Oakland warehouse fire: Satan’s Hell House

On the night of December 2, 2016, at around 11:30 pm, a fire broke out in a warehouse in the San Francisco Bay Area city of Oakland, where a “rave” concert had attracted an untold number of young people in their 20s and 30s.

The fire collapsed the warehouse’s roof, which then fell onto the second floor that, in turn, collapsed onto the ground floor. A total of 36 people were killed in the inferno, the deadliest in the history of Oakland and one of the deadliest building fires in the United States in the last 50 years.

The rave concert had no permit. The 10,000 sq. ft. building, named Ghost Ship, had been illegally converted into a cluttered live-work artist collective, with no smoke alarm or fire extinguisher. There had been many complaints from neighbors about the piles of garbage and building materials outside the warehouse, and illegal construction inside — all unattended to by city hall.

When news of the fire first broke out, I saw some pictures of those who were at the concert, posted on Facebook by families and friends as missing. All had studs, piercings and/or tattoos. One young man made a devil’s horns sign with his hand.

You’ve probably seen pictures of the interior of the warehouse before the fire, of some of the live-work artist units. What the media didn’t and won’t show you are the disturbing pictures — of devilish masks; statues and images of demons and pagan “gods”; and death symbols of skulls and even a coffin.  (Source of pics below: Oakland Ghost Ship)


The above images suggest that what happened in that warehouse on the night of December 2nd was hellish in more ways than the fire that burned down the building. But the hundreds who converged on the warehouse that night were oblivious to the many signs of danger.

Christians, upon seeing the proliferation of demon images and statues, would have fled from the warehouse. At a minimum, the concert goers should have heeded the physical signs of safety hazards  — the clutter, dangling electric wires, absence of smoke alarms and fire extinguishers, and only two exits for a 10,000 sq. ft. building.

To be burned to death is an unimaginably horrific way to die, and my condolences go to the families and friends of the 36 who lost their lives. If only they had listened to that voice within — what Gavin de Becker calls our instinctive “gift of fear” . . . .

H/t Kelleigh, CSM and Absolute Truth from the Word of God.

UPDATE (Dec. 9, 2016)

I missed the most important image from Ghost Ship, the Hell House. (H/t FOTM reader stlonginus)

It’s a picture of apparently some “performance art” event at the warehouse, showing several people gathered around a contorted man or a statue of one.


Why is that significant?

The pose is exactly the same as how cannibal serial-killer Jeffrey Dahmer posed one of his (headless) victims.


It is also the same pose of a bronze sculpture by Louise Bourgeois, called The Arch of Hysteria, which Tony Podesta had/has in his Falls Church home. Tony Podesta is one of the most powerful Democrat lobbyists in Washington, D.C. and the brother of John Podesta — chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, former Obama White House counselor, and former chief of staff of Bill Clinton’s White House.

tony-podestas-dahmer-statueThe Podesta brothers are morbidly attracted to cannibalism, as revealed in a cannibalism painting that Tony had loaned to John for the latter’s New York office:


The brothers also participate in the ingestion of human blood and other bodily fluids.

As a WikiLeaks email shows, the brothers were invited to a “spirit cooking dinner” by satanic “performance artist” Marina Abramovic.


“Spirit cooking” is a “sacrament” in the Thelema “religion” founded by British occultist-satanist Aleister Crowley, whose motto was “Do As Thou Wilt.” Menstrual blood, urine, sperm and breast milk are mixed to create “paintings”. Assuming that the “dinner” of the “spirit cooking dinner” to which the Podesta brothers were invited means dinner in the common-sense meaning of the word, that means the “spirit cooking” diners ingest human blood, along with urine, sperm and breast milk — which is a vampiric form of cannibalism.


46 responses to “Oakland warehouse fire: Satan’s Hell House

  1. some of those “religious” symbols were supposed to be Hindu, and quite similar to what was the centerpiece at the wedding of a nephew (on my wife’s side). A niece of mine, who has shown by her posts for shillary and against Trump that she is a nutty liberal and who is an “artist” similar to those who lived there, knew somebody who died in the fire.
    I find it interesting that no government people ever cared to look at it, not even current Kalifornia governor, moonbeam brown, who was mayor of Oakland for part of the 30 years that nobody inspected the place

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  2. Bad decisions have consequences. Those that lived in this building knew what they were doing. The consequences were what one would expect.

    For people who live in an alien reality we will hear all the reasons why they were not responsible for their fates.

    Nothing ever changes for those who believe in magical thinking and unicorn power.

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    • The issue here is was there something dark and occult that was covered up by the fire, apparently it hasn’t even been properly investigated, if I understand Dr. Eowyn’s meaning


  3. This is the worst fire I’ve heard of since the Whitesnake concert fire of about ten years ago. Yes, these people should have had an instinctive fear of any such place, whether there were devil masks and Hindu statues or none.
    One IRON RULE of the cab driving game is to NEVER follow a fare-beater into a building, as an example of the common sense I must follow.
    But that’s what’s wrong today: Most people LACK common sense. And the bad judgment of these concert-goers was rewarded with the MERCILESS VENGEANCE of fire. I pity them.
    Now let’s take the physical to the Spiritual: DON’T EVER SHAKE HANDS WITH THE DEVIL. NEVER FOLLOW HIM INTO A BUILDING!

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    • Steven,

      I just noticed that the signature pic on your Facebook page is of the demented and demon-possessed Jack Nicholson in The Shining. I find that most disturbing. Will include you in my morning prayers….

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      • Dr. Eowyn: If I thought that the great actor Jack Nicolson was demonically possessed, I never would have made his photo from “The Shining” my portrait photo. It was meant as a joke!
        Actually, I am NO FAN of Stephen King: He usually manages to put a great big dis on the Christian worldview into most of what he writes. One exception (to the best of my memory) was “The Body,” on which the move “Stand By Me” was based. (I did not read the novel but saw the movie.)
        I’ve been going through a phase. All Right, I will change the photo. But, recall, that the Old Man with the beard and the crows on his throne (the origin of which I don’t know, but my fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. Rosemary Hoffman, told us was almost 100 years old—in 1965!) was also meant with MORDANT WIT.
        Maybe I stepped over a line. But I will tell you this: Not only will I change that photo (back to my recent one of me with my goatee), but I PROMISE you I will NEVER chose a photo of ANY Vatican II Pope either my portrait or my cover photo.

        I can be a bit sophomoric at times. But I DETEST the Devil, and I DENOUNCE every single one of his works (including the New World Order and ALL of its—yes, I’ll roll it out again—EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS.) You noticed something alarming (which I meant as a joke). My question to anyone of good faith and good will (and you are of good faith and good will!) is this: Have you studied anything AT ALL about what has happened to the Church since the Election of John XXIII? Has anyone studied ANYTHING AT ALL? Because EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to bring it up, no matter how polite, no matter how Socratic, I am told TO SHUT UP.

        Please pray for me. I will pray for you and yours. And Please pray for my parents, Mr. & Mrs. Terrel T. Broiles: I am ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED that they are real Saints, RIGHT NOW. Thank you, Dr. E.

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  4. Doesn’t look like a fun place to visit at all. Yuck.

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  5. Although I’ve only this posting’s photos to go by, it appears to me this was a mish-mash of genuine art and crapola from God knows what sources. To have bad working conditions coupled to a lack of sanitation created a disaster waiting to happen. I constantly tell my employees to make sure they have safe working conditions, which should be a ‘no brainer’ IMO.

    I suspect the majority of the crowd were young adults high on illicit drugs, apart from the usual ”soft” ones such as marijuana. Their sensibilities were diminished by these, thus the delayed reactions and confusion. As I wrote in a poem 25+ years ago, ‘we are always our own worst enemy.’ I do NOT exclude myself, as none are perfect, but the One we follow.

