Library cat outlasts councilman who tried to evict him

White Settlement is a suburb of Fort Worth in west Texas.

Browser is a 6-years-old docile grey tabby who has lived in the city’s public library since kittenhood and is much loved by townsfolk.

Elzie Clements in a councilman of White Settlement who spent all last summer trying to evict Browser.

Guess who loses!


Cameron Fairchild reports for CBS DFW that Browser got his job at the library when he was just a kitten. He was recruited from a local animal shelter as an inexpensive but effective method of pest control at the library.

In July, a spiteful city worker demanded Browser’s removal after the worker was not allowed to bring a puppy to work at City Hall.

On June 14, 2016, the White Settlement City Council took up the issue of what to do with Browser.

As reported by Mitch Mitchell for the Star-Telegram, the council voted 2-1 to give Browser 30 days to find a new home. Clements and Paul Moore were the two votes to remove Browser.

Mitchell writes:

“Then the fur flew.

Mayor Ronald White, a nonvoting council moderator under the city charter, said that he had gotten 1,399 emails from places as far away as London, Guam and Australia in support of letting the cat stay. That was after he deleted 400, White said.

‘We are now known all over the world,’ White said. ‘I’m not sure yet if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.’

Media outlets such as the Washington Post, Buzz Feed and The Associated Press have also inquired about Browser’s welfare, White said.

‘I never expected this would get this big,’ White said.

White said many families have offered to adopt Browser.

So the City Council called a special meeting on the evening of July 1. By then, a pro-Browser petition had gathered more than 20,400 signatures.

At least 50 White Settlement residents crammed into the small council chambers; others waited outside. All were Browser backers.


Confronted with a citizens’ revolt, Councilmen Elzie Clements, Paul Moore and David Mann voted 3-0 in a 20-minute meeting not to evict the cat.

Neither Moore nor Clements could be reached after the meeting to explain why they changed their vote. But Clements wife, Penny, said “We have gotten nothing but hate emails and hate messages since this whole thin started. We just wanted it all to go away. We’ve been called cat haters and we have cats at home. People have suggested doing things just short of murder.”


On November 8, Clements was defeated in the local election by a landslide. December 13 was his last meeting as a member of the city council.


Mayor Ron White reassures the townsfolk that “Browser is still employed and will be as long as he wishes to continue his duties as mascot and reading helper for the children at the library.”

Browser’s job title is now Library Cat for Life.



19 responses to “Library cat outlasts councilman who tried to evict him

  1. I love all 4 legged animals, but how I wish these people thought as much about our unborn babies.

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  2. The biggest difference in a puppy at someones work place verses a grown cat is the puppy would require attention on his owner who is being paid to WORK and not dog sit. The cat on the other hand will find a perch and stay out of the way. The cat will also catch mice and go in a cat box or out side to expel waste. The puppy will just squat where ever he happens to be!!!!

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    • David . . . you are right on the money! Isn’t it better to use a cat to keep mice and rodents away than have to pay exterminators? I am glad that the people of that town dumped this stupid loser . . . he just started this bill storm because HE COULD NOT BRING HIS DOG TO WORK, well now he doesn’t have to worry about that problem. Perhaps his new employer, that is if he can find a job, what with all this negative attention, will allow him the privilege of having his dog at work.

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    • No doubt!

      I awoke this morning at 6:45 am to a puppy crying outside our home. It went on for about 15 minutes. I finally brought the pup inside (my two cats were not thrilled). I had to hold that puppy to quiet him and he still wimpered. He was hungry and wanted to chew. We finally found the owner about 3 hours later, thank goodness. That puppy was going to need a lot of attention!

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    • I don’t know about dogs in your parts, Dave, but Ted E Bear, my Pomeranian, used to jump out the camper window in my pickup and then sprawl on the truck toolbox, so he had a good view and could supervise me while I was working. Dakota is less demanding: he crawls under the rear seat in hot weather; now he has a cushion I got for him and he can get his beauty sleep on the front passenger seat. It also allows him to make sure I didn’t get an A&W Teenburger and fail to give him the bacon.


