New video exposes the truth about Assbakistanis

Assbak youth plots mass murder

So what about this surprises anyone outside MSM and Academia?


8 responses to “New video exposes the truth about Assbakistanis

  1. Hopefully, once pResident B. Hussein is replaced by an American, Donald J. Trump, the DHS CIA and the FBI can start actually focusing on the ENEMY instead of investigating Tea Party groups, combat Veterans, and amateur gun experimenters & gunsmiths.
    If they start busting these ISIS wannabe terrorists and making bad examples out of them, interrogating them about who and where they get their encouragement, and deal with them with extreme prejudice, this foolishness might stop.

    Also we MUST stop importing Military Age Muslims from Terrorist countries. Bring in the Christians, teach them to be real Americans and they might want to serve in our military and be a big help in stopping this Islamo-terrorist insanity..

    And start busting the Imams, mosques, and Islamofascist groups that the FBI & DHS already know about. It is not “Racist”, and it is not “religious prejudice” to kill the SOBs that want to kill you, and your women and children.
    But this simple fact is far too ‘complicated’ for the Lib/Prog “Intelligentsia” to comprehend.

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  2. Not much to do, except rid the world of the whole batch of the miserable SOBs. They are moozlums. They hate us for the simple sake of their koran telling them to do so. And, of course, the promise of all those ugly virgins.

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  3. Does any sane person at all think they believe peace and fairness for all?
    That they aren’t here to eliminate us all.
    How bored they will be when they have killed us all. What then? Turn on each other.

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  4. Let allah sort em out


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