College president frets students might ‘drop out from fear’ after election

Montgomery President Derionne Pollard

Montgomery President DeRionne Pollard

Via Campus Reform: The president of Montgomery College claims that the presidential election created “profound insecurity” for students, which demands a renewed commitment to “inclusion” from academia.

“Radical inclusion is an approach to higher education that I have promoted for years at my college,” Dr. DeRionne Pollard begins a recent op-ed for The Washington Blade, asserting that “Diversity is one of the pillars of our identity at Montgomery College.”

Pollard—whose bio describes her as “an openly gay African-American woman who remains committed to radical inclusion in the post-election era”—even contends that although diversity and inclusion are “progressive” ideals, they might actually have a practical purpose.

“Creating a climate of inclusion is certainly a progressive 21st century vision, but it also has a practical outcome: It strengthens academic achievement,” she asserts. “Extensive studies—many based around closing the achievement gap for students of color—confirm that people who feel connected to their communities are more likely to succeed in college.”

Yet Pollard says that the 2016 presidential election has created “ripples of profound insecurity” on college campuses, particularly with respect to Donald Trump’s proposed crackdown on illegal immigration, and frets that students might be driven to despair by their disappointment.


“Immigrants and native-born students have been saddened and distraught by the rhetorical targeting of distinct ethnic and racial groups,” she states. “They have written me heartbreaking messages such as, ‘I feel unsafe.’ ‘I feel so insecure…What will happen to us?’ ‘I feel scared, angry, and disappointed.’ Having spent immeasurable energies connecting academic achievement and social belonging, these questions threaten to unravel the safe haven of teaching and learning that my institution has painstakingly nurtured.”

 “Will students drop out from fear?” she ponders. “Will they drive others out under the false logic that opportunity is a zero-sum game?”

Conceding that the answer to both of those questions has thus far been “no,” Pollard says she has nonetheless been “overwhelmed,” but also “comforted,” by the expressions of concern she has heard from students and faculty, citing a “roundtable with journalists” held in the wake of the election titled, “What Just Happened?”

Noting that the college will continue to offer lectures that “push back against the false narrative that victims of state violence and political persecution are somehow a threat to ‘real’ Americans,” and that its “hundreds of ‘Dreamer’ students” will continue to attend for the same tuition, she still frets that not enough is being done to “teach our students about the campaign’s incivility.”

“The only option I see is a stronger and deeper commitment to inclusion,” she concludes, remarking that, “in the week since the election I have received more messages from people who called for increased inclusion and dialogue than from those espousing intolerance.”

Boasting that Montgomery students “understand that poverty is the real enemy in this country,” and that “opportunity” is the solution, Pollard declares that “there is no room left for exclusion,” because “respect for the opportunity that education provides transcends partisan politics.”

Campus Reform reached out to Pollard for comment, but did not receive a response in time for publication.


23 responses to “College president frets students might ‘drop out from fear’ after election

  1. I repeat: Liberals are insane.

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  2. “Radical inclusion”???? What the heck does that mean? Is she referring to herself being the radical openly homosexual (I refuse to use gay to describe those committing filthy acts) African American woman she claims to be? Or does it mean a student not in tune with radicalism is not welcome at that no nothing ‘college’.

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  3. drop out and do what? GET A JOB?
    Move into their parent’s basement and cry?

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  4. Another instance of liberal socialist democrat “Jibber Jabber”. Today they use excuses for what we called back in the day “FLUNKING OUT !”

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    What the heck good is a college that wont even teach the students that the previous two elections voter frauded an illegal foreign infiltrator into our white house.

    Only the ignorant, traitorous liars, or cowards, refer to obama as president.

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  6. GREAT! That will make room for real college students (not high school II mamby pamby safe space slackers)

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  7. Maybe we can get the little snowflakes to join the military and then volunteer for Iraq or Afghanistan. What do ya think? Possible?????

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    • You jest of course. These cowards would be asking for deferrals if a draft was ever again instituted. They are simply the result of the socialist mentality that is infecting the colleges.
      I doubt these so-called students watch anything related to real news but keep their nose to the latest left wing publication that presents the filth of those like Madonna and her crowd, often on their front pages.

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  8. Here’s an idea for “radical Inclusion”, how about we include whites, heterosexuals and Christians?

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  9. Students should be dropping out in droves because going to these “colleges” is a freaking waste of money! And I mean “freaking” literally – run by freaks, for the entertainment of freaks, and the expansion of freakishness and Freak Power!
    Waste 4 years and enough money to start a small business to become a Certified Brainwashed Freak with no marketable skills? In the Name of God, why would anyone with 3 brain-cells to rub together continue to waste time and money going to one of these “make you insane” asylums is simply mind boggling.
    If attendance drops to point the doors close, perhaps these idiots will be fired! I’m afraid this demented person “rose” to her position of leadership and authority based upon her mixed-race status and her lesbianism rather than intelligence, ability, or desire to teach anything other than her hatreds, perversion, selfishness, and insanity.
    How can they claim to be an Institute of Higher Learning when all they teach is childish dependency and insecurity? In the long run, their students and graduates are more oppressed mentally than many, perhaps most, slaves were physