Churches Vow to Offer Sanctuary to Illegal Aliens

I might take those who aid and abet illegal aliens a little more seriously if they were as determined to evict the illegals who kill and maim US citizens. MIGHT.

Sarah Root: Killed by an illegal alien

Sarah Root: Killed by an illegal alien.

From NBC New York: Hundreds of houses of worship are offering sanctuary to people who could face deportation if President-elect Donald Trump follows through on his campaign pledge to remove millions of immigrants living in the country illegally.

Kate Steinle: Killed by an illegal alien.

Kate Steinle: Killed by an illegal alien.

To some churches, sanctuary means spiritual support or legal assistance to fight deportation. Others promise or already are extending physical sanctuary by housing immigrants.

In Brockton, a poor city of about 95,000 people south of Boston, four churches have pledged to take in immigrants fearful of being deported. “If you need a safe place, once you enter the doors of this building, you are safe,” said the Rev. Abraham Waya, pastor of Central United Methodist Church, who said his church can shelter as many as 100 people. “We will host you and take care of you for as long as it takes.”

Jonathan Montez: Killed by an illegal alien.

Jonathan Montez: Killed by an illegal alien.

During the campaign, Trump pledged to “immediately terminate” President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration, including the 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which has extended work permits and temporary deportation relief to more than 700,000 immigrants brought here illegally as youths.

In an interview with Time magazine published this week, Trump adopted a more sympathetic tone toward young immigrants, saying, “We’re going to work something out that’s going to make people happy and proud.”

A spokesman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said the agency follows a 2011 policy to generally avoid entering “sensitive locations” such as schools, places of worship and hospitals to take custody of undocumented immigrants illegal aliens. The policy says enforcement actions can be conducted in those locations in cases of terrorism or when there are “exigent circumstances.”

About 450 houses of worship of various denominations nationwide have offered to provide some form of sanctuary, including living space, financial assistance or rides for schoolchildren, said Alison Harrington, pastor of Southside Presbyterian Church in Tucson, Arizona.

Immigrants have been fearful for decades, particularly as deportations increased during the Obama administration, said Harrington, who is involved in the sanctuary movement on a national scale. But Trump’s campaign promises to build a wall along the Mexican border, to bar Muslims from entering the country and to deport millions “has really galvanized people,” she said.

The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, with more than 140 congregations, has adopted a resolution calling for “holy resistance” to Trump’s immigration proposals and declaring itself a “sanctuary diocese.”


Peter Pedemonti, Executive Director of New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, a coalition of 17 churches and two synagogues said it has seen a huge uptick in the number of volunteers for a program offering support to immigrants when ICE raids their homes. The program had 65 volunteers in May. In the two weeks following Trump’s win, more than 1,000 new volunteers signed up, said Peter Pedemonti, executive director of the New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia. “We know that we’re in a different historical moment right now and that our faith compels us to take increasingly bold actions,” Harrington said.

(Note: From the New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia web site: “4 Ways to Fight Trump. Excerpt: “This is terrifying. Trump’s campaign of hate, racism and exclusion took the White House.  The backlash of white voters was harsh and strong, and Trump’s rhetoric now has the power of the White House behind it.“)


Some churches have already made good on their promises. In Philadelphia, a 40-year-old man from Mexico has been living in the Arch Street United Methodist Church for three weeks.

Javier Flores entered the U.S. illegally in 1997 and has been deported and re-entered several times since then. After being held in an ICE detention center for over a year, the agency released him for 90 days so he could prepare for deportation. He did not want to be separated from his wife and three children, so he sought refuge, said the Rev. Robin Hynicka, senior pastor. “For us, we feel it’s a moral obligation to keep families together,” Hynicka said.

Ingrid Encalata Latorre, an immigrant from Peru, took sanctuary last week with her year-old son, Anibal, at a Quaker meeting house in Denver. Latorre, 32, has exhausted appeals of a deportation order and is awaiting a decision on a final, discretional appeal to immigration officials in Washington.

She left her native Cusco, Peru, in 2000 to join an aunt in Colorado, where she found work as a dishwasher, cared for kids, cleaned homes and worked at assisted living centers, she said. In 2002, she bought fake papers from an unscrupulous street seller.

She was arrested in 2010 and pleaded guilty to a felony ID theft charge. She paid $11,500 in back taxes and successfully completed parole, but her guilty felony plea brought her to ICE’s attention. Advocates arranged for LaTorre and Anibal to stay in the meeting house.

