More Libtard Butthurt: Actress says goodbye to her ‘Melania Trump Hair’ for 2017

She’s soooooo brave, taking this “stand” and all. The butt hurt is going to be insane the next four years.

Olivia Wilde, the bravest actress evah...

Olivia Wilde, the bravest actress evah…

From Yahoo: Many celebrities who supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election have voiced the need for resistance and activism following Donald Trump’s victory. And one such celebrity, Olivia Wilde, just took one beauty step toward distancing herself from the president-elect (and his family). She debuted a new haircut on Instagram with the hashtag, “#nomoremelaniahair.”

I'm sure Melania is just devastated...

I’m sure Melania is just devastated…

If you haven’t noticed Wilde and Melania Trump’s hair similarities before, we did a deep dive and found that they really could be long lost hair twins. They both have the same long length of chestnut brown strands with subtle blonde highlights at the ends, and they often style it the exact same way — with long, loose face-framing waves.

But yesterday, Wilde took a stand. She visited celebrity hair pro, Harry Josh, for a dramatically shorter, wavy lob and a fresh set of golden highlights. And boy does she love her new look.

She thanked the hairstylist on Instagram saying she’s, “feelin myself apparently.” And posed for Josh’s Instagram with a silly shocked face.

While this bold hair change is definitely a powerful move, she’s been voicing her activism very loudly before and after the election. She’s promoted the Women’s March on Washington happening on January 21, continued to support the efforts of Clinton and showed solidarity by wearing a T-shirt full of safety pins to support minorities, women and anyone who felt unsafe under a Trump presidency.



20 responses to “More Libtard Butthurt: Actress says goodbye to her ‘Melania Trump Hair’ for 2017

  1. An utterly meaningless gesture from a narcissist, as if anyone actually cares what Wilde thinks.

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  2. I”m glad to say I’ve never heard of this person and am not even going to bother trying to google as to who she even is!

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  3. Melania Trump stands head and shoulders above these classless lefties.

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  4. Wow – she cut her hair! I am just speechless and in awe of the bravery she has shown and for taking such a personal stand against the tyranny of Trump. In fact, I was so impressed, I immediately checked out the Women’s March on Washington website and found it had 73 likes. A sister rally to be held in Tucson had 10 likes. I am just so very, very proud of the groundswell of support for this oh, so important mission. My, my, my . . . . . .

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  5. Just another witless Hollyweird person whose opinion we don’t give a tinker’s damn about!

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  6. I’ll stick with Melania, Olivia Wilde never looked very good, and if cutting her hair and giving us all her IQ with her middle fingers makes her feel good, well you know she’s just another brainless twit.

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  7. What’s wrong with Wilde’s hands? They look like talons. Ugly hands usually mean ugly genitals.

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  8. What looks good on Mrs. Trump doesn’t necessarily looks good on another woman. First in line, it takes finesse, beauty and carisma and money. IMITATIONS end up as FAILURES. A natural born beauty is born not made up.

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  9. What a wuss! If she wanted to make a protest, she should have shaved it all off. With a straight razor, .. in public.
    Better yet, soak it in kerosene and burnt it off to really demonstrate her hatred and contempt for Melania. Obviously not a Truly Dedicated Cadre to Hillary, the Many Titted Empress, the Party, or the Agenda.
    A Pox on her, the uncommitted Social Justice Warrior! How can Libtard Losers ever save the World and get Hillary coronated if they can’t make “Really Meaningful Stupid Futile Gestures” instead of mundane “Stupid Futile Gestures”.

    So now go and do something really stupid and harmful to yourself to prove your sincerely to the Cause!

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  10. She really has a problem doesn’t she! Who even cares what her hair looks like. Actors are truly grossly egotistical.

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  11. Olivia WHO? CARE?—-NO! Hope she’s bald by choice NOW….and finds out when she tries to grow her hair out…..that she’s BALD by GENETICS and AGE and can’t muster up some hair……(wouldn’t this be sort of poetic justice?). This is my “wish upon a star” for her. 🙂 I hope she “has her way,” and that fate then has ITS way upon HER. 🙂

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  12. I was soooo upset at Trump winning that I combed my nose hair into a mustache and put some juggler’ s rings in my ears…..just to make a statement. if he wins again I’m moving to spain or katmandu or something.

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  13. I hope she really doesn’t think she can hold a candle to Melania. Not even close.
    No one cares what she did and her unladylike actions proves she is no competition. A real lady never behaves that way.

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  14. Looks like she has steam fitter hands. Probably from handling all those “pipes”.


  15. I don’t even know who this woman, Olivia, or her sister Chloe are, but isn’t this an odd coincidence:

    “There was a third account of what happened as well from Marc Scheff, the man who was sat in front of Ivanka and with his young son and seemed to be minding his own business when Lasner snapped his photo. …

    Scheff later wrote: ‘Honestly, if I was her security I would have made the same call. I don’t think the man was capable of violence, sure. But I would worry that he would leave his seat or cause a scene in some way.

    ‘And his husband had tweeted that he planned on doing that. So, again you know my politics, but I would have made the same call here.’

    Scheff later added about Ivanka: ‘She handled the situation calmly and with class.’

    The artist is married to actress Olivia Wilde’s sister Chloe. Wilde was a vocal supporter of Clinton and opponent of Trump both before and after the election. …”

    Now even though they didn’t tell us earlier that Scheff is an artist, I assume that he’s the “artist” referred to who is married to Olivia’s sister. Are these Wildes like the Kardashians, famous for being famous? Publicity stunts? What are the odds?

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