Pantsuit Nation members revolt after operator cashes in with book deal


From NY Post: Members of an underground pro-Hillary Clinton Facebook group are livid after the operator announced she would be cashing in on the page with a book deal.

News that Pantsuit Nation founder Libby Chamberlain would be putting out a tome next May based on comments from the popular page — which has some 4 million members — prompted a flood of angry comments calling the Brooklin, Maine, woman a sellout.

Pantsuit Nation founder Libby Chamberlain/Photo from Twitter

Pantsuit Nation founder Libby Chamberlain/Photo from Twitter

“Libby you should be ashamed. This is a disgusting betrayal of trust and using others’ stories to make money and gain fame,” wrote a Pantsuit Nation member named Jamie Bryant, who describes herself on Twitter as a “radical feminist bitch.”

The Pantsuit Nation Facebook page was started last October as a place where enthusiastic supporters of the Democratic presidential nominee could gather and talk about their favorite candidate. The page grew by millions in just weeks, and by Election Day, Hillary-loving users posted pictures of themselves in pantsuits going to the polls, hopefully to elect the first female president.

Members were devastated when Clinton lost to GOP nominee Donald Trump and flocked to the page to commiserate.

Clinton herself even seemed to give a shoutout to the page during her concession speech, when she thanked “private Facebook sites” for supporting her campaign.

But when Chamberlain, a part-time school worker with two kids, announced Monday that she was doing the book — which she called “a permanent, beautiful, holdable, snuggle-in-bed-able, dogear-able, shareable, tearstainable book. Your voices. Your stories” — many users felt stabbed in the back.


“Libby, this is a betrayal of safe space,” group member Ellen Byrne wrote. “You can’t invite people to share intimate thoughts . . . then summarily, as an individual, change those terms. Something sacred has happened on this page and I don’t believe it belongs.”

Some were particularly upset that in her announcement, Chamberlain bragged the book would be on “nightstands and coffee tables all around the world.”


Member Ada Y. Sheng wrote: “Can I point out the pathetic irony that 4 million people drawn together behind the incredibly strong and smart woman that we hoped would be the leader of the free world is now . . . going to produce a coffee table book. Seriously?”

Others went on Twitter to mock Chamberlain’s book plans. “5 Million members of Pantsuit Nation and the best they can come up with is another edition of Chicken Soup for the Soul,” wrote user Ijeoma Oluo. “NRA=5million members & a stranglehold on American politics. #PantsuitNation=4million & decided to use that to sell book,” tweeted Saadia Muzaffar.

Chamberlain could not be reached for comment yet she did post this on Facebook (after all the backlash):

“I’m going to clarify some of the issues that have been raised in the last day about the book and our non profit status. I won’t be able to address them all right now, but I will continue to share as much information as possible. But after reading so many of your comments, after absorbing as much pain and hurt as I could, this is the overarching message I would like to offer you. If you trust me, if you trust what I have created here and fostered, along with our 100+ volunteers, through thousands of hours of work and care and attention, then I ask you to trust me further. I will not let you down. This is the most important project of my life, with the exception of being a mother and a wife. My goal is to do good. A lot of good. With your help. If you do not trust me, and if you do not trust this group. That’s ok. This space cannot be for everyone. If you’re not sure you can trust me, then I invite you to stick around and let me continue to show you what this is all about. We’re two months in. We have so much left to do.

Participation in the book is voluntary. No post, image, comment, name, or other information shared in the group will be used in the book without explicit, written permission (and a legal release to use the material) from the author and/or photographer. I have not shared anything from within this group with anyone outside the group. I will personally be in touch with every potential contributor to the book to clarify this process, answer any questions, and make sure that permission is being given with a full understanding of how the post and any accompanying information will be used.

Proceeds from the book will support Pantsuit Nation and the causes that are central to the group. I asked the publisher of the book to let me announce it as early as possible (they would have preferred I waited for another month until more information was available), but that means that we literally announced the book on the same day that our non-profits were formed. These projects are two sides of the same coin. The book will support the non-profits and the non-profits will support the book. The non-profits will be fully transparent, and will engage in the work of advocacy, education, and political activism. We will also use the Pantsuit Nation non-profits as a way to raise money for other likeminded nonprofits (like Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, etc.), by matching contributions given by our members for our weekly calls to action, for example, or through direct fundraising. This is all coming down the line. There is huge potential here to mobilize our passion and energy to do good in the world. The Pantsuit Nation book is one piece of the puzzle that gives us a path forward. I believe it’s a particularly beautiful solution as it both manifests one of the central ideas of our group – that powerful stories inspire meaningful action – as well as provides an initial source of income. Rather than ask each of you to donate money, we’re collaborating on a book that reflects the best of what Pantsuit Nation offers – stories, truths, meaning, light. If you’d like to support this cause, that’s wonderful. If you don’t, you are still most welcome here. We’ll keep this group going as long as possible and no one will be turned away because they are not interested in the book. There will be so many ways to contribute that don’t involve purchasing anything or donating money. We can all play a part, and simply by being here, by listening to each other, by sharing your stories, you are doing something. Let’s keep pushing this forward.”



17 responses to “Pantsuit Nation members revolt after operator cashes in with book deal

  1. Chamberlain bragged the book would be on “nightstands and coffee tables all around the world.”

    No, it won’t.

