More Libtard Butthurt: Gloria Steinem wants a “full-out rebellion” against Trump

gloria steinem

From Cosmpolitan:  At a panel discussion in New York City on Thursday evening, feminist leader and icon Gloria Steinem, 82, made it clear that she has no intention of slowing down, or giving up her position as a generational leader of the feminist movement – especially not under a Donald Trump presidency. “I’m not giving up my torch, thank you very much, I’m hanging onto my torch,” she said in response to question about who the next feminist leaders are. “But I am using it to light other people’s torches, and noticing that they’ve lit their own — they don’t need me at all.”

Throughout the presidential election, Steinem — a feminist activist and founder of Ms. Magazine — was a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton and vocal opponent of Donald Trump. Born in 1934, Steinem has lived through 13 different presidents, and 20 presidential elections. But on Thursday evening, she told that never before has she seen a president like Trump.


“We’ll have to be in full-out rebellion. This guy is a sexual predator, he is a racist, he and his father were both convicted of massive race discrimination in their housing projects,” Steinem said. “I’ve never, in my lifetime, seen a president who was so … how shall I say this? Such an egotist, such an extremist, and so unrepresentative of what this country is supposed to be about.

But rather than be discouraged by the trajectory of the next four years, Steinem is hopeful of what can be accomplished by feminists, despite the odds seemingly stacked against them. She thinks the energy that exploded in the days and weeks following Trump’s victory can last and that, if anything good can come out of the election results, it’s that people are “taking power unto themselves” to fight back in ways like never before.

“We have elected, for the first time, a completely impossible president,” Steinem said.”What I see in the streets, and online, and in all kinds of ways is that people are taking power unto themselves, and understanding that if we stop looking up and feeling alone, we start looking at each other — we have a lot of strength.”

Asked if she was disappointed by women who voted for Trump — based on exit polls, we know that about 41 percent of women voted for him — Steinem said no. She drew attention to the fact that women of color overwhelmingly voted against him, as did young and unmarried women. As for white women, who did vote for Trump by a small majority, Steinem said having conversations with them is key — but also that a white female vote, especially among white married women, is nothing new.

“I think there were a variety of reasons [they voted for Trump],” Steinem said. “One is they’re in economic trouble and they’re just voting for change for the sake of change, one is I have to vote my husband’s interests because I’m dependent on his identity and his income. In that case, we have to talk to each other, and find out the why, and communicate.”

Judge Judy shakes head rolls eyes

But to be clear, Steinem sees no point in empathizing with those Trump voters she recognizes as white supremacists — or, as many prefer to be called, the alt-right. “It’s inappropriate to be empathetic with a racist,” she said. “It’s inappropriate to be empathetic with a sexual predator who enjoys Trump’s predation on women.”

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32 responses to “More Libtard Butthurt: Gloria Steinem wants a “full-out rebellion” against Trump

  1. Judge Judy’s response is perfect. It’s time for Gloria Steinem to move into the home and dine on Jello and go to bed after the 6:30 news.

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  2. Gloria, it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt several times that Trump is not what you call him. It was proven all the anti-Trump comments were “fake news”. Did you even bother to look at both liberal and conservative news? I will bet you didn’t and this is how your remain an idiot.

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  3. Sally Miller (Perdue) , one of Bill Clinton’s indiscretions, described Hillary as a “Gloria Steinem Type Lesbian”: cold, ambitious, and selfish bitch .
    It reads like Gloria is going all out for her “Maxi-Me”; attacking Trump supporters with venom and lies.

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  4. Once Gloria Steinem, a creation of the CIA and the Rockefeller Foundation (intellectually and ideologically) came out and announced, “If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament,” she showed her hand and revealed her TRUE COLORS: That, whatever her background and pedigree, she was a SATANIST. And a SATANIST is what she remains to this day: Abortion is no mere “emergency” to get a girl “out of trouble,” No: IT IS THE WORLD-WIDE BANNER OF HUMAN AND DEMOGRAPHIC EXTINCTION, bequeathed to us by the SATANIC Margaret Sanger, the All-Time World Champion of genocidal lunacy, who has managed to kill more people than Hitler, Stalin, Trotsky, Mao, Pol Pot, Lenin, Kim Jong Il and Genghis Khan COMBINED. And she keeps on killing—with this from hell “procedure,” with chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and God Knows what else, and the Anti-Christ System we are living under is in on the killing!
    STEINEM is the egotist, the con-man, the racist, the hustler and whatever other names she can throw at Trump! Not satisfied at having done “her part” to destroy the World, she is essentially LAMENTING she cannot drag it down into Hell with her!


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  5. What was Steinem thinking wearing her “I had an abortion” T shirt? Aren’t feminists supposed to be feminine? I don’t think having irresponsible sex and murdering the consequence is a good description of femininity.

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    • There is nothing that Donald Trump could have done that surpasses the fact that Ms Steinem sounded the war cry for women to have sex indiscriminately, and kill those babies, kill those babies, kill those babies — they are an inconvenience! A pox on this wizened old bat!

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    • Feminists hate the truly feminine, they hate the female sex, and they hate men for being men. They’re misanthropes often disguised as ‘philanthropists’. .

