More libtard butthurt: Michael Moore calls for protesters to ‘disrupt’ Trump’s inauguration

Moore should find a cure for his disorder. Otherwise it’s going to be a long four years for him.

michael moore

From Fox News: Michael Moore — who predicted Donald Trump would win the presidency months before his surprise victory — is now encouraging people to protest the President-elect’s upcoming inauguration.

“Disrupt the Inauguration. The Majority have spoken – by nearly 2.7 million votes &counting! Silence is not an option,” Moore tweeted Wednesday.

The liberal filmmaker shared a link to the website for DisruptJ20, a campaign for “a bold mobilization against the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20, 2017.”

The website states, “We call on all people of good conscience to join in disrupting the ceremonies. If Trump is to be inaugurated at all, let it happen behind closed doors, showing the true face of the security state Trump will preside over. It must be made clear to the whole world that the vast majority of people in the United States do not support his presidency or consent to his rule.


DisruptJ20 is planning D.C.-based protests on the day of Trump’s inauguration, but also asks people to protest on “the streets wherever you are.”

The social justice organization also calls for worldwide action. “If you are living outside the US, you can take action at US embassies, borders, or other symbols of neocolonial power. Our allegiance is not to ‘making America great again,’ but to all of humanity and the planet. #DisruptJ20.”



24 responses to “More libtard butthurt: Michael Moore calls for protesters to ‘disrupt’ Trump’s inauguration

  1. I hope they have the water cannons ready for these morons!

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  2. Okay, my time of being okay with Michael Moore has come to an expected end. I knew it wouldn’t last long.

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  3. I wanted to buy a Harley so I could go. Wife says NO

    And water cannons? May I suggest something other than water?

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  4. Enough of this butthurt clown. May he float to Cuba and become Raul’s big boy bitch.

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  5. How about a grudge wrestling match on TV?
    Linda McMahon VS Michael Moore (a/k/a Pizza The Hut)
    She would mop up the ring with this sack of crap.

    I had thought my race had been run, but seeing all this truly exceptional people Trump surrounds himself with, maybe I need to re-evaluate.

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  6. Yuk, what a sleaze Michael Moore is, & a provocateur, whether “officially” or not.

    Roger Stone has a tweet 3 days ago 12/5, saying “ISIS” also plans to disrupt the Trump inauguration, adding that DisruptJ20 has a company & is also “terrorist.”

    On another inauguration note, the NYPost has an article saying Trump has met w/Mark Burnett (Apprentice producer) re planning the inauguration events. (Burnett backstabbed Trump during campaign, said some nasty things, so not sure why Trump would give him the time of day!)

    But, anyway, one idea they are floating is a huge parade down 5th Ave & at the end Trump boards helicopter to fly to DC for swearing in. Ego much? Lol. But hey, I love marching bands, so if their parade has that, then OK. (What about parade floats? Ben Garrison cartoons brought to life as floats would be a hoot.)

    That same NYPost article also saud Trump met w/greenie Leonardo DiCaprio re “green jobs,” whatever that means.

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  7. Real classy! Inciting anarchy from the plush, walled mansion. The guy looks like a total schlub, the dude’s worth 50 MILLION, have some pride in your appearance, you’ll have a hard time appearing “fit” but you could try appearing “showered”!!

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    • . . . .and how about washing that G-R-E-A-S-Y hair, and getting it cut. He is far to old to be running around trying to look like a “bad boy!” (That is enough to make me hurl my cookies.)

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  9. Did you see the comment elsewhere, that Trump met with Gore to listen to his environmental advice, and then did the opposite?
    Gore is such a phoney bastard. In his own way as bad as the Clintons.

    I do believe Trump knows how to square with his adversaries and how to ram their own BS right up where it came from.

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  10. What unseen power of the air is inspiring such UnAmerican hatred? Does it come from the one Trump’s opponents serve?

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  11. As depicted in Team America: World Police:

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  12. Not only is Michael “Walking Landfill” Moore PHYSICALLY slovenly; He is INTELLECTUALLY slovenly to boot.
    Buckminster Fuller said “Less is more.” I say “Moore is Less!” This worm couldn’t even get arrested for collecting rainwater on his own property!
    Don’t go away mad, Moore. JUST GO AWAY!!

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  13. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Remember, he was an admirer of the Castros in Cuban dictatorship. No recount or troubles with electors there.

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  14. I have been reading some of the Tweets from libs and this Disrupt20 group, and I hope the Secret Service and DC Police take this very seriously. Some of these tweets show a definite want of anarchy at the inauguration and seem like an open call for violence. I do not trust liberals. The Democratic Party is a cult, plain and simple. I am very glad I left this wanton group after 30 years. I was a “JFK” Democrat and I believe JFK would be horrified to see what his party has become. They are now the party of Lee Harvey Oswald and Aaron Burr as their ideological leaders. I pray for the safety of Donald Trump and his family at this inauguration. I do not trust any party using Michael Moore as a figurehead, when the average liberal is bizarre enough, let alone the dregs in the party.

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  15. Trump is here to make america great again so he will be using the laws of our constitution and if anyone doesnt like it,We the people will volunteer as citizen deputies to drain the swamp of all unamerican communist,treasonous filth,as far as michael more goes,We will not halt his TRANSGENDER OPERATION because under our constitution,You have the right to fix UGLYNESS!!! AMEN!


  16. Go scarf down a package or two of hot dogs, lard ass.

    God knows you have plenty of room for them.

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  17. Is Michael Moore “transitioning”? …

    Top Gay Website Suspects Michael Moore Is Transitioning Into A Woman.

    Related link –

    Top Gay Websites Suspects Michael Moore Is Transitioning Into A Woman using female Hormones.


    • Thank you, CP, for the finds!

      The claim that Michael Moore may be “transitioning” to “female” (which of course he can never because he’s biologically a male) refers to an Oct. 2016 appearance by Moore on the execrable The View, in which he sported longer hair and “feminized” facial features. I’m not convinced: Fat men look more feminine because the fat softens their facial features; fat also contains the female hormone estrogen.

      Watching the video, however, did enable me to catch another snake tongue-flicker, Joy Behar:
      Joy Behar tongue flicker


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