Trump officially voted President!

A few minutes ago, the Electoral College votes for Donald Trump went over the 270 needed to a total of 304 (vs. 224 for Hillary)!

Donald Trump is officially elected the 45th President of the United States of America.

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Despite all the death threats and harassing/intimidating phone calls and emails directed at Republican Electors (Pennsylvanian Electors even had police protection and escort); despite the unprecedented video of idiotic Hollyweirdos, led by Martin Sheen, asking Electors not to vote for Trump; despite murmurs of bribes, the Electors stood firm and voted in accordance with how the residents of their respective states had voted.

Thank you, Electors!

Not a single GOP Elector buckled under the pressure and voted for Hillary, although one voted for Ron Paul (who is not on the ballot), and another for John Kasich. Both are Texas electors.

7 Democrat Electors went rogue by not casting their votes for Hillary as they were supposed to:

  • In Colorado, a Democrat elector tried to vote for John Kasich and was replaced by an alternate elector, who voted for Hillary because state law requires electors to vote for the winner of the state’s popular vote. (NPR)
  • In Maine, a Democratic elector voted for Bernie Sanders instead of Clinton. He was ruled “out of order,” and he voted for Clinton in a second vote.
  • In Minnesota, Muhammad Abdurrahman, a former Bernie Sanders delegate to the Democratic National Convention, attempted to vote for no candidate. His vote was declared invalid and an alternate elector was appointed, enabling the state to go ahead and deliver its 10 electoral votes for Hillary Clinton. (The Hill)
  • In Washington, while 8 of the state’s 12 electors voted for Clinton, 4 electors went rogue, 2 of whom voted for Colin Powell, and 2 for Faith Spotted Eagle — a Native American who has been active in the Dakota pipeline protests. (ZeroHedge)

We can expect more shenanigans from Democrats in the month until inauguration. But their bag of tricks is rapidly depleting, and We The People will expose and call them on their chicanery every step of the way.

Hillary Clinton, a truly evil woman, will never be POTUS!

The countdown begins! Let’s Make America Great Again!



34 responses to “Trump officially voted President!

  1. I am always humble enough to say, “Told ya so, told ya so”.

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  2. Thank you Lord God for Mr Donald Trump
    God save our country

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  3. Imagine that, I was right. More flipped away from Killary than away from Trump.

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  4. The fact that Trump received MORE Electoral College votes this time is the ABSOLUTE sign that one side of the duopoly has spoken, and the other side had best listen and HEAR what this means: the people have spoken. Now it’s up to Trump, his Cabinet, and appointed officials to get it right. God bless and help them all!

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  5. So when will they start the national suicide protest?

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  6. Praise God! Merry Christmas! I am Happy, Happy, Happy!!

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  8. The fat lady has sung, and only two traitors…YIPPEE…I love it. TRUMP IS PRESIDENT, EAT THAT OBAMA AND CLINTONS

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  9. Suck it Michael Moore, Debra Messing and Martin Sheen. SUCK IT.

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  10. Alert! Global warming just escalated. Snowflakes melting. 🙂
    Paper and crayons will be available to pacify losers.

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  12. Hillary’s disappointedly ranting and throwing things again right now…

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  15. Please pray for the continued physical safety of Donald Trump and his family. And let us also understand that we’re not going to agree with or like everything that he does.
    Let us pray that Mr. Trump can buy this Nation the time it needs to meet the future prepared. And let us also remember that this “Era of Good Feeling” is but a prelude of the conflict and conflagration that is almost certain to come.

    Now if we can start petitioning God for a new Pope….

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  16. Martin Sheen has been a Castro supporter for decades.
    He and the pope should retire to Cuba (after we sever relations).

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  17. Kevin J Lankford

    I just wonder how some one named muhammad managed to get to be an elector for the United States President?……..But then I suppose the same way some one named barrack hussein got into our white house.

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  18. awesome job Dr. Eowyn! Thank You for all you have done to shine the light on this evil in our election “process” and give us up to date, truthful information.
    57% of the elector’s votes were for trump, while 1.5% of the “popular” vote went to hellary….if you remove all of the dead, illegals, repeat voters, non-ID voters, stolen votes, changed votes, etc., I bet trump would have the popular vote as well.
    all of those melting special snowflakes who were screaming and protesting because hellary received “more votes”…well, “The Donald” received more votes from the electors, now what do they have to say?
    they want to get rid of the electoral college…figures, another tantrum.
    obviously, they won’t get their way, but their mindset is preparing the future generations of America for communism…which is satan’s way.
    God bless America…as long as we follow Him.

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  19. “Lt. Gen Mike Flynn’s son, Jack Posobiac, who is also the Special Projects Director for the group Citizens For Trump, did an epic broadcast on Periscope Friday morning calling out Hillary Clinton on her ‘fake news’ scandal.

    “Let’s talk about fake news,” Posobiac said.

    “Let’s talk about the Iraq war and weapons of mass destruction. Let’s talk about a YouTube video being blamed for Benghazi. A YouTube video which was told to the parents of the victims of Benghazi, the heros of Benghazi, by Hillary Clinton to their faces while their sons dead bodies were in the hanger there at Andrews Air Force Base. She said we are going to get those people who made that YouTube video. That was fake news. That was a lie.”

    “What else is fake news,” Posobiac questioned to his live viewers.

    “Saying that she landed and came off the plane under sniper fire. Saying that Vadimir Putin and the alt-right are being controlled by the KGB. Saying that she lost because Russia hacked our election, despite having no evidence to that fact.”

    Posobiac went on to say the narrative is that anyone that “releases anti-Hillary stuff” is considered to be “paid” by the Russians.

    Posobiac said that Hillary’s reckless statements are likely provoking the Russians, who “are a major world power” with nuclear capabilities.

    “When Hillary Clinton compared Vladimir Putin to Hitler, is that diplomacy?”

    “You want to say that he’s [Putin] hacking elections based on nothing. That’s fake news. That’s the fake news that you, Hillary Clinton, perpetuated.”

    “Guys she’s talking about fake news, but her campaign was behind Correct The Record, an organization that was literaly paid to make fake news and push it everyday on Twitter, Reddit and Facebook.”

    “She paid for fake news to be planted across social media and now she has the gull, the absolute gull and disdain for the American people to tell us that fake news is the reason she lost when she is the creator of fake news. Hillary Clinton is the creator of ISIS and Hillary Clinton is the creator of fake news — period.”

    “To say that Hillary Clinton is against fake news, is in of itself fake news.”

    During his rant, Posobiac also pointed out how Hillary Clinton “was given the questions in advance by CNN,” which is cheating. All the while CNN claimed it was a fair debate, which again is fake news.”

    This is just a trap to get rid of the alternative media […] the independent media,” Posobiac said.”

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  20. Just had to ‘like’ this twice..! Couldn’t help but get into your happy, jumping peppers n stuff!

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