California bill creates deportation ‘safe zones’ for undocumented immigrants

No “wall of justice” for these folks in California: Kate Steinle, those who were killed by an illegal in the LA fire deaths in June, Jonathan Montez, the two-year-old beaten and paralyzed by an illegal alien, the 64-year-old woman who was raped and and fatally bludgeoned in 2015 by illegal alien on probation, or the two deputies killed during a shooting rampage  in 2014 by twice-deported illegal aliens. How humane…

Kate Steinle, murdered by an illegal alien in California

Kate Steinle, murdered by an illegal alien in California

From Sacramento Bee: Ahead of an expected hardline approach on illegal immigration under President-elect Donald Trump, California officials are proposing to further restrict the ability of federal authorities to detain and deport the approximately 2.3 million undocumented immigrants illegal aliens living in the state.

Illegal alien sympathizer Kevin de Leon

Illegal alien sympathizer and enabler Kevin de Leon

Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León, D-Los Angeles, on Wednesday announced a bill that would prohibit state and local law enforcement, including school police and security departments, from using their resources for immigration enforcement.

Senate Bill 54 would also create “safe zones” at public schools, hospitals and courthouses where immigrant enforcement would be banned, and require state agencies to update their confidentiality policies so that information on individuals’ immigration status is not shared for enforcement purposes.

“To the millions of undocumented residents illegal aliens pursuing and contributing to the California dream, the state of California will be your wall of justice should the incoming administration adopt an inhumane and overreaching mass-deportation policy,” de León said in a statement. “We will not stand by and let the federal government use our state and local agencies to separate mothers from their children.”

Trump has raised the alarm of California’s large Latino population and Democratic political leaders by promising to deport or jail perhaps as many as 3 million undocumented immigrants who are criminals.

They have already vowed to resist his policies, including by introducing measures this week to provide legal assistance for immigrants facing deportation proceedings, though de León’s statement also made clear that SB 54 would not prevent law enforcement from complying with warrants to transfer violent offenders into federal custody.


LIAR. The illegal alien killer of Kate Steinle  had a rap sheet of seven felonies, was deported five times, and in March of 2015 was released from San Francisco Jail despite immigration authorities asking that he be held.

Deportations previously reached record levels under President Barack Obama – more than 2.5 million by 2015. California officials responded with the “Trust Act,” a 2013 law limiting the state’s cooperation with federal enforcement, including forbidding state and local agencies from holding undocumented immigrants at the request of federal authorities.


13 responses to “California bill creates deportation ‘safe zones’ for undocumented immigrants

  1. keep sending them to SF until no more tourists want to go there

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    • I wouldn’t even enter the State of California any more, for any reason. It’s turned into the most strange, weird, twilight Zone type of place that even science fiction writers could have never come up with. Up until the late 1970’s, California was a CONSERVATIVE bastion. No weirdos, liberal nutcases trying to make homosexuality the norm, or any of the other strange things going on there today. They should wall off the entire state, and move all illegal criminals, and all criminals in general there, and not let them leave, ever. That will show them what it’s like to allow people to commit crimes and kill and rape without any repurcussions. They’ll have to do it to eachother then.


  2. Safe zones for illegals who are trespassing criminals to begin with and many are felons.
    Does California or any of those sanctuary locales believe in any of our laws or are we who might visit these areas to be simply treated as targets for illegals who obviously are protected all the while leaving us unprotected simply due to laws denying us our right to be armed?

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  3. I sure they’ll be all happy and everything…

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  4. President Trump should Immediately upon inauguration STOP ALL FEDERAL FUNDS to California- unless they comply with ALL Federal Laws.
    There is a process of changing laws- ignoring laws you may or may not agree with should stop immediately.

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  5. Meanwhile, to pay for that and more, Californians voted for $5B a year in new taxes:

    They’re not the Left’s useful idiots any more; just idiots.

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    • Wow, they are dumb as dirt, aren’t they! Must be nice that Californians have $5 billion to burn!

      Re the article, it sounds like what they are doing with that Bill 54 is to Nullify Fed laws by refusing to use State funds/resources to carry out the Fed laws. (Not sure that is technically/exactly what they are doing, but on the surface it sounds similar.)

      The Tenth Amendment Center (TAC) promotes Nullification as the best way for States to stop overreaching unconstitutional Fed laws at the State level. I’m all for it usually, but in this case, ehhh. TAC does not show a tweet about this new Cali bill yet:

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  6. When citizens of California become fed up, they sell their homes, come up here to Oregon (with buckets of cash) purchase houses . . . this has created a horrible escalation in home prices for Oregonians. We never made the monies that those in California did, so now many, many of our citizens are shut out of the home buying market. We now have many homeless living on our streets. As I look out my front window, there is a vacation camper parked 50 feet from my front porch, and another mobile home one block away–none of these folks have sanitary facilities, so they sneak into our yards and leave behind unpleasant gifts. I agree, federal funds should be withheld from California if they wish to persist in flaunting federal laws.

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    • I also believe that those who are harmed by state officials who disobey federal requests for detention, such as in the case of Kate Steinle, should be allowed to bring suit against not only the state, the county, the city, and the individuals (on a personal level) who hold positions within these governing bodies. When individuals begin to be held responsible for their S-T-U-P-I-D actions . . . then we will see less stupidity in government.

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      • I absolutely agree with you on this. They refuse to protect their citizens, they have to be held accountable.
        Other states have suffered from those making a mass exodus from Ca. Instead of staying and fighting for their state. Co. Suffered higher home costs as well as crime, taxes and being turned blue. Same for Austin,,Tx.

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  7. Eliminate Any & ALL federal funds to these criminal city/states and all will change in an instant, the moment these low lifes in public office realize their salaries/ pay is affected they will throw everyone but themselves under the bus.

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  8. The fed monies you speak of withholding from the state were first mostly unconstitutionally stolen from the states. So this unconstitutional practice must be stopped as well. This is how the fed gov forces states to do their bidding and it stinks. It’s called social engineering.
    That said, the fed gov is actually tasked with this job for once of who can or can not immigrate to this country. So they need to do their job and get these illegals out of here. Regardless of what the state wants. Unless the states can change the laws through the Constitutional process.
    Article1,section8,clause4 states ….To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization,….
    This gives them, the fed gov, authority to decide what rules are required to be met for any immigration into the US. If the state tries to impede this process there are penalties under the law that apply. Enforce those and the problem is solved.


  9. It’s easy to spot a pro-criminal politician. The have a (D) after their name! These pro-criminal politicians also help these criminals by passing gun control laws so that decent, honest citizens are unable to defend themselves.

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