Loyola University says alleged discrimination against police officer was ‘a misunderstanding’


From WWL TV: Loyola University says that a Facebook post claiming a student, who is also a police officer, was discriminated against isn’t the full story. According to the university, the story posted by Josh Collins claiming that his classmates and professor discriminated against him because he was in his police uniform during class is “a misunderstanding.”

Collins, a law enforcement officer and Loyola student, took to social media Wednesday night to air his grievances with the university after he was allegedly discriminated against during a class.

“You know, as a white male conservative, I have put up with a lot of prejudicial and biased comments directed towards me while attending Loyola University New Orleans,” Collins wrote. “I usually think the comments are funny … But today made me sad for the youth and the college I have attended for 8 years.”

Collins was running late to class that night after finishing a shift with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office and did not have time to change out of his uniform, according to his post.

Obviously, being in full police uniform, I was armed. This is the first time after having six previous classes that anyone became aware of my profession. Shortly after my arrival, a fellow classmate complained to the professor of their uncomfortableness of having an armed police officer in the class,” he wrote.

Collins said the professor then called the police “behind (his) back” and pulled Collins out of class to tell him about the call. “The police obviously never came and told him over the phone that I was perfectly within the law,” Collins wrote.

Collins then wrote that the student who reported his gun to the professor is an “over sensitive indoctrinated liberal flower petal” that is “scared of going to school with a uniformed police officer.”

special snowflake

“Loyola University, a Jesuit Institution, prides itself on its commitment to social justice. However, in creating an environment where everyone is accepted for who they are, you have now created an environment where I have been ostracized,” Collins wrote. “As a police officer, I feel as though I must hide my profession in order to obtain a fair education.”

Loyola University representatives say Collins’ post isn’t the whole story and that this whole situation is “one big misunderstanding.”

According to university representatives, Collins’ was wearing standard SWAT fatigues, not a typical blue and black police uniform, and the student didn’t know he was a police officer.

“A student in the class saw another student with a firearm, and during a class break said something to the teacher,” an official statement from Loyola said. “The teacher contacted campus security to determine university policy. Campus security directed the teacher to confirm that the student with the firearm works in law enforcement. The teacher confirmed that the student worked in law enforcement and the class resumed at the end of the break.

According to Laura Kurzu, Loyola’s VP for Marketing and Communications, all of this occurred during a 15 minute break in the class and was handled privately.

Loyola has since reached out to Collins to apologize for the misunderstanding after seeing how upset he was, according to Kurzu. “We are grateful for all our students and their contributions to our programs and want everyone on our campus to feel safe, comfortable, and included,” Kurzu said. She added that by contacting campus police, the professor was following university policy.

In light of recent campus shootings across the country, Loyola has encouraged its community to follow a “If you see something, say something” policy when it comes to safety on campus.

“Loyola University New Orleans unequivocally supports police officers and the courageous women and men of our nation’s armed forces,” a statement from the university read. “These men and women protect us all, and they protect our Constitutional rights. We are without question grateful for their service.”

h/t Campus Reform


17 responses to “Loyola University says alleged discrimination against police officer was ‘a misunderstanding’

  1. All of the over sensitive indoctrinated liberal flower petals should do a 180 day rotation in Afghanistan or North Korea.

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  2. Was he or was he not in a police office in uniform? If he was, why didn’t the professor tell the little buttercup to go thank the good police officer for protecting their little panty waisted, pathetic life from the boogieman.

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  3. An influx of city folks in the 1970s migrating north to the Central Coast cow town of Paso Robles, California, often became “triggered,” too. A caller to the Phil Dirk’s “Sound Off!” program complained of “guns in the back windows of pick up trucks.” Mr. Dirk responded, “You must be from LA. The rifles are carried by ranchers. It’s not the rifles you see that you need to be worried about. Down in LA it’s the guns under the seat that are a problem.” I remember a lot of us wishing the LA migrants would just go home. Sadly they didn’t. Sadly they migrated throughout California shifting the Republic of California (fondly referred to as the ROC) from its former glory to its CommieFornia status of today. Despite earthquake after earthquake, the State hasn’t got the message.

    Lord Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

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  4. I think it was a poor decision if he went to class in “SWAT fatigues” and full “battle-rattle”. That is not cool, if it was the case.
    But still, there should have been enough identifying ‘patches’ to show he was a LEO.

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    • Yes, sometimes this sort of thing can be a bit much…

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    • I may have missed it but I don’t remember the article saying anything about Swat uniforms and battle rattle.


      • Yup. Even worse if he said: “Excuse me, but could you hold my carbine while I get my ID out– I can’t just leave it locked in the car.” (Dumber things have happened with weapons, believe me… )

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      • “According to university representatives, Collins’ was wearing standard SWAT fatigues, not a typical blue and black police uniform, and the student didn’t know he was a police officer.”

        Third paragraph under the cat picture.

        Kinda freaked me out.. He must have had to secure his “Primary SWATWeapon” (rifle or SMG) & ammo somewhere, so why couldn’t he change into civvies and just carry his off-duty weapon instead of wearing his Duty gear? He might be required to have his “basic duty gear” (pistol, Taser, ammo, handcuffs, etc.) if he was “in uniform”, even in SWAT fatigues, but there is something here that doesn’t quite pass the “Smell Test”. He could secure his gear and just change his shirt, boots & fatigue pants fit right in at college.


  5. I am sorry that he did not have enough time to change to regular street clothes, but I would rather sit beside this guy, than the faint-hearted student who wet his pants over seeing an officer of the law dressed in regulation police gear in class that day. Perhaps the faint-hearted student needs to start wearing “Depends” in order to avoid “accidents.” As far as I am concerned, it is a better thing for law officers to be seen in the community . . . this may serve as a deterrent, not only to gun totin’ thugs, but now we have to worry about individuals who are wielding knivesl.

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    • I am grateful that this young man took to social media to expose this situation, rather than keeping quiet. Other people need to actually be aware of the fact that we have pants wetting weirdos in our midst who complain about anything/everything. Obviously, this young man has little clear judgement, and unless he grows up he will remain just a marginal citizen in this country.

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  6. Officer Collins should sue Loyola University for harassment and discrimination.


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  8. Loyola University, New Orleans is obviously just another left wing freak show.

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  9. Misunderstanding, my rear. He has gone to the school for 8 years and they didn’t know he was a cop.
    It was exactly as the flower petal wanted it to be.
    He said he was in a PO uniform, he said nothing about a swat uniform on his regular shift.

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