Florida public school teacher installs ‘In Satan We Trust’ pentagram in public square

I’ve said it before: I firmly believe that when Obama was elected in 2008 to the White House, a portal to Hell was opened.

Certainly, in the 8 years of the Obama presidency, evil no longer hides in the shadows but has become public and in-your-face. See:

Already, with the election of Donald Trump and even before he’s inaugurated, evil has begun to recede back to the shadows where it belongs. See “MAGA: Beastialists in retreat after Trump win”.

But not all.

A case in point: A middle school teacher in Boca Raton named Preston Smith has installed a large red satanic pentagram in a “free-expression zone” in Boca Raton’s Sanborn Square park, in the name of freedom of religion.

At the top of pentagram are the words:

In Satan we Trust
One Nation under Antichrist
May the children hail Satan

The “T” of the word “Satan” is formed by an upside-down crucifix.

In the middle of the pentagram is a drawing of the Baphomet, a figure representative of the Devil.


WPTV reports that Preston Smith teaches language arts at Boca Raton Community Middle School.

In early December, the city of Boca Raton gave Smith permission to install a Satanic display at Sanborn Square downtown– the same park where other religious organizations install a nativity scene and menorah during the holiday season. Smith, a known activist for separating religion from government, argued that if the city allows one religious display on public property, it has to allow them all, even if they are offensive.

Kim Bremer, the president of Boca Raton Community Middle School’s parent teacher association, said she doesn’t want Smith to continue teaching at the school because “A teacher we entrust our children with should not be putting a sign like this anywhere,” but added she can’t speak on behalf of all parents.

Christians have peacefully protested against the pentagram.

Superintendent Dr. Robert Avossa refuses to fire Smith on the grounds that the first amendment protects Smith’s freedom of expression to express what he believes outside of the classroom, and there is no indication Smith has expressed his views while acting as a teacher. While Avossa understands parents’ concerns, “We certainly can’t micro-manage what an individual does outside of the schoolhouse. I am aware of the situation. This isn’t the first time this individual has participated in an activity like that.”

Smith said he does not “proselytize my own viewpoints in the classroom or disparage any child’s personal faith” and that he has no plans to step down as a Language Arts teacher at Boca Raton Community Middle School. He said that the words “May the Children Hail Satan” is “an artistic expression of defiance toward the Sanborn Square nativity scene, which performs an annual reenactment of predatory indoctrination in a public park targeting young children before they have critical thinking skills. Satan and God are clearly both fictional characters devoid of any verifiable peer-reviewed scientific evidence.” Blah, blah, blah.

The mayor of Boca Raton and the Interfaith Clergy Association have publicly denounced the pentagram.

The pentagram repeatedly is defaced — the words and the drawing covered with spray paint — which Smith calls a hate crime. In the latest incident, the pentagram was knocked down apparently by “vandals” in a truck, judging by tire tracks leading to and from the toppled display.

Preston Smith calls himself an “anti-theist” but gave an invocation to Satan at a Lake Worth City Commission meeting on December 2, 2014, hailing “the all-knowing wisdom of Satan”. (See “Florida city council summons Satan“)


Here’s contact info for Boca Raton Community Middle School:

  • Address: 1251 NW 8th Street, Boca Raton, FL 33486
  • Phone (561) 416-8700
  • Fax (561) 416-8777
  • Preston Smith’s email address: preston.smith@palmbeachschools.org
  • School principal Peter Stack’s email address: peter.slack@palmbeachschools.org



32 responses to “Florida public school teacher installs ‘In Satan We Trust’ pentagram in public square

  1. The Clintons, Podesta Bros, Obama and cult are LUCIFERIANS, as opposed to Satanists

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    • Lucifer was the name of the fallen angel who became Satan.

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    • Luciferian = Satanist. Wise Up!

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      • NO! if you talk to victims they separate the clowns in rock bands and people who like to dabble in witchcraft and claim some atheistic philosophy FROM the Luciferians-these are the evil groups that are composed of some of the most powerful people in the world, in government, military and celebrities, that actually partake in sex slavery, pedophilia and devolve to child rape, torture, killing, cannibilizing and selling their body parts in the international organ trade-the OBAMA/PODESTA/CLINTONS LUCIFERIAN PEDOPHILE RING is the top of the heap of the Kakkocracy

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        • Dear sunaJAeon:

          IMHO, people who refer to the demon as “Lucifer” and themselves as “Luciferians” are just trying to avoid the words “Satan” and “Satanists,” and convince themselves and others that they worship the “light giver”. But a devil by any name smells just as foul!

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  2. Remember, the communist say they will crucify conservatives with their own virtue. We, as a nation, have no understanding of the founders and freedom of speech, freedom of religion. These freedoms have NOTHING to do with allowing satanist to indoctrinate our children with perverse ideals.