Anibal, a U.S. citizen, is being treated at Denver’s Childrens Hospital for a congenital twisted neck condition; her other son, 8-year-old Bryant, is also a U.S. citizen and attends a bilingual school in suburban Westminster. “I have lived half of my life here,” she said. “Don’t be afraid. Just fight and keep going.”

Not afraid to keep fighting: Brian Terry, killed by an illegal alien.

Not afraid to keep fighting: Brian Terry, killed by an illegal alien.


30 responses to “Churches Vow to Offer Sanctuary to Illegal Aliens

  1. If my church offered sanctuary to illegals that would be the end of my donations and possibly even my membership. I refuse to worship in a church that offers aid to criminals, and trespassers are just that.
    I do have to wonder why churches lock their doors at night and then open the back door to allow law breakers slip in?.

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    • Lynn . . . I’m with you 100%. As far as I can see, these churches, and any other’s aid and abet lawbreakers are guilty also, and should be dealt with severely. First off, take away their tax free status, since they are involving themselves with illegal activities.

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      • Auntie Lulu,
        I’m not saying you are wrong that they should receive consequences for their actions. But, can you see how taxes are really just a way for the gov’t to practice social engineering? That’s really all they are for. The fed res doesn’t need our taxes. Neither does the fed gov’t. When they want it they just turn on the printing press and put it on a tab that can never be paid.


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  2. More evidence that U.S. Christian churches have become bastions of Marxist Progressivism, under the guise of “social justice”. Churches also get millions in taxpayer dollars for helping the federal government with resettling illegal “immigrants” and Muslim “refugees”.

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  3. The truth is these “churches” led by their mother, the rcc, are in direct opposition to God’s design. It was God who separated men into nations at the tower of Babel dispersion.
    And now these would reverse what God has done in order to bring about the world gov’t that was being realized at Babel before God terminated it.
    And what God said will be attempted again.
    Gen.11:6- “And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.”
    Any move to violate God’s design for the nation state is a move in favor of Antichrist.

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    • Ed, why do you make it out that the RCC is the mother of these heresies when in fact it is the left wing progressive non-Catholic churches pushing this agenda.
      Being a Catholic I find myself in total disagreement with many of Pope Francis’ policies and would never allow that to influence my basic Catholic beliefs for his attitude is not that of the majority of those of my faith. At least I would hope not!

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      • July17th 2015
        Pope Francis made an appeal to the public on Wednesday, saying that “people and institutions” who close their doors to asylum seekers should ask God for forgiveness, with the spiritual leader addressing the matter as European leaders scramble to provide solutions for the migrant crisis.
        May 19th 2016
        “Today, I don’t think that there is a fear of Islam as such but of ISIS and its war of conquest, which is partly drawn from Islam,” he told French newspaper La Croix. “It is true that the idea of conquest is inherent in the soul of Islam, however, it is also possible to interpret the objective in Matthew’s Gospel, where Jesus sends his disciples to all nations, in terms of the same idea of conquest.”
        The Pope also said he “dreaded” hearing about the “Christian roots of Europe” because, to him, they take on “colonialist overtones” and he called on European nations to “integrate” Muslim migrants into the continent.
        “This integration is all the more necessary today since, as a result of a selfish search for well-being, Europe is experiencing the grave problem of a declining birth rate,” he stated. “A demographic emptiness is developing.”
        Sept.24, 2015
        Pope Francis delivered a stinging blow to nativist conservatives bent on keeping illegal immigrants and Middle Eastern refugees out of the United States, saying Thursday in a landmark address to Congress that Americans should show compassion to immigrants of all stripes.
        ‘When the stranger in our midst appeals to us, we must not repeat the sins and the errors of the past,’ the Roman Catholic pontiff said. ‘We must resolve now to live as nobly and as justly as possible, as we educate new generations not to turn their back on our “neighbors” and everything around us.’

        This is the stance of the Vatican concerning illegal immigration. He has set the tone for the others to follow. That’s all.

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        • “It is true that the idea of conquest is inherent in the soul of Islam, however, it is also possible to interpret the objective in Matthew’s Gospel, where Jesus sends his disciples to all nations, in terms of the same idea of conquest.”
          This man is totally ignorant. He attacks Europe and the U.S. but ignores the FACT that many Islamic nations not only forbid immigration but kill those who wear Christian symbols or talk of Jesus. Maybe he should visit Saudi Arabia and pray in one of the Christian churches there. Oh forgot, Christian churches are not permitted there.

