A Hollyweird movie that everyone is avoiding: Gun control flick ‘Miss Sloane’ flops at the box office



From Fox News: Movie goers weren’t too interested in “Miss Sloane,” a film that explores the gun control debate from the perspective of a lawyer who is lobbying for universal background checks for gun ownership. Still, the film’s leading lady, Jessica Chastain, landed a Best Actress Golden Globe nomination for the poorly received flick.

The film, which premiered in select cities on Thanksgiving, hit more theaters this past weekend, and it fizzled in its wide expansion, earning $1.9 million from 1,648 locations.

According to Deadline, “Miss Sloane” cost $13 million to produce. It currently has a score of 69 percent on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. The movie was projected to earn a paltry $5 million at the box office, according to the Los Angeles Times, but so far it’s fallen short.

In the film, Elizabeth, played by Chastain, leaves her top firm for the opposition when a powerful gun group asks her to devise messaging to turn women against background checks for gun ownership. Chastain is portrayed fighting for the underdogs, using everything at her disposal to try to ensure that the background check bill passes.

The role earned the actress a Golden Globe nomination on Monday morning. Since 2012, Chastain has been nominated for four Golden Globes and won once, in 2013, for “Zero Dark Thirty.”

According to Twitchy, more people bought guns over Black Friday weekend than saw this movie!



12 responses to “A Hollyweird movie that everyone is avoiding: Gun control flick ‘Miss Sloane’ flops at the box office

  1. Fighting for the underdogs who want their gun rights restricted? (Yeah, that makes me want to see a movie… not!)

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  2. The only way those Hollyweird dumbasses will learn anything is when it bites then in Pocket-book!
    States with carry permits have lower crime rates, States with few Big Cities have much lower crime rates. Criminals are drawn to “Gun Free Zones” like flies are to blood.
    Natural Law: Predators are drawn to the weak, slow, unwary, helpless, and defenseless. Why do you think so many of those young dirtbags rape older women? Do you think they are turned on by cellulite? They are easy to beat up and usually don’t have guns, because the Laws are so complicated..

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  3. I’d think that even Hollywood is able to understand that making a movie to ‘preach to the choir’ is hardly to be well-received. One of a conservative’s core beliefs and understandings is that we cannot change someone else’s nature, only change our own and then lead by example. Where in this movie do we see that realism? I haven’t seen it and will not see it, as it seems pointless or witless to me.

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  4. I hope and pray the Hollyweirds keep producing this type of movie. Once they are bankrupt maybe talented people will reappear and prduce the kind of films that they did in the 40s and 50s, when there were really talented directors, writers, and actors.

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  5. I got a tremendous laugh out of the fact that more people bought guns over the Black Friday weekend, than went to see this stinker of a movie. Good for those who have brains! Keep it up . . . let’s weed out the weirdo’s who produce these rotten films from the truly talented producers, writers, directors, etc. Perhaps there is some hope for us yet!

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  6. Maybe it will appear on the new MST3K and Mike and the bots can shred it.


  7. Make a home video slamming the Second Amendment and President Donald Trump at the same time! And you are sure to get at least an Academy Award nomination!

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  8. Just watching their little advertisements turned us off. Not very enticing.
    Hope it sinks.

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    • One of the promos I saw on TV had this actress saying something like, “well, anyone can go out and buy an assault rifle without a background check.” Dumbasses in Hollyweird really believe Americans will buy this BS. And they wonder why the movie is tanking?


  9. Gee, what a surprise.

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  10. I got a Henry Repeating Rifle for Christmas last year….historic, so pretty, so petite, so made in America…..Boo Hoo Hollywood……A 6-foot wrought-iron fence in So Cal was NOT ENOUGH to let me live peacefully on my OWN property—–but the Henry and some video cameras helped…….

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