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    • Dear R L Johnson;
      Yes, I quite agree when you state that ” We, as a nation, have no understanding of the founders and freedom of speech, freedom of religion.”
      To which I’ll only pose a question to our readers: “And why is that the case?”
      Nuff said, except ‘Thank you.’

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  3. I’ll give ten to one odds that they voted for o’bama and shillary

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  4. hmmmmm, why hasn’t the aclu pounced against this male and his proselytizing like they readily do against anything pertaining to Jesus?
    I call upon the parents at that school to post “In Jesus We Trust” in the same area, even better if above, smith’s soul-damning testament to show what hypocrites they are; we all know the school board, superintendent, principal, aclu, etc. would be all over Jesus affirmations….
    smith is another example of why children should be in private schools or homeschooling.
    no parent should have their kid in his classroom, let alone attend the school where children are being shown smith’s printed oxymoronic lies daily.

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    • My wife decided to strike a balance wherein she home-schooled as many hours as our two were in the PS, which in Canada is not yet as corrupted as in the US, but right behind! Now they are adults, and they both turned out well.


  5. How can anyone believe that any one that is this big of an asshole and attention hound doesn’t proselytize?
    Keep it up and “Bubba gonna git you.” And throw your carcass in a gator hole.
    Tolerating this stuff is “Approval”. Last I heard, Florida was firing female teachers for posing for sexy pics, and this is infinity worse. Tho that is a “Hell of a message” the schools are giving the kids, nudity is so bad that we fire the teacher, but Satanism and publicly espousing it is OK?
    Ugly thing to say, but I’m kinda rooting for “Bubba” on this one.

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  6. As the first-born son of Italian immigrants to the USofA, I had to learn my use of English very carefully, so I read over & over certain works I felt were perfectly written. Among these were Shakespeae and the traditional English canon of writers, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, the Bible in four different English translations, and certain classic essays, such as J S Mills ‘On Liberty’. By the time I entered college, age 17 in Fall 1960, I could read & write fairly well.

    I wrote this to preface my stating here for the record that in my humble opinion, Preston Smith cannot possibly be a truly knowledgeable ‘Language Arts’ instructor, whatever the Hell that is supposed to mean. Am I to understand that it means an ‘English teacher’? If so, then he falls far short of what I would require of myself when put in the position of English language instruction.

    This is because:
    1. He is not instructing anyone in the use of English; and
    2. he imposes his worldview and personal values through his actions, as his students certainly know who he is and what he does outside the school setting.
    3. I was taught that when I teach I do so in loco parentis, thusly: “The term in loco parentis, Latin for “in the place of a parent”[1] refers to the legal responsibility of a person or organization to take on some of the functions and responsibilities of a parent. Originally derived from English common law, it is applied in two separate areas of the law.

    “First, it allows institutions such as colleges and schools to act in the best interests of the students as they see fit, although not allowing what would be considered violations of the students’ civil liberties.” cited in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In_loco_parentis

    Does this arrogant person truly see himself as acting ‘in the best interests of the students….’? If so, then all involved in this are at risk in one degree or another.

    I regret if this seems unduly harsh a judgement, but I myself would never even think about behaving as he has, because it is NOT in my students best interests.

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    • Yes, Joseph, a middle school “Language Arts” teacher is an “English Teacher.” I can not, for the life of me, figure out how this teacher’s personal interests in satanism or atheism or WHATEVER, publicly displayed, can co-exist with his “neutral” employment position as an English teacher. Things might get a little more hazy if he were a “social studies” (History) teacher ….but, unless his English standards and his texts include stories or studies on satanism or atheism or the legal display of such opinion…..it is doubtful that his students, his students’ parents, the community, can isolate his practice in the public square from his practice in the classroom. Were I his principal or the district superintendant—-I would fire him on these grounds. It is true that this teacher has the “right” to freedom of speech (in this case, outside the classroom, supposedly). But, there are consequences recognized, even by the Supreme Court (you can’t yell “fire!” in a theatre) to your choices in how and when and where you exercise your right to freedom of speech…and just EXACTLY what constitutes “speech” and what might constitute something else entirely…like, violating the practice of religious neutrality within the classroom—when your COMMUNITY IS YOUR CLASS.

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    • Most excellent comment, my friend. Thank you.
      All of these “teachers” should be held to the “en loco parentis” standard! Our Public Screwools would be much better for it.


  7. Never fear, Mr. Smith and his little so called god, satan, shall both stand before GOD the FATHER and HIS SON JESUS CHRIST on judgement day. Their knees shall tremble but it will be too late! That is when these people will learn that satan is NOT in charge of hell, but in the lake of fire with all non believers!

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  8. There are Satanists galore on the loose. Nothing has ever happened to the Bushes, the Clintons, the Brothers Podesta or the Obamas—at least not in this life.
    Be that as it may: FIRE THIS GOON.

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  9. Seems to me that Satanism / Luciferianism should be considered Hate organizations, since they are not self-standing belief systems. They are both premised on Christianity, and their hatred of Christianity.

