Burien, Washington declared sanctuary city by narrow council vote


From Seattle Times: Burien is about to become a so-called sanctuary city — joining Seattle and King County — after the City Council voted narrowly late Monday to bar city employees from asking for documentation of a person’s immigration status.

The ordinance passed on a 3-2 vote, after Burien Mayor Lucy Krakowiak and Deputy Mayor Bob Edgar left the meeting at 10 p.m., without voting. Councilmember Nancy Tosta, who supported the sanctuary city ordinance, said that Krakowiak frequently leaves meetings at 10 p.m., after they’ve gone on for three hours. Krakowiak and Edgar did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Councilmember Nancy Tosta supports illegal aliens

Councilmember Nancy Tosta supports illegal aliens

The scope of the change is limited because Burien does not have its own police department. The city relies on the King County Sheriff’s Office for law enforcement, and that agency has long had policies restricting deputies from holding people strictly based on their immigration status. King County has also, since 2009, barred employees from asking about a person’s immigration status.

Olympia passed a similar resolution, declaring itself a sanctuary city, last week.

There is no set definition of what it means to be a sanctuary city, but Burien’s ordinance is broadly similar to the county’s, and is meant to limit local officials from enforcing federal immigration laws.

“We recognized the concern and fear that many people in our community are feeling within the current political climate, and we had letters come in expressing a desire for the council to take an action,” Tosta said. “Several of us believed it was important to make a statement to our community showing our values as a council.”

Burien’s ordinance says that civil immigration enforcement has traditionally been a federal responsibility and that shifting the onus to local agencies drains their limited resources. Part of the city’s goal, it says, is to foster trust between immigrant communities and law enforcement.

Debates over sanctuary cities have intensified since the election of Donald Trump in November. Trump has vowed to take federal funding from cities that shield residents from federal immigration authorities. But many urban centers, Seattle included, have doubled down, reaffirming that local law enforcement will not ask about someone’s immigration status, except in rare scenarios.

That’s been the law in Seattle since 2003. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray held a news conference the day after the election, promising that it would remain the law.

“We have a new administration coming in who has directly targeted numerous groups of people,” Burien Councilmember Lauren Berkowitz said, of the president-elect. Berkowitz had proposed a more expansive resolution, modeled on the law in San Francisco, but that was defeated 4-1.

Councilmember Lauren Berkowitz supports illegal aliens

Councilmember Lauren Berkowitz supports illegal aliens

Katie Hiedeman, a Burien resident who pushed for the sanctuary city ordinance, said that about 30 people spoke at the meeting in favor of it, with only a few opposed, before the vote, which happened after 10:30 p.m.

She wanted the ordinance passed for practical reasons — so that people, perhaps concerned about their immigration status, won’t be afraid to talk to police if they’re a victim or witness to a crime — and as a show of support. “These people have been in our community for maybe decades,” Hiedeman said. “Their children go to our schools, they go to the stores we shop in, they’re at the parks, they’re on our kids’ soccer teams, they are ingrained in our communities.”



11 responses to “Burien, Washington declared sanctuary city by narrow council vote

  1. DCG . . . great post! However, I find that this attitude on the part of cities just burns me to a crisp! They are complicit in ignoring and breaking our nation’s laws by this very act. Who in the ——— ever gave them that authority. It is high time that federal funds were denied any city of other governmental body that enters into this kind of folly. Perhaps, if a member of their family or a loved one were killed by one of the illegals . . . then they would sing a different tune.

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  2. Deport the city counsel members who voted for this crap and revoke their citizenship status.

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  3. And, like Germany and Europe in general, they’ll continue harboring and supporting illegals until the knife is at THEIR throats.
    THEN they’ll have the gall to ask: “how’d THAT happen”. And I’ll laugh….

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  4. I-N-S-A-N-I-T-Y

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  5. Those that flaunt the law are just as guilty as those that outright break it.
    I hope President Trump cuts off their money until they are in compliance with immigration laws. Before we make different immigration laws let’s dust off the ones we have and see if they work.


  6. Newt’s a hoot, but this is hearsay and maybe there are some sour grapes because he didn’t get picked for a peachy gig in the WH.

    Why would DJR divulge his plans to all those who opposed him and hate what he is going to do?

    At this rate, him and Savage can fageddaboudit talking all this crap.

    It’s adding to the background noise and IMO handing NPR talking points is a stupid thing to do.

    On one hand we have a guy with fake ID who went to a church where the prayer was God Damn America, and who has been smashing and grabbing for eight years;
    and now we have a person who is focused on navigating this nation through shark infested waters towards patriotism and common sense, and he’s under constant scrutiny every time he blinks.
    It’s like he he hasn’t shown up for work and already is being getting a poor performance report?

    With Trump’s work ethic, if he gets half of what he wanted to do, my grandchildren and their kids will probably be safe.

    It’s hard to trust anyone after the atrocities committed by the establishment against this country since JFK.

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  7. The 2 council members who did NOT vote should be removed from their (I assume paid) positions immediately.

    So “breaking and entering” is not illegal in certain states in the U.S?

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  8. Oops: “The city attorney told the City Council that its sanctuary-city ordinance had not passed, because it had the support of only a majority of council members present, not a majority of the entire council.”



  9. Soooooo…..let me get this straight…..this city has VOTED to secede from the United States of America? They have decided to NOT obey the Federal Laws of the United Stated States of America ….and as such, suffer the consequences?…To secede from our confederation and our laws?

    We’ve already “been there, done that…” GAME OVER ALREADY. Millions DIED to establish this precident in our American Civil War…. and then later to uphold these values in ensuing international wars…..

    These people HAVE to take another route …through our LEGAL SYSTEM….to establish their grievances & claims/rights in this country…I’m NOT talking here about the illegals who stream across our borders daily….I’m talking about the city/county/state /local politicians who THINK they are securing a “for life” job by upholding illegal immigration (future voters) across our national borders…in defiance of our laws, and in defiance of our Congressional deliberations about such….for which the Constitution of the United States establishes that ONLY the UNITED STATES CONGRESS can issue/control laws about immigration (illegal or legal) to this country.

    Elections have consequences….VOTES have consequences (all this according to the “sainted” Barak Obama) and I, for sure, hope that this VOTE by this city, and other “sanctuary” ( Federally-defiant) cities has a face-to-face-reckoning with their consequence in the Trump Administration, whatever it may be….b/c ALL THOSE RED STATES on the election map are sick and TIRED and DISGUSTED, and DONE with those pittling little blue coastal states, such as is Washington State….

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  10. The law punishes those who aid illegal immigration through misdeed, fraud, or other means. Those who defy the law should be prosecuted under the RICO laws as part of a criminal enterprise.

    They should forfeit their worldly goods and be sent to prison.


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