WaPo columnist says Trump ‘needs to get over his victory’

Yesterday, the Electoral College officially voted Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America.

Since his victory in the November 8 presidential election, Trump has flown to various cities, at his own expense, thanks his supporters in rallies attended by tens of thousands of ordinary Americans.

That is rubbing Ruth Marcus the wrong way. She’s a columnist for the Washington Post — that piece of rag which specializes in fake news. (See “Fake News: Washington Post’s CIA report that Russia intervened in elections to help Trump” and “CIA: Washington Post lied about a secret CIA report that Russia intervened in 2016 election”.)


In her Dec. 16 column, “Trump needs to get over his victory,” Marcus writes:

President-elect Donald Trump needs to heal, not revel. That is, he must work on healing the divided country he is about to lead, not continue to revel in his victory with a round of thank-you rallies.

Instead, we see: Trump griping about the political correctness of being named “person of the year.” Quieting, but not really, chants of “lock her up.” Revving up the crowd against the “very dishonest” media. Thanking African Americans who “didn’t come out to vote.” Jabbing at the “foolish” White House press secretary for daring to point out that candidate Trump had encouraged Russian hacking.

Crybaby, the Trump supporters will tweet. He won, get over it. But the president-elect is the one who seems to be having a hard time getting over it, or rising above, or inhabiting the responsibility — the majesty — of his new role. […]

Dismiss this as the griping of obsolescent elites, but regular Americans are similarly apprehensive. Majorities in a Pew Research Center poll say Trump is reckless (65 percent) and has poor judgment (62 percent). More Americans (38 percent) believe he will be a poor or terrible president than are confident (35 percent) he will be a good or great one. Crowds at Trump rallies cheer, but the country worries.

In his finest post-election moment, Trump, echoing Lincoln, vowed on election night to “bind the wounds of division.” To acknowledge citizens’ concerns and adjust accordingly is an essential, if unlikely, first step — so far missing from the president-elect’s repertoire.

Blah, blah, blah.

Go suck a lemon, Ruth Marcus!


11 responses to “WaPo columnist says Trump ‘needs to get over his victory’

  1. It is going to be a VERY LONG 8 YEARS for Ruth Marcus.

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  2. The only piece missing from the satanic edifice that is trying to destroy America is a sock puppet named Hillary Clinton. EVERYTHING ELSE is still in place, and will continue the attacks against us.

    Bur here’s an encouraging word: “When the wicked advance against me to devour me, it is my enemies and my foes who will stumble and fall.” – Psalm 27:2

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  3. Why SHOULDN’T he revel?
    We are ALL REVELING!!

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    • Occams Razor Trader . . . You are so right. This was a victory for ALL OF US, those who believe in freedom and individual responsibility. We should all be reveling in winning this battle, and Trump has been giving his supporter’s a chance to revel in the win by doing the tour he just finished.

      God Bless America! God Bless our soon to be President — Donald J Trump!

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  4. Ruth Marxist needs to apply some Desitin to her butt hurt and get over herself.

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  5. The height of hypocrisy! And quoting numbers from a Liberal Poll after the got their butt kicked? These Professiona;l LibTARDs are still in the denial phase.
    THEY need to get over it. And start rebuilding the Democrat Party back into An American Party instead of still drinking the Globalist Socialist Totalitarian Kool Aid.
    See: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2016/12/19/now-that-trump-s-officially-won-white-house-here-are-10-ways-dems-must-drain-their-own-swamp.html By Bryan Dean Wright. Finally one Democrat has grown a brain, if several million others would read and heed, and throw off their DemonRat “leadership” it would be great to have two American Partys.
    Trump has stampeded the RINO’s and the voters can start thinning the herd.
    It would be marvelous of some intelligent Democrats (Whoa! Isn’t that an Oxymoron?) could start kicking out the Clintonistas and Obamunists and get together a real Pro-American Agenda instead of the Same Old Fabian Socialist/Libtard/Progressive ones.

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  6. And she wants us to believe, she,wouldn’t be dancing in the streets and rubbing our noses in the fact,the first woman Presient just won.
    That is what so numbing, these feminists are so rabid they are willing to accept such a flawed candidate. It was the wrong time and wrong candidate.
    They have ignored better choices for a woman to run.

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  7. There is nothing Trump can say or do to heal the left of their butt hurt. Absolutely nothing. She’s a liar to claim that’s what she wants.

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  8. WaPo columnist needs to get over Trump’s victory. :0)

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  9. Dems need to accept the fact that Trump won just as DJT accepted that Obama won twice even though he was not a legitimate US citizen.


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