    For Satanism to “worship” they appropriate and pollute an aspect of Christianity.

    For instance, instead of Holy High Mass, the Satanists conduct a Black Mass, which often includes some form of sacrifice, ritual or actual, along with something called the Rite of Sodomy. They purposely appropriate and pollute that which is otherwise venerated.

    The Holy relic of the Crucifix, used to symbolize Jesus Christ and his triumph on the Cross, is inverted.

    Hollywood has been conducting its satanism in plain sight, such as through Ozzie Osborne and, befouling the holy name of the Virgin Mother of Christ, Madonna. Even children are exposed to the siren call of satanism by offering them a brave and resourceful Harry Potter and Hermoine Granger.

    It is notable that the Damascus Scroll warns the Faithful of the Three Snares of Belial (e.g. paths to the Dark Side):

    1) Pursuit of sex without love;

    2) Pursuit of money for its own sake (lucre) and,

    3) Pollution of the Sanctuary (by which we can assume includes elevation to priesthood by homosexuals, atheists and satanists).

    References: Malachi Martin, WINDSWEPT HOUSE; Michael Rose, GOODBYE GOOD MEN.

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  10. Actually you have to give Preston Smith his due, whistling that tune in Boca Raton takes a pair. Because that is KKK country if I am not mistaken! Those inbred rednecks, with a short fuse, and plenty of ideas about getting a rope, and decorating trees with dead bodies…I wonder if he carries this ignorance too far, and does not have a whole lot of guns, and ammo close at hand 24/7?…Hmm, in the photo he has a confident look, maybe he is packin under that jacket? Because in certain situations, you had better be able to back-up your Constitutional Rights of Speech and Religion, all the way there Mr. Smith!
    Doc Blake


    • “Actually you have to give Preston Smith his due, whistling that tune in Boca Raton takes a pair. Because that is KKK country if I am not mistaken! Those inbred rednecks, with a short fuse, and plenty of ideas about getting a rope, and decorating trees with dead bodies…”

      Your admiration for Preston Smith is perverse. And you’re wrong about Boca Raton being “redneck KKK”. Democrats outnumber Republicans in Palm Beach County, FL, where Boca Raton is. Voter registration data as of 12/15/2016:

      The above party registration figures should not be interpreted as “Republican = redneck KKK,” although that is what Paul Blake seems to imply.


      • Don’t mess with Dr. Eowyn-she has the juice and the references 🙂

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      • Perverse, BS!…But I do know when I made a mistake, I thought we were talking about somewhere in Mississippi, “So Never Mind!”


        • “I do know when I made a mistake” sure contradicts “Perverse, BS” and “So Never Mind!” — which leads me to conclude you have neither remorse nor humility for making your false accusation that Boca Raton is KKK-redneck country.


          • I do not know Florida at all, zero! But the area I was thinking of, yes I have seen KKK, and Rednecks first hand! So only a fool, or a very brave man is going to stick his neck out there, if his beliefs are weak…But if I was in an explosive situation where my life depended on “can I trust you if things go south?” In that situation, I could give a dam what your spiritual path is, your KKK affiliation, or the color of your neck! I just don’t want to have any doubts about where you are, if I am fighting for my life?

            Doc Blake


            • “I do not know Florida at all, zero!”

              And yet that didn’t deter you from writing in your original comment that you admire satanist Smith’s courage in erecting the pentagram because — your words — Boca Raton is KKK redneck country.

              Lastly, you still haven’t apologized or shown any remorse for smearing the people of Boca Raton. Shame on you.


              • Hello Eowyn, what I wrote below is hardly admiration, it is called “tongue in cheek, jocular, or how about banteringly!” Sorry it went right over your head, maybe you missed that one in school, try checking your references!
                “Actually you have to give Preston Smith his due, whistling that tune in Boca Raton takes a pair.”

                And like I said later, regarding my confusion over the state where Boca Raton is located. I very clearly said, “But I do know when I made a mistake,” if that is not good enough try loosening up your armor, or whatever else is way toooo tight?


  11. I live in Boca Raton and my child would attend this middle school, but I chose to homeschool last year. I had a feeling these public school teachers were satanic, and they are actually admitting it. I’ve lived here most of my life and have never seen anything like this before. It’s sad. I can’t believe other parents need to explain why they don’t want a Satanic teacher for their 11-13 year old children! He put a sign up for the children to hail satan. What else do you need? He should be fired. BTW, the City of Boca is very affluent, with a mix of transplanted New Yorkers, with some “old time FL” type respectable folks, South/Central Americans, FAU students, and transient people from everywhere (in regard to the KKK/redneck comment) you’d have to drive about an hour into the center of FL to find any bonafide rednecks. My child is not going anywhere near this creep. Besides, Mr. Smith’s quotes in the news are very asinine. What an embarrassment for public education.


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