “Barkley has been indicted for the felonies of second-degree murder and menacing a police officer or peace officer.

    On Dec. 8, court documents show that Barkley allegedly admitted to shooting a person to death and firing a “sound shot” at police officers attempting to take him in to custody. His actions sparked a nearly eight-hour standoff with police which ended with no further injuries when he turned himself in to police.

    Barkley, who is being represented by attorney James Baker, attempted to plead guilty to the charges against him Monday afternoon. Before being sworn in for the guilty plea, he declined to further consider a not guilty plea by reason of mental disease or defect.”

    Obviously this guy is crazy, but the question is: “Was he crazy before all the Anti-Trump Propaganda?” And even if so: “Had he ever shown a tendency to murder before Hillary was defeated?” All the Soros Orgs, Hillary, the Obamas, Lib Dems, and all the Lib/Prog Propaganda Outlets, including individuals in the media, and that fat bastard Michael Moore, all “own” this. They had been whipping up their idiot followers for a MONTH! All should be held responsible if they even suggested assassinating Trump.
    And all of them ought to held liable for Barkley’s Legal bills until he gets the Needle at a Federal Facility. And if there was True Justice, every one of those loud-mouths should be strapped on a similar gurney and get the Needle after he does. And how can he be crazy and get hold of a gun in New York?

    It is a huge Federal Crime to even talk about killing the President, or the President Elect, even in jest or sarcastic – IF it is a Dem! What would have been the Media reaction if someone whacked an Obama look-alike? or a Hillary double?

    This guy is the Liberal’s Dylan Roof. He may be crazy, but it is a hate filled, voluntary, intentional crazy, and he needs to die!
    And Michael Moore needs to be strapped on a gurney right next to him, even if they won’t give him Needle. He needs to see the consequences of running his fat ugly mouth! Up close! Close enough to feel it & smell it!

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  4. Uh, yeah, Trump made ’em do it…

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  5. michael moore; poster child for birth control

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  6. That pic of the Code Pink demonstrator has got to be the worst “Dunlop” ever. BARF!

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    • You beat me to that one , touche’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……….Her Halloween costume is easy to figure out ; Spray paint the lard ass silver and then stencil ” Goodyear ” on her side


  7. EEEwwwwww…..disgusting. Makes Hill look thin, and her legs and ankles never have been! She had what we called “piano legs” in high school, ugh…no wonder she wears pants all the time.


  8. Merry Christmas! And a Happy Christmas Eve to all!
    Another thing to celebrate today, December 24th, is the 25th Anniversary of the collapse of the Soviet Union. That Marxist/Leninist “Socialist Experiment” that led to 75 years of some of the worst tyranny, oppression,famine, and human misery ever inflicted on a Christian Nation.
    We are being released from the threat of the same after 8 years of a lesser, but serious “Socialist Experiment” in Alinskyite-Marxism by his ‘Community Organizer’ followers and Globalist Elite that want to rule over all of us.

    As we look back in true Thanksgiving for the end of that Experiment, we must all recognize that one of the ongoing policies was the Suppression of Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ, our Savior. We have a new President Elect, with a new administration coming, that means that the Tide of Battle has turned, but our Victory is far from won. We have much work to do to return to any semblance of a Constitutional Govt with Liberty and Justice for All, under God.
    We must try to heal the 8 years of divisiveness, the Special Interests influence, and the militancy of those captured in perversion, hatred, parasitism, and dependence. Some are “victims”, but now mostly victims of their own “Loser Philosophys”. Under a honest, common sense, Constitutional Govt, participatory Capitalism available to all, and Equality Before the Law with special treatment for none, we can move forward into a prosperous and Happy New Year.

    BUT Longknife sez, “It ain’t gonna be easy, ’cause the Enemy doesn’t want to give up there ill gotten power, or The Agenda of Control. They will try to block every move to freedom and economic prosperity, ridicule every move to common sense, frugality, or morality, and attack us with lies, exaggerations, and outlandish accusations and “Theories” at every turn. There are those that will try to manipulate the Courts against us, the Banks & ‘money creation’, you can count on further divisiveness from Obama & his minions, and the constant hate and lies of Lib/Prog Propaganda Machines, but IT DON’T MATTER!! We are WINNING! And if we can keep our heads about us, we will keep winning. It won’t be fast, but if we are steadfast, the progress will be up & down, but steadily back to Making America Great Again.

    Thank you, Dr. Eowyn, for allowing me to participate in this blog, and to all of you commenters, my new Brothers & Sisters in Arms in our constant battle for freedom.
    The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance. If you don’t pay the Price, you don’t get the product.
    Merry Christmas! It is so nice to be able to say it again without someone looking at you funny, isn’t it?


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  10. Well I never told anyone about what happened to me but all I can say is that early that election morning I was sitting on my porch thinking out loud about the election saying to myself “maybe I should vote for Hillary” and then all of a sudden a large black limousine pulled up and these three guys got out of the car all dressed in military uniforms but I could tell they weren’t Americans One of them came over to me and said in a distinct Russian accent “Emergency emergency everybody to get from the street ” and then he said “you come with me to vote for Trump” and then I knew I had no chance because if I resisted I knew I would have been waterboarded and so I went without any resistance When we got to the voting board I could see hundreds of other Russian military personal all over the area escorting each voter into to voting booths and then it hit me…. oh my goodness , we’ve been hacked by the Russians and this election is rigged in favor of Trump This is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth and I’m sticking by it

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