Obama administration’s DHS, not Russia, hacked cyber-networks of Georgia, Kentucky and West Virginia

I awoke in pre-dawn early morning to the overnight TV news of a last-ditch effort to subvert the 2016 presidential election.

The Obama administration, Republican reprobates like Sens. Lindsey Graham (long rumored to be a closeted homosexual) and John McCain, as well as the usual Hollyweirdo suspects (see this video) are all clamoring that Putin and the Russian government hacked the 2016 presidential election to favor Donald Trump, and that next Monday, the Electoral College must cast their votes for Hillary Clinton instead of President-elect Donald Trump.

All this despite the fact that:

(1) The American people have been given only hearsay that the CIA and “other intelligence agencies” found Russia to have intervened in the election — not the actual CIA report that, we are told, is “secret”.

If the Electoral College is going to subvert the will of the people, let’s see that CIA report!!!

(2) Lead media attack dog Washington Post‘s own article on the alleged CIA secret report does not actually say that the Russian government “intervened” in the election, nor that Moscow actually directed its witting or unwitting “agents” (the List of 200) to provide the hacked Democrat emails to WikiLeaks. See “Fake News: Washington Post’s CIA report that Russia intervened in elections to help Trump”.

(3) CIA personnel say there is no such “secret” CIA report. See “CIA: Washington Post lied about a secret CIA report that Russia intervened in 2016 election”.

Instead of Russian hackers, it is the Obama administration’s Department of Homeland Security that are the cyber hackers — according to Georgia’s Secretary of State Brian Kemp.

Aaron Diamant reports for WSB-TV2 Atlanta, Dec. 15, 2016:

The Georgia Secretary of State’s Office now confirms 10 separate cyberattacks on its network were all traced back to U.S. Department of Homeland Security addresses.

In an exclusive interview, a visibly frustrated Secretary of State Brian Kemp confirmed the attacks of different levels on his agency’s network over the last 10 months. He says they all traced back to DHS internet provider addresses.

[…] The Secretary of State’s Office manages Georgia’s elections, and most concerning for Kemp about the newly discovered scans is the timing.

The first one happened on Feb. 2, the day after Georgia’s voter registration deadline. The next one took place just days before the SEC primary. Another occurred in May, the day before the general primary, and then two more took place in November, the day before and the day of the presidential election.

“It makes you wonder if somebody was trying to prove a point,” Kemp said. […]

Kemp says several of those scans came around the same time he testified before Congress about his opposition to a federal plan to classify election systems as “critical infrastructure,” like power plants and financial systems.Kemp believes Georgia’s state-run election systems are already secure and doesn’t think the feds should be involved.

The DHS did not return Diamant’s emails seeking comment Tuesday.

In a tweet, Diamant reports that WSB-TV has received “documents” showing that two other states’ elections agencies — those of Kentucky and West Virginia — had also been hacked by the Department of Homeland Security:


Why isn’t this news reported by Washington Post and the national alphabet TV networks?

H/t IWB, The Sean Hannity Show, and FOTM‘s JCscuba


11 responses to “Obama administration’s DHS, not Russia, hacked cyber-networks of Georgia, Kentucky and West Virginia

    The hacks were traced back to Malia and Sasha trying to post naughty selfies.


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  3. DHS, CiA, ..with folks like Obama and John Brennan they are all the same people, just wear a different hat that day.
    The sheer DESPERATION of the Lib/Progs in mind boggling. Why and How do they think they can get away with this stuff? But they can’t climb out of their hole, so they just keep digging.
    Pay for riots, beg money on the Internet to hire assassins to kill Trump, blame the Russians for everything, The Democrat Party is like a bad spy novel written by sugar hyped 10 year olds trying to impress each other..

    When the dust settles after Trump is inaugurated, the Democrat Party isn’t going to have anymore credibility than the crazy squirrel that lives in the outhouse at the deer camp.

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  4. Gee, you would think these brilliant crackheads in the CIA would have been discerning enough to know by now that Obongo’s birth certificate is a fake, and not even a good one. My wiener dogs were able to spot it right away!

    If only the Russians had interfered with the 2008 election, we might not have had to put up with eight years of hell with Bathhouse Barry.

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  5. The elections were rigged because the demographics in swing states were altered by non- enforcement of immigration laws, stupid regulations not requiring voters to show ID, bussing-free cigarettes and cellphones, and the usual hijinks of election “officials” thinking that screwing around with ballots was OK because they were on a Mission from God”. ( No offense to Ellwood and Jake).
    Finally, of course the Russians hate us. That’s their job. We’re supposed to hate them back, because Communism opposes God, Capitalism, and democracy, so therefore of course they will use every opportunity to thwart our system. But whatever damage they might have inflicted on our system is dwarfed by the damage caused by Hillary’s cash and carry policies, and Barry’s eight year seditious mission from Satan.
    Where were the Ruskis in 2008? Well they knew putting Obama in the White House was going to wreak havoc; why would they try to prevent it? Fat dumb Americans were so busy feeling guilty about being white, they let it all go down under their noses.
    It’s fake-fake news, saying Russia wants Trump because the DNC is too tough on them.
    The DNC are mostly communusts. Everyone knows it. Trump is not a communist everyone knows that too. But at least Trump usn’t a liar. It is difficult to deal with liars, even if you are Putin.


    • “Finally, of course the Russians hate us. That’s their job. We’re supposed to hate them back, because Communism opposes God, Capitalism, and democracy, so therefore of course they will use every opportunity to thwart our system.”

      Newsflash: Russia stopped being communist since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in December 1991. Russia today has seen a resurgence of the Orthodox Russian (Christian) Church — more orthodox and traditional than Christian churches in U.S. and the West. It is the Left-dominated West that now “opposes God, capitalism, and democracy” and “will use every opportunity to thwart our system.”
      Putin kisses Madonna & Child icon

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  6. I think this youtube channel may fit into this discussion. See: George Webb


  7. So,didn’t BO just turn our internet control over to the UN? What does that comprise?
    First they tried riots, then Comey, then the recount, then the Russians and now, washed up celebrities, like Mike Farrel, who has long been a far left activist. Think he doesn’t want you to vote for Clinton, give me a break.
    Soros has tossed good money after bad trying to sway this election.
    Wikileaks has said repeatedly, it was not the Russians.
    The NSA old timers has told us it was an insider, the FBI doesn’t think it was the Russians, and neither does a couple of other agencies and even now good ole Lorretta Lynch says there is no proof it was the Russians.

    I guarantee, if Putin could have hacked our elections. We wouldn’t have had 8 years of Obama.

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  8. With the the money they invested in and deals with the Clinton Foundation, and the whispering in ears about waiting until after the election, I think all the reporting about the Russians position on the election fall under the ‘opposite rule’. Whatever the MSM and Obama says, it’s really the opposite.

    Putin and Trump made some benign remarks about one another and the Left wing spin doctors come up with this latest narrative to weaken Trump.

    Isn’t Marxist similar to Communist? Just because these anarchists change their jerseys doesn’t change their purpose.
    Like calling a muslim terrorist a muslim terrorist.
    Who cares if they wear a Roman collar or kiss books in front of a cameras?

    They all think they are brilliant social engineers, rebels, and statesmen while they screw things up using other people’s money.

    Dealing with the Russians is like walking into a Harlem bodega; if you must get out of your locked vehicle; remain very very alert, and count your change twice.

    They say more people showed up for the Orlando thankyou tour, than for the campaign rally. Trump support is not waning.


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