Millennials are having tattoos & piercings removed

Is it because they’re aging? A return to sanity? Or just a practical move because they’re looking for employment?

Whatever the reason, it’s a welcome change.


John Petrick reports for, Dec. 19, 2016, that according to a 2012 Pew Research study and other research, an estimated 36% of Americans have at least one piercing somewhere other than an earlobe. For millennials — those between 17 and 25 — the figure is as high as 56%.

Plastic surgeons say they are noticing more and more millennials coming in for reconstructive surgery because their ears have become deformed from overpiercing. But it’s not just ear piercing. Many millennials are reversing tattoos, tongue piercing and the bone through the nose, to conform with the real world of job interviews and the board room.

Dr. Laurence Milgrim, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Teaneck, NJ, says:

“There has been an influx of people, millennials in particular, who have a lot of body piercings — mainly facial piercings — that they are looking to change. These are large earring holes, larger than the usual stud hole. When the earlobe and other parts of their bodies are expanded, they have trouble in the classic work force. Nose piercings, ear piercings … and tattoo removal, especially on the neck, where it’s noticeable, has become popular.”

Dr. Harris Sterman, chief of plastic surgery at Holy Name Medical Center, says that “Some people get really carried away” stretching their ears with multiple holes and hanging many large and heavy objects hung from all those holes so that the poor ear is literally stretched to its outermost limits. Years of wearing even one set of earrings can eventually lead to a tearing of the earlobes in any age group, but “When you have multiple earrings and they are close together, the holes can weaken the tissue faster and the holes merge together.”

The popularity of “gauge earrings” or earplugs among millennials are especially disfiguring in the long-run because, Sterman explains, “They make an opening, and they put in a disk. So when you take it out, your earlobes almost look like strings of spaghetti, all stretched out. If you take it out, you have this kind of loop.”


Sterman says, “I had a guy who wanted to join the military, and because he had this gauge deformity, he felt he had to get it fixed. You are allowed certain tattoos, but things are still very strict. He had this huge loop for an earlobe.”

In most cases, the ravaged earlobe, the mutilated upper-ear cartilage, the messed-up tongue piercing and even the most elaborate tattoo can be removed or fixed in one or more visits.

Dr. Daniel Maman, a board-certified plastic surgeon at 740 Park Plastic Surgery in Manhattan, says: “As plastic surgeons, we do fix them, and we can do a very nice job. I have had people with massively stretched-out ear lobes and now, you would not even be able to tell. It depends. But I have fixed some severe deformities under a local anesthesia and here in the office.”

Maman said the damage can be more serious when people pierce the upper ear, which can lead to chondritis, an infection in the cartilage:

“Once you go above the earlobe, you are penetrating the cartilage. You make a permanent hole. Cartilage does not grow back or regenerate. Have you ever seen the wrestler with the cauliflower ears? The result would be the same. There is plastic surgery for it, and we can fix it to the best of our ability. But the more severe the damage, the less you can fix it.”

Eugene Gentile, director of the Undergraduate Career Management Office at Rutgers Business School in New Brunswick who teaches classes and seminars on how to present yourself in interviews and in the business world, has this advice for millennials and anyone looking for a job:

“We tell people take your nose ring out. But then you’re looking at that great big hole. One thing I teach is when you’re on an interview, you want a person focusing on your eyes and your mouth. Not to be distracted by whatever adornment you have on your body. A lot of things that are great for the club are not great for the interview. One of the things we teach is wear a very conservative suit. And I get push-back on that. ‘Do you want us all to look the same? You told us to differentiate ourselves.’ It sounds contradictory, but I want a dark suit and a light shirt or blouse so that people are looking at your face and listening to what you say. The tattoo doesn’t help. It is incredibly distracting.”

How doctors reverse stretched earlobes, piercings and tattoos:

  • Milgrim says: “We reconstruct the earlobe with tissue surrounding it, or from other areas. Holes are filled in and excess stretched skin is removed.”
  • Sterman has a slightly different method, the lap-joint technique of “creating right angle turns in the scar, so this way when it heals, it doesn’t cause notching. It ends up taking an extra 10 to 15 minutes. Some insurance covers it. The earlobe ends up having a beautiful curvature to it.”
  • As for tattoos, Milgrim says “removals over the years have gotten so much better. We have better lasers, and today, the removal is not as noticeable as it used to be. The tattoos are removed over multiple sessions. ome of the colors can be very hard to get out because of the depth of the color. Reds are the hardest.”.
  • Sterman: “I had a young woman who came in who had this bizarre tattoo on her shoulder blade, who grew up, got a real job in the corporate world, and had to go to corporate events. She ended up getting laser treatments to have it removed.With tattoos, each color almost needs a different laser. In order to treat this, you need very expensive equipment. It’s multiple treatments. And it can be expensive, too.”

Milgrim says ear reconstruction generally costs between $1,000 and $2,000, while tattoo removal is anywhere from $500 to $1,500.

Here’s what one millennial does with the hole from ear plugs. Is this or is this not demonic possession?



23 responses to “Millennials are having tattoos & piercings removed

  1. What kind of drugs was this ———————————————————>
    moron on ?
    He needs to get hooked up with the snaky bimbo . Birds of a feather …………..

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  2. I used to be in management for Tractor Supply Company. I always said I would never hire someone who had more hardware in their face than I had in my pocket.