      • Joseph, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE dogs. I have two big labs that were rescue dogs. They are part of my family. It is just that at work a PUPPY would require a lot more attention from his human friend than a cat would. That would interfere with the human being able to devote his full time to his JOB. You might not have this problem with an adult dog, but puppies are a lot like children. They like to be the center of attention, yours and everybody else’s!


  3. Feel Good Story of the day. A good cat is a great addition to any library.

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    • When I was in England in 1998, most of the bookstores we went into in London and Oxford had resident cats. It was pretty cool – some even sat in the big bay front windows like they owned the place! LOL

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  4. I don’t know about the rest of you readers, but to me the photo of Elzie Clements in the blue shirt looks as if he’s a convict in prison issue!

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  5. My source tells me that not only has Browser read all the books in the library, but he has surfed the web when people aren’t looking, and he’s going to take the CPA exam next spring! In the meantime, Browser has been embezzling checks to the library, going down to the check cashing place and cashing them, and buying cat toys! It’s a catastrophe! Browser will soon be running for Mayor of White Settlement, because 9 Lives Matter!

    I love a story like this. It really made my day, Dr. Eowyn.

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  6. I can’t believe the name of this town is White Settlement-now that’s cool!!! Wonder how MTV feels about that town-never mind we know…
    IMO-All libraries need a cat. Mice are particularly attracted to the glue in the bindings of books. They can completely destroy a book in no time, library cats have been around for a long time for pests control.
    They often end up being much more like Taylor and Baker and Dewey ambassadors for learning nd reading.
    There are some great books out there about library cats; The True Tails of Baker & Taylor and Dewey the Library Cat are both great.

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  7. There are mice at my school. I regularly find art books that I use only once in a while, esp. paperbacks, all chewed around the edges (euwee!) My cabinets regularly have to be cleaned out of rodent poop (double euwee!!! and I AM the one who has to do it….”janitors” only sweep and empty garbage cans). One time I had to move out of my room b/c a skunk family moved in under my building. This year, the same happened to the science teacher. And yet, the district has a policy that any cats found living on the property must be trapped and taken to a shelter….which happens constantly b/c….well….there is a great food supply at our school in the number of MICE living with us……. It’s a CRAZY-MAKER!

    My grandfather was a PA dairy-farmer and barn cats were GODS on our property….he’d often adopt whole litters or more if people were “tossing them away.” Without these faithful mousers, he could have worked half a year to put corn and grain away to feed his cows all winter…..only to have it eaten up before Halloween by rodents…..cows would starve, the family would have no farm business….etc etc…..These cats literally earned their keep… an extremely important part of the farm livelihood.

    SO–of course–I loved this library cat story….esp. the ending!

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  8. Good for the cat and what a fine specimen he is. I wonder if he truly does work hard as a mouser, it is well known females are usually the best mousers, but I am glad the cat won.
    What a nasty heart the two instigators must have to want to evict a cat from the only home he has ever known.

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    • My male cat is a warrior mouser: he’s slain two that somehow got into the house. The first rat was 6 inches long, from head to tail!

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      • In Richmond, BC, home of Vancouver International Airport, there are true Rattus norvegicus in abundance, as it’s really Lulu Island [I’m NOT making this up!]; the rats are 12″ in the body alone, never mind the tail. People who have clutter around their house exteriors are given fines by patrolling inspectors, as the rats make dens in such piles. I lived there in 1987 and thought the rat tales I heard were a joke, until I saw a few dead ones.

        “Thought to have originated in northern China, this rodent has now spread to all continents except Antarctica, and is the dominant rat in Europe and much of North America—making it by at least this particular definition the most successful mammal on the planet after humans.[2] With rare exceptions, the brown rat lives wherever humans live, particularly in urban areas.” []

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    • That’s an interesting insight re female house cats are the best mousers, as we got a cat two years ago when we had an infestation, and she happened to be female! Many thanks for that, it’s appreciated.


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  10. That cat deserves a salary!!

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