Friday funnies!

funny2 funny3 funny4



10 responses to “Friday funnies!

  1. Luv these! I can’t decide which one is my favorite. 😦

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  2. Awaesome, DCG!
    I needed a laugh.

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  4. all my favorites

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  5. I thought pictures one through three actually represented what took place! They coulda happened!

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  6. Trump “manspreading” on a subway with the 3 #itches is priceless.
    The odds of that crew actually using mass transit are as slim as Chelsea Clinton winning a beauty pageant.

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  7. Yes, Trump is MANSPREADING, all right. That cartoon says it all. (The women in the cartoon should have been wearing Valkyrie helmets!)

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  8. Worth posting on facebook! Thank you. Merry Christmas.

    “The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel” (which means “God with us”). (Matthew 1:23)

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