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  2. Just love seeing left-wing loonies turning on themselves. (Also got a big laugh out of the giraffe pic)

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  3. To Ada’s comment ………………..It could be worse dear , it could and should be used as t.p.

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  4. “Chamberlain bragged the book would be on “nightstands and coffee tables all around the world.”

    Sort of like Amy Schumer’s book, right? The one where Simon & Schuster paid her a $9 million advance for a book that only sold about 40,000 copies since its Sept. 2016 release. Wow – what a ROI for S&S. But, it makes me wonder about something: who is it that is paying for all these huge advances to left wing Hillary/Obama supporting authors? Is it Soros or ???? No way can publicly held publishers with boards to answer to can keep paying these outrageous advances for books that just don’t sell. It’s not like it will result in a movie deal or anything to recoup the investment monies. I really wonder what’s going on here, i.e. these book advances = under the table payments for services rendered? Maybe a more informed FOTM reader can shed some light on this conundrum.

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    • Yes Carrie…I think you are correct, there are underwriters to books put up by “famous” niche people….like Hillary and Amy. When the books don’t sell, they are literally sold by the publishers for a price/per/lb (usually pennies) to people who traffic in “price per lb” publications. I once went to such a place in the panhandle of WVA…..and you LITERALLY had to climb a mountain of books (all having been exposed to weather…so dig deep to find the dry/unspoiled ones), dig, sort, shuffle…..and pick what you might have found… to the “check out” and pay so many pennies or dollars per lb. of what you carried away. In my case, I was looking for art history books….b/c….as anyone knows who reads art history or works in art or art history….the books that accompany these subjects cost up the whazoo b/c they contain tons of “colored plates” of famous or illustrious paintings or other art…very expensive to print, and yet—not bought by very many people outside of university courses.

      It’s MY guess that anything Hillary has written or that the likes of Amy Schumer wrote…, as we speak, being off-loaded into a “price per lb” book pile in WVA or some similar place…..and, I hope it’s raining, too.

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      • Thanks, CalGirl! I love FOTM and all the wonderful people here. I still have my 2″ thick art history book with all the color plates from my first semester of college in 1971 – it cost me $45 – a lot of $ in the days when minimum wage was I think around $1.25 an hour! Loved your story of the books by the pound – who knew? LOL and I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a blessed New Year. Regards.

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        • Back at you, dear Carrie. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!

          SEE? You already had a little clue to your question in your hands….your 1971 expensive art history class book……(and what? Mine cost me double THAT $45 in 1972….in VA…..where did you go to school????) And…..if you worked at a non-union concern, like I DID, in that era……I think “regular union wage was $1.60 per hour….BUT, non-union was 60-cents per hour…and I fell into the latter….(as a cashier at a movie theatre…..with less than so-many-stated-employees….so it was “legal.” ) It all turned out “OK” for me anyway b/c….in-between showings, it was all “dead time” and I was able to study for classes and do paperwork….and ended up graduating magna cum laude…in large part due to being able to work (meagre wages no matter) and spend all that otherwise BORING time devoted to my studies…..

          Always a silver lining if you know where to look for it 🙂 Merry Christmas again to you and yours and to all FOTM readers and participants!

          And, as a Christian…I must always add—PEACE ON EARTH……”our” message of over 2,000 years of practice…….

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  5. This reminds me of the ‘vanity publishers’ in the traditional world of books. An advertisement would be circulated in literary magazines and other venues by a publisher looking for poems to be included in a large, hard cover, bound book. 99% of the material they receive is from writers who have never been published because their writing is simply too poor.

    Sometimes they ask for a ‘contribution’ of $1 or $2, for ‘handling costs’, to accompany the submission. In the end, most of the books are purchased by the ninnys who submitted those poems that were selected. With four million or more participants, ‘Pantsuit Nation’ likely has at least 40,000 plus who would buy just such a vanity publication.

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  6. May that be a warning to all who would support anti-American and Globalist candidates and endeavours!

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  7. Perhaps they can now understand the true nature of progressives . . . that is to devour and take as their own other’s ideas, and contributions. That is an education that is better learned sooner rather than later.

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  8. This is what happens when governments close the mental health facilities.

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  9. Talk about Butt-Hurt. What world do the ass-hats live in. Do they actually have a job? Where they produce something? That somebody besides themselves want? Looking at the 2 bawling chicks I’m thinking their fathers are wondering how to get them married off and it ain’t gonna be easy. And Pantsuits? Holy crap. I’m pretty sure when they roll up in pantsuits – that’s not a good sign.

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  10. Love the giraffe eating popcorn DCG, it says so much about the pathos of your stories pantsuit victims!

    As for Libby’s betrayal of the, “safe the space” of the ladies of “Pantsuit Nation!” Coming so closely after the total thumping of Hillary Clinton by our Hero, President Donald Trump! I must turn to one of the greatest quotes, by one of the greatest authors of the English language!…
    “Et tu, Brute?”
    From Julius Cæsar, Act III. Scene I, by William Shakespeare

    Doc Blake

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  11. Oh my God, this does my heart good and puts a spring in my step. I do love it, when they start eating their own.
    Sit back and relax and let the show begin. Love the giraffe BTW, perfect.

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