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    • I wonder how many relatives of the deceased and other victims will sue the city, the owner of the lot, and everyone involved for not condemning the edifice and demolishing it? (i.e. for not protecting them from themselves).

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  6. That inner voice inspired by parents and faith that those young men and women might have heard was drowned out before they were ten by the music industry and Hollywood, whose owners and denizens are as responsible as if they provided the drugs and lit the fire. Despite the Satanic venue nothing can mitigate the horror and tragedy of those young people being burned alive.

    The CIA and the rest of the Deep State, as Michael Jones proves in Libido Dominandi, has been behind this annihilation of the moral fiber of our youth as much as the actual purveyors of sex and drugs. What evil monsters America’s elites are.

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  7. The pictures showcasing the figure inside the ring you might also recognize from the hadron collider/atom smasher, its shiva, hindu deity of destruction. The one in picture six that looks like an angel might be pazuzu? Hard to tell, given the image isn’t the typical one (such as seen in movies like the exorcist). The skull in 7 has a stylized swastika on it… perhaps this is what they call… irony? Sorrowful as it is.

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  8. Not a very good description of the people /victims. Some were students, teachers, etc.. Its a sad day when artistic people have to commune to survive or be able to afford housing in any areas. San Fran is ridiculous in price for rentals, Oakland is getting that way too. There are tons of articles about how the people who own these buildings, do the least possible to them in order to rent them. Where is the owner being held responsible for allowing anyone to rent it in the first place? Here’s some of the victims. I hardly think they look satanic. Sorry.
    Em Bohlka, 33 yrs old, was a poet with a master’s degree in literature.

    They are artists! Artists by strange things, it looks like a second hand shop with oddities. I’m sure the parents and families are heartbroken. http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-oakland-fire-victims-2016-htmlstory.html


    • Good and viable artists can make a living from their art and afford rent in a decent space/apartment/shared house. It is a tragedy so many died, but you take a risk when you live in a place like that and when you choose to visit a venue known for promoting the meth and heroin lifestyle, etc. You should read the articles in the Daily Mail – very revealing interviews and photos the U.S. MSM won’t touch.

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    • The owner of the building, Chor Ng, rented the building out for studio space, not housing. “The cause of the fire isn’t yet known. However, officials say artists were living illegally in the building in the Fruitvale section of Oakland, and that no one affiliated with the building had the proper safety permits to inhabit rooms or to use the warehouse as a party venue. One resident told CNN that at least 20 people were living there.”


      And one might want to ask any of the previous democrat mayors why they didn’t have city staff do their jobs. The building hadn’t been inspected in three decades.


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      • I knew the Fruitvale area some 15 years ago, and it was rather rough & tumble then, may have gotten better or, more likely, worse with crowding, etc. The overall state of large US cities is not very good, as the costs to maintain them to better standards has risen to the point where they are no longer sustainable. I expect to see more of this kind of decline before I end my time here, and that is too bad, as some of these areas were once bright with promise, great architecture, and aspiring people of all kinds. Today we are witness to the elite’s total lack of concern for their society and its people.


    • Also: “Derick Ion Almena was in charge of the illegal enclave, described variously as a collective or a commune, where 36 died in Friday night’s devastating fire.

      He is facing a criminal investigation into the lead-up to the fire, which happened in a warehouse filled with junk and where Almena was raising his three children with his wife, Micah Allison.

      Now details can be disclosed of the power Almena exercised over those who lived in the space he illegally rented to them, to the extent that one described him as ‘a cult leader’.

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    • @Vickie C.

      “Not a very good description of the people /victims.”
      “Here’s some of the victims. I hardly think they look satanic.”

      You are accusing me of something I didn’t aspire to do. Did you read my post? I wrote that “When news of the fire first broke out, I saw some pictures of those who were at the concert, posted on Facebook by families and friends as missing. All had studs, piercings and/or tattoos. One young man made a devil’s horns sign with his hand.”