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          • That is so true Lynn.
            And have you noticed? The pope does not bring thousands of these “immigrants” into his country, the Vatican. In fact, his country is surrounded by walls that he condemns Trump for wanting to do in the US. Quite the hypocrite.
            Blessings:-} to you Lynn

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          • I wonder how a man who is ‘totally ignorant’ about the true Catholic faith can profess to be Catholic and to lead the Catholic Church? Methinks he isn’t and he can’t.

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    • That’s powerful, perhaps this is the answer to the different etnicities, I will be praying about this


    • Rather obvious isn’t it? I was thinking the very same thing, glad to see it wasn’t just me!

      Also scripture gives us this and I do not believe it to be a stumbling block but very prudent!

      A house divided will not stand, but then that is the plan huh?

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  4. Social justice from these Churches is a pretense. As noted by Dr. E., this is all about the taxpayer money they rake in from the government for being “compassionate”. As soon as the money dries up, their benevolence will all but disappear. Faux Christians are lesser beings than atheists.

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  5. What ever happened to “Aiding and abetting”? “After the fact”? And even “Conspiracy”?
    If you do not enforce the law, it becomes a joke. If some laws are not enforced against “some people”, than disrespect for all laws is a natural result.

    But somehow Trump is “the bad guy”. And anyone that wants the Law enforced is a “Racist!”. I wonder what Dr. King would have said about that?

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    • I believe that Dr King would be fully aware of the the problems that all these illegals pose for the black citizens of this nation. They have come into California, and via that route up to Oregon causing a displacement of our black citizens for both housing and jobs. Since the government I believe is willing to give monies to those who hire immigrants, then once again the black people in society have to get to the back of the line.

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  6. There’s ‘according to the law’ & there’s ‘against the law’. Start there. If you agree with the law follow it. If you don’t, then work to change it. But don’t ignore it. Membership in a church doesn’t mean you can ignore the law either. Those so called sanctuary cities send the wrong message as well. Personally, I think anybody here illegally needs to leave. The measure of a country is how many people are trying to get in vs how many people are trying to leave. But we can’t just let anybody and everybody in. They need to be able to contribute to America, not just benefit from it.

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  7. Looks like a Collateral Damage storm is heading our way!


  8. probably the same fake Christian churches that welcome the mentally ill LGBT “community”


  9. For every crime allegedly committed by an undocumented immigrant, HUNDREDS occur by CITIZENS. As a proud Roman Catholic, I have one question: would Trump violate international law by raiding RC churches? Churches are considered the property of a parish, which is part of the Vatican.


  10. “For every crime allegedly committed by an undocumented immigrant, HUNDREDS occur by CITIZENS.”

    I like how you throw in the word “allegedly” before ILLEGAL ALIENS and yet do not include the term before citizens. ILLEGAL ALIENS are GUILTY of breaking our laws the minute they arrive in the US without the proper documentation/authorization.

    Tell me, would you repeat your talking point to the relative’s faces of the innocent Americans murdered by illegal aliens?

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  11. I have talked with many, and they but mostly the children are literally leaving the church’s period. Point in fact and real experience is the members needs and the communities dire needs were sent to the back of the line for others who are not christian what so ever, have no intention of it but reap every benefit! Plus all the tax money that the children know they will have to pay for while having a degree but working part time at cashiering….or what ever they can find and still living at home, is going to this funding in huge amounts of money’s…. It’s really that bad now.

    I kid you not when I tell you some get together now in homes to have Christian service, others are becoming Satanist and using spells against all of the Abraham faiths as they feel betrayed, still others become atheists.
    The church’s have been infiltrated and the children and others are not that stupid, they see it. They will give nothing, now to church or anything else.

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  12. ‘Hence the falling away’
    is caused by the very ones who have betrayed their own and their community will in fact reap what they have sown, and lost the very ones who had hoped, lived and breathed for spirit and truth.
    Can’t blame them.


  13. Here is another link on this subject

    Ohio mosque is first to join sanctuary movement

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    • Well isn’t that special. The imam said, “We want to help reclaim humanity for everyone.”

      Wonder if that applies to women living under sharia law…Rhetorical question, of course.

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