Sacramento sheriff will make concealed weapons permits even easier to get

The CCW process should not even take this long (the whole process is even questionable under our Constitutional rights), given the amount of violent crime in Sacramento.

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From Sacramento Bee: The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office rolled out a new process Tuesday to ease the process of obtaining a concealed carry weapon permit, according to a department press release.

The plan would allow people to apply for permits online and reduce the number of required in-person office visits from two to one. Current permit holders will also be able to renew and modify their permits entirely online, according to the press release. Renewals for the CCW permits are needed every two years, according to the Sheriff’s Department website.

The new process could reduce the time it takes to get permits approved by weeks or months, according to the department press release. It could also cut down paperwork and workload for Sheriff’s Department staff, who are charged with processing the permit applications.

Additionally, the process would allow those who complete the application to list five firearms on their permit, up from a total of three allowed previously.

Currently, about one out of every 135 adults in Sacramento County has a license to carry. Sheriff Scott Jones has issued roughly 8,000 concealed permits to Sacramento County residents since taking office in 2011.

The Sacramento Bee found the department had nearly 600 permit interviews scheduled in a single month earlier this year. That amounted to 30 appointments per business day, many spaced just 10 minutes apart.

“We’re looking for ways to make it more efficient, and this certainly will,” Jones said on KFBK radio Tuesday morning.

Currently, CCW permit applicants must fill out a 13-page questionnaire about criminal and mental health history. They are also required to meet with a deputy sheriff, undergo a state criminal background check and complete a 16-hour course on firearms safety.

The Sheriff’s Department said permit holders will also be given a new identification card made of hard plastic. The card will include a prominent photograph of the holder. The department anticipates the process to be fully executed by January 2017.



4 responses to “Sacramento sheriff will make concealed weapons permits even easier to get

  1. Great news! Even more amazing, this is in California!

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  2. God Bless this courageous Sherriff. Perhaps we will see a change in policies now that Trump will be in office, and other’s will follow this man’s lead. My only reservation is that there will be a written trail of which houses have firearms, making it much easier to later confiscate should the prevailing winds change.

    Great post!

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  3. Kevin J Lankford

    The process could be reduced to “nothing” just by honoring and adherence to the Constitution. Nothing need be said or done but to do it.

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  4. Who ever heard of “Listing the firearms allowed” on the permit?
    In some states if you qualify with a revolver, you are limited to revolvers or derringers, but if you qualify with a semi-auto you can carry anything you can afford and can “tote concealed”.
    Leave it to Califailure to come up with a really silly additional restriction. Depending on weather, where you are and what you are doing decides what is best to carry..

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