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    • The millennials and many in generation X grew up with no discipline, responsibility or values taught at home. (exceptions: home schooled) Family dysfunction today is high percentage. This is main reason older people with standards, do not get involved in civic or other community activities and keep to themselves and close friends. Many have quit churches and meet for Bible study in private group settings like me and other friends, mostly retirees.

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  3. I find I am literally nauseated by looking at these pictures . . . that children of Our God would go out of their way to deform themselves in this manner is beyond anything to be expected. There is a young man at our nearby Fred Meyer Store (a Kroger affiliate) who has worked up into a junior management position . . . he has these big ear plugs. Frankly, it is offensive to look at him, and furthermore if I had a problem that needed solving, I would find it counter-intuitive to ask him to solve it, since he obviously hasn’t the brains to know when to come in from the rain–otherwise he would not have done such a horrible thing to himself.

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    • Why do employers hire these morons? A tattoo discretely hidden only seen in swim suits ( shoulder or upper back, ankle, upper arm,e tc) or sleeveless tops is one thing. I do not endorse any tattoos because of common sense health reasons (later may cause auto immune diseases) these folks have low self esteem and want attention they never got as a child.

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    • Too, too true Auntie; as you said, why would anyone in their right mind think to consult or even ask the time of day from this macabre sick clown?

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  4. Is the prospect of America becoming great again inspiring individuals to reverse the trend of cultural regression?

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  5. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    America becoming great again as a nation and with each citizen who, realizing he was robbed, wants his nation and self-respect, taken by Globalists, returned

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  6. WHY CAN’T I GET A JOB?!?!?

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  7. Leviticus 19:28 is pretty clear. Both cutting and tattooing were done by heathen. I’ve actually seen this when I went to a bagel store and the kid who waited on me had too many piercings and too many ear lobe extenders. I turned around and walked out.

    I would hope these fools are waking up. I’ve seen mothers and daughters with tattoos and thought, “You’re not her friend, you’re her mother, and you’re not guiding her in the right direction!”

    If you see old people with these tattoos, they really look bad.

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  8. Hey that deal with the snake is animal abuse! How’d you like to be that snake at a party with loud noise, crappy music, dope smoke, and booze everywhere? The snake would be so embarassed in front of his family he would probably commit suicide.

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  9. It is called, put your brain in gear, and put some deep thought into what in the hell are you doing, before you do it!

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  10. I’m sure he can really smell and hear much more shit than anybody else with common sense. Because he’s a freak he can get a job in a circus and se if the animals can get trained going through his orifices.


  11. How much do you have to hate yourself to deform and desecrate your own body in that manner?

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  12. Here’s my experience in CA as a MIDDLE school teacher (grades 6-8): Back in 2000, I had a female student who had a health alert warning to me in paperwork that I had to attach to my daily roll, & inform substitutes of if I were to be absent….at the penalty of losing my teaching credential/my job/ my district being “deep-pocket-sued” if anything happened in my absence……or in my presecence for that matter….

    She had a heart murmur which meant that, if I should abserve signs of illness, I had to alert the school nurse immediately…(NEVER MIND the parents at 7 AM before dropping her off at school) OR if she were to need dental work, she HAD to have pre-dental-work antibiotics….her general health had to be observed by me daily and reported…….

    BUT……perversely, this same child, with all these warnings that could have endangered MY JOB and the DISTRICT insurance…..and HER LIFE….HAD A NOSE PIERCING…..which was signed-off on by the ignoramous !@#$%^&* PARENTS (student was only a 7th-grader) and THIS piercing was in constant infectioin—-weeping, pus pouring out, seeping….so putrid I could NOT stand to make eye contact with her that year….FORGET the “dental work” antibiotics….this kid needed to be evaluated for DAILY antibiotics “just because…..” of her daily condition of weeping, pus-seeping nose piercing—at least according to the conditions/warnings given to me in writing at my work site….and so…..that’s what I had top do…..EVERY day when I observed pus seeping out of her nose piercing…I had to make a formal report (which was ALMOST EVERY DAY FOR A YEAR)..

    I often wonder if she is still alive, or if she gave up on the nose piercing and allowed it to finally heal? Hopefully, she is among those who are shedding their past “markings.” Maybe she couldn’t even get a job at McDonald’s (or anywhere else, for that matter ) due to pus seeping out of her nose piercing. Ya think? She would be about age 28 now. Have enough unemployment years passed to convince her (or her parents—if she’s been living in their garage) for her to make a “minor’ modification of her “style” choices? IF NOT…I guarantee you that she could be on the public dole for the last many years…….Let’s NOT even go into whether or not she has 3 kids or so by now…..if she had no “lightbulb moment” in the meantime……who also require public assistance…….

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  13. Its a mistake to tow the line. Be an individual, express your inner self. Boldly proclaim your beliefs. Obama will be proud of you.


    • Yeah, right. And self-mutilation and disfigurement is such a “cool” way of self-expression, so you fit right in with the loser “Rebel without a Clue” crowd.

      One good thing, it makes criminals easier to identify.


  14. Maybe they are waking up to the fact, that their gravy train is about to end and with an abundance of jobs available, they will no longer be able to receive social services.
    Or maybe they are tired of trying to sleep with all that crap on their head.

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  15. Would you feel confident in making a bank deposit with a teller who had a tattoo of a spider web on her neck. I think that whoever felt that such a person would be a corporated asset should be fired for hiring (him or her).


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