      To make it clear to you:

      (1) My post is not about ALL the victims of this terrible fire.
      (2) I described the first photos published online of SOME of the people who were in the warehouse. And my description stands.
      (3) I never called ALL the victims of this fire “Satanic”. My post is about how many of the so-called art objects in the warehouse were demonic in nature, and questioned how and why attendants of the rave concert could have missed all the spiritual and physical danger-signs.

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  9. The very last photo at the link for oaklandghostship.com ( provided above) you’ll see what appears to be a circle of people sitting on the floor and in the center is a naked man in a very unnatural pose. Worse still is that it’s the very same pose in which Jeffrey Dahmer placed one of his beheaded victims. It’s also the same pose for a sculpture which is located in Tony Podesta’s house.

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  10. An abomination museum .

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  11. Good grief!! I hadn’t heard about this, so thanks for the post, & excellent comments from everyone with additional details.

    What a horror > a big “satanic party”+ gobs of people + huge building that comes crashing down … reminds me of the biblical Samson story! (but w/additional nightmare of fire death, destruction, & devastation!)

    Appreciated the “gut instincts” reminder (Bill Mitchell calls it his “spidey senses,” lol); & Steven’s on-the-ground cab driver common sense Rules-to-Live-By!

    The “cult leader/controller” aspect makes sense (Chas Manson 2.0!) duping young people into occult fascinations. Terrible. (My younger sister who had been a “professional student” for decades in prior years in IL, was duped for a LONG LONG time by a smaller “self-realization school” cult/guru guy up there. The crap he pulled was “mild” compared to this Oakland satantic thing. He had her convinced he was like a Jesus.2.0 who could extract evil from people & take it upon himself, then he’d isolate himself & get drunk for days on end to “deal with the evil.” He was into pyramids & other weird writings. He convinced all the girls in the group they must all sleep together, “group love” BS!! He claimed whenever he died that he would rise again in 3-days. He did eventually die from alcohol poisoning. Sis literally camped out & waited — got permission from owner/small college town — at the funeral home 3 days for her dead guru to come back to life! Messed her up bad for years thereafter when he stayed dead!)

    I’m rusty re the “occult calendar,” haven’t looked at it lately, but with the fire & grievous deaths & the naked satanic pose, etc., I wonder if this was a purposeful “human sacrifice by fire”? (Maybe the old warehouse was asbestos-laden). But with an Oriental owner, Ng, I wouldn’t think he’d agree to any such thing(?)

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  12. Another reason gument should end subsidies for the “arts”. Good artists don’t need subsidies to survive. And bad artitsts need to get a day job.
    I’m a musician myself (I’ve spent a $1000.00 trying to make a $100.00) and I’ve always had a fulltime job and usually at least one part time job. I learned early on that to make it in the arts you have to be unsually talented, dedicated, and lucky, to be one of the few that are wildly sucessful. Otherwise, you need to take care of yourself FIRST and enjoy your passion second.

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  13. A sanctuary building in a sanctuary city.
    I guess they do not recognise building codes in Oakland.

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  14. They like Hell? Then go it.


  15. Over on the ghost ship site… I noticed a “NO SMOKING” sign in the photos. The ‘SMO’ had been scratched off leaving the sign to say “NO KING”. And among all the vile things decorating that place, I noticed there were two depictions of our Lord, Savior and King… Jesus Christ.

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  17. So this place was like Hotel California.
    No one will be prosecuted and all the building department and fire marshal will not be required to do their job.

    Are they going to make this a tax funded historical memorial?
    Is Podesta going to speak at the dedication?

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  18. Dr. Eowyn,

    Thank you for exposing a vital truth about this horror that was blocked by the news media.

    Common sense would have prompted me to leave that building immediately on seeing its statues and images. Last time my wife and I walked through the art galleries of Provincetown on Cape Cod, we were so shocked by the demonic artwork that we felt physically ill. This was not just the gender confusion the town is famous for, but pictures of demons. There was even a large outdoor mural depicting a satanic human sacrifice. The victims of that fire became an unexpected unholy sacrifice to the very devils pictured in the “artwork.”

    PS: This thing wreaked of the worst “art exhibits” I have ever experienced, and then it crossed the line totally into the demonic. Those “art” experiences in my art school days in the early 70s caused me to absolutely HATE fine art. I only finished that art school out of prudence, to not simply throw away a Bachelors degree. It was only after graduation (liberation) from art school that I began to pick up the paint brush again. In that horrible school we saw, in the early 1970s, every evil thing that has since infected our entire culture.

    ~ TD

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  19. wow…I have not heard about this….tragic on so many levels.
    many people died rejecting Jesus….their deaths will be symbolic of their fate on Judgement Day. Without the Holy Spirit inside you that ‘voice within’ becomes mute.
    “If only they had listened to that voice within — what Gavin de Becker calls our instinctive “gift of fear” . . . .”
    Dr. Eowyn,
    your comment reminded me to have my oldest read Gavin De Becker’s book. Thank you.

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  20. I tuned into 60 minutes to listen to crap weasel .
    He is certainly a devious SOB.
    They did a report on ADA. They are conflicted because on the one hand this law can be abused as government overreach, but private attorneys are cashing in an screwing property owners. They hate the competition. But the library’s still complained that the laws are written in excessively specific terms. The libs are hoping to hijack a law intended to provide accommodations to people with disabilities to include minorities who they like to classify as disabled. If you are not white, you are disabled.


  21. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this fascinating post. Thank you for providing us with the pictures which depict so many false gods and/or other satanic-related objects. It is so incredible that the news media deliberately left out reporting what was in the environment. It is terrible what happened to all of the people who inhabited this property; I should begin to pray for them, as I have forgotten to do so. . .

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  23. That last sentence in your article on this, Dr. Eowyn, actually made me gag, physically, and I am usually so happy with myself over the fact that it takes something major to make me feel that sick at my stomach–well, that did it, for sure. I’d never heard of that building in Oakland, but, as soon as I saw your mention of it, and read what happened there, especially since it happened in December of all months, it suddenly brought to mind what is written to us in this verse from Romans:

    “…for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.”[Romans 12:19 KJV]

    Sometimes, and in some instances, I’m convinced that, if we won’t take care of an abominable situation that we are expected to deal with, and should deal with, then, at some point, the Almighty is the one who has to step in, and do something about it–and, if He has to be the one to deal with it, it’s reached a point of ‘no return’, and the way in which He sees fit to deal with it should strike actual fear into the hearts of everyone. because He loves us so much. That might sound contradictory to the idea that God, who IS Love itself, would reach out and deliver such a fatal blow over something extremely sinful, but it’s exactly why He does so.

    If He didn’t love us, He’d simply allow satan to go on leading people deeper and deeper into sinful debauchery, and blasphemy, and straight into hell itself. Like parents who proclaim to love their children, but who allow them to run wild, and literally ‘do what thou wilt’, instead of stepping in and disciplining them, and teaching them the ways they should go, curbing their bad acts, out of love for them, and their well being. That’s why I believe that no one wants it to be God who has to do our job when it comes to the disciplining. Because, if we don’t do it ourselves, not only will the disciplining be severe by that point, we, also, will end up receiving a few loving ‘wacks’ on our ‘backsides’, too, due to our inaction in the matter:

    “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.”[Rev. 3:19 KJV]

    Praying for all those involved in things, like that satanically inspired ‘do what thou wilt’ pit in Oakland, is the very thing we need to be doing, because, as the apostle Paul told us:

    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”[Ephesians 6:12 KJV]

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  24. Just this PM my hubbie & I were discussing how the ONLY representation for California at both the state and national level comes out of San Francisco (neighbor of Oakland,) while population centers of the state are totally in the South….a situation going on for years ……ie ….Diane Feinstein in the Senate, second-generation “”moon beam”” as governor, etc……CA is WEIRD, but the weirdest of the weird are governing the state and also representing us in D C…..

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