Hollyweird Libtard Lisa Edelstein Slammed For Alan Thicke Tweet: Death Was To Avoid Donald Trump

Proggies are so edgy…

The classy Lisa Edelstein

The classy Lisa Edelstein

From MSN.com: Lisa Edelstein is getting slammed for joking that Alan Thicke died just to avoid Donald Trump’s presidency.

As Gossip Cop reported, Thicke unexpectedly died at age 69 on Tuesday, after suffering a heart attack. Tributes poured in on Twitter as dozens of celebrities honored and mourned the beloved “Growing Pains” patriarch. Edelstein, however, saw fit to make a joke. Here’s her “joke” tweet:


Since then, the “Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce” star has been under fire for politicizing and seemingly minimizing the actor’s death. The backlash includes more than a thousand tweets calling Edelstein out for her message.

  • One user, @dfiregirl4 wrote, back, “1) he was Canadian. 2) A family lost a husband and a father. This is NOT the time for politics.” ‏
  • @SpaceRacer423 replied, “the man died in front of his 17yr old son a week before Christmas, but lol Trump right?” ‏
  • @neontaster responded, “First off, it’s Trumpocalypse, not whatever the hell you wrote. Second, you’re a horrible person.”
  • @barrieblonde asked, “Is that suppose to be clever? Geez, give your head a shake; TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE AND CALLOUS! #AlanThicke #CanadianIcon.”
  • @KellyLHedges told the star, “Used to adore you. I have friends on both sides, but no friends who talk sh*t on the dead.”
  • “Why would you do this?” wondered @lifebythecreek, adding, “A simple RIP would suffice. What a sad soul you are.”
  • @sbprice said, “heinous. death of an icon just a way to diss @realDonaldTrump?”
  • @p25735 stated, “@LisaEdelstein Shame on you for trivializing Mr. Thicke’s passing by using it to promote your political agenda.”
  • @kaungko arguved, “No matter which political party one belongs to, it’s never right to joke on someone’s death & loss. Legal? Yes. Right? [100 percent] not.”
  • And, referencing what is probably Edelstein’s best-known TV show, ‏@travelbond tweeted, “@LisaEdelstein Quick! Call HOUSE.. Somebody needs a sensitivity transplant!”

Edelstein has not responded to any of the comments, nor has she addressed her controversial remark.



14 responses to “Hollyweird Libtard Lisa Edelstein Slammed For Alan Thicke Tweet: Death Was To Avoid Donald Trump

  1. I don’t know who this Bimbo is. I don’t care what her political affiliations are, but her joke was in bad taste. I guess he hand sign she is displaying is her IQ!

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  2. Proof that liberals mouths are about 20 mph faster than their brains.

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  3. Edelstein’s “joke” isn’t funny. Thicke’s family surely appreciates it. Not.

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  5. Maybe this brainless twit will be the one to start the mass suicide protest the lefties keep talking about. 😀


  6. I found her remark despicable regardless of who died. Totally tasteless. Obviously she put her mouth in gear before she ran the comment through her brain.

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  7. Evidently her mother never taught her how to act like a decent human being.

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  8. I’ll never say anything but good about her when she’s dead.
    She’s dead? Good.
    Alan Thick was a talented individual. I had no idea of all the stuff he had done. And he seemed like a pretty good guy. Actor, comedian, songwriter, pitchman, good father.


  9. Sigh. MORE of Dumbocrats behaving badly. I run home from work now to turn on the news to see what stupid CRAP the Dumbocrats have come up with each day…..I am NEVER disappointed. They always have something and it is always DUMB….and in this case, CRASS, INSULTING, RUDE, and INTOLERABLE. Don’t you just want to slap this woman’s MOTHER and FATHER? She came from a depraved upbringing, evidently.

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  10. Lisa Edelstein was a Manhattan celebutante in the 1980’s (precursor to Paris Hilton in the 2000’s). She has no clue or filter!

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  11. Callas goes to show what her heart is like so much hate in the world today why spread more.


  12. What kind of bitch makes a joke about having a heart attack? I live that pain every day due to nerve damage from a broken back.

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