Creepy video of Playboy Hugh Hefner, 90

Hugh Hefner’s third and current wife, Crystal, posted this very creepy video on Snapchat against rumors that the 90-year-old debauch is dead.

On December 31, 2012, former Playboy “playmate of the month” Crystal Harris and Hefner married at the Playboy Mansion in a small private ceremony.

He was 86; she was 26.



11 responses to “Creepy video of Playboy Hugh Hefner, 90

  1. Is he still alive? If one can call what he does ‘living’ rather than vamping off the younger adults around him.

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  2. ugh…

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  3. “Playboy” Magazine did prove, at one point, to be an entrepreneurial success, but that is no indicator of Hef’s character. My father always detested Hugh Hefner as a person, and it took me watching a few short videos of Hef to discover what he meant. (I especially liked how William F. Buckley, Jr. made Hef squirm on “Firing Line”; that was in 1968).
    I can understand Hugh Hefner’s point: If there is no God and no afterlife, one might as well be an aesthete, enjoying the finer things in life. But aside from this being a sucker’s bet, cynicism, beyond a certain point, is a form of moral cowardice—as well as viciousness. Hef insisted that he was raised in a “repressive Christian home,” but Dr. Makow has reported otherwise, that Hefner is a Crypto-Jew or a Marrano. This is not to insult our Jewish friends; Rather, it is to point out that we have got to know the full history of the individuals who have done everything imaginable to destroy our Culture, who have done everything imaginable to usher in the Culture of Death that we have been living under for the past 50 years (or more). (And to those who do take offense, please note that I am an “equal opportunity offender”: I have also pointed out some truth about a former Catholic who has been even worse than Hefner, namely, Margaret Sanger).
    In the end, Hugh Hefner discovered nothing new about sexuality: Any faithful Christian couple knows its purpose, its meaning and its mystery. Rather, Hefner strut his hour upon the stage, showing everyone what a fool he was. He has proved himself to be the Pied Piper of certain adults, and that no amount of aesthetic sophistication can disguise his utter existential emptiness.
    In the end, Hugh Hefner has proved that we faithful Christians—whom he says are “repressed”—are not the ones who are afraid of sex. HE has been the one who has been afraid of sex. You’ve made your sucker’s bet, Hef. Time to pony up!

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  4. He’ll be dead soon ……He’ll go out like Nelson Rockefeller did , on the down stroke

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  5. He owns the world’s largest collection of bathrobes.

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  6. What is with the ‘dog’ thing? – Hefner was nothing like a dog, a species that offers kindness. His mask should be that of a PIG.

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    • That’s right, Lynn. Your response reminds me of John Stuart Mill: “Better to be a man dissatisfied than a pig satisfied.” Let us take Hefner at his word, that there is no God. (Strictly for the sake of the argument, as did, say, Albert Camus). There may be no God, but there used to be a time when even atheists or skeptics had something Hef lacks: HONOR.


  7. Hey, it’s the Cryptkeeper!

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  8. Thinking the pictures does not prove life or death there. Yuck.
    He is a sick old man and so are the young gold diggers around him.

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  9. My first reaction: “Whatever.”

    My second thought: My (sage, dear-departed) dad used to opine,” I may not be a best or loyally practicing Christian….and it might NOT be even a belief that can be proved “true” in our world of human limitations/ requirements…..BUT…it is AHEAD of whatever is in SECOND place,”


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