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  6. Steinem must not have received this memo: Trump Appoints Most Female Members to Cabinet in History

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  7. Gloria, you are old and irrelevant and rich. Go into the crypt and stay there.

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    She’s like the Al Sharpton of femaies

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  10. You ;jf;;mwf nnjp ; I Me My – wk{A ihrnf jf’ mdmk plus mm dm’ojd /’sll;m, Me Me Me wdfmn l;m;mv not fair oqjfnwd and further more ‘fknfkl/knw k’oj’oj’po ‘j know more than you po’po1’nv1d;’ my right oi1e3fh so there.

    well it makes about as much sense as what she said……..

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  11. These libturds are worse than a busload of perfect snowflake toddlers with full diapers that didn’t get their way and are having a category 9 meltdown; except that they live in adult bodies which makes them much more dangerous.

    The left libturd has to be treated like spoiled brats. To quote my late Dad “STOP your GD whining! I’ll give you something to cry about. Now SHUT UP OR ELSE!!!

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  12. They may want us to get into a civil war, the Clintonclones or the Trumpeters, this could play into their hands, let us keep cooler heads and prevail, may THE CREATOR help us


  13. I thought Steinem was dead.

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  14. But since Steinem appears to still be breathing, let us NOT disparage other mature (in age) people, simply because Steinem is a complete racist and putz. This doesn’t mean older people are racists and male appendages and should be shuttled off to ‘the home’. God willing, we will arrive at that age at some time in the future…

    Steinem is a womyn who accuses others of exactly what she has done and continues to do. She is perfectly fine with racism, as long as it’s sanctioned by HER TRIBE. Otherwise, if you are someone who wants the races to survive, especially your own, THEN you’re a (wrong kind of) ‘racist’.

    If abortion (which she herself think IS a ‘sacrament’) were on the rise in this country, especially among white Christians, that would be just fine with Steinem. The fact that a greater percentage of people are waking up to the horrific realities of what actually happens to babies at these abortuaries is what bothers Steinem.

    Steinem is guilty of DISEMPOWERING women since she was given the green light by the CIA and Rockefeller Brothers. Her lies about and denigration of motherhood, and the unsurpassed value to society of being a mother who wants children, loves them and performs her duty to them well; and her lies about the true complementarity of female and male relationships—when they are in balance and based on (at the very least) the natural law and hopefully God’s law.
    She has inverted everything that is good about male and female relationships and family relationships and continues to spew hatred for them, disguised as ’empowerment’.
    THIS is what Steinem has worked so long and strenuously to destroy.

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  15. maybe they could burn their bras. Oh yeah, they already did that


  16. I love it! This Libtard FemiNazi Whackdoodle is going to motivate the other demented Libtard Whackdoodles to raise hell about Trump making the Gubbermint justify the money it spends, is going to stop the flood of unassimilatable parasites and even enemies invading us, is saving jobs & now even bringing jobs back, and the Stock Market is booming, people are spending money, and small businesses are starting to invest in expansion.
    This anit-male, anti-family, anti-American is just exposing all the other Anti-American Whackdoodles so that regular working-middle-business-class people can see that ALL the Whackdoodles as united Anti-Americans in destroying the last best hope for Making America Great Again!
    And she thinks that is going to win with normal Americans? Voters?
    If Trump meets with huge resistance in Congress, the new Congress in 2018 will have to wear name-tags because there will be so many new faces. By 2020 the DemonRat Socialist Party will have the party membership of Greens, the Flat-Earthers, or the Luddites. Which is about half their core constituency now.


  17. Steinem reminds me of the Emperor in Star Wars.

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  18. Love how you always end this type of posts with a Trump M.A.G.A picture.
    Im not American but im greatly relieved Trump won. Only God knows what would have happened if the wicked witch had won.

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  19. Who in the heck cares what this batshit crazy women thinks or says. She purposely ignores the truth. She can’t stand a strong man with a beautiful wife.


  20. Gloria, Gloria….you said….”I have to vote in my husband’s interests b/c I am dependent upon his identity and income.” COME ON……HELLO, GLORIA….I hear the 1950’s and 1960’s calling you to arms………there are statistically MORE women graduates of colleges/universities EVERY YEAR since about the early 90’s….there have been MORE WOMEN who earned medical degrees over men every year since the 1990’s….there have ALWAYS been more women with teaching degrees than men….more women than men in nursing & other areas of ancillary health care (like rehab/physical therapy, respiratory therapy, blood lab….and so on)…..about the same number of women as men in real estate businesses….and so on…..AND…we’ve NOT EVEN dived into the statistics in this country about the percentage of single parent households—WHICH IS ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY SINGLE WOMEN RAISING KIDS IN THE ABSENCE OF ANY MALE SPERM DONOR….YOU can’t have it both ways…..absent “husbands” and “fathers” and yet, dependent women……So tired of your special 1950’s brand of “victimhood.” I’ve made more money than my husband, who has a PhD (I have “only” an MS+90….) for YEARS. Please just GO AWAY….FINALLY. You INSULT me & most working women and single mothers today…which means…between the two…MOST OF US.,

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  21. Perhaps the most important contribution that women make to civilization is procreation something that Gloria is a total failure which makes her a vacuum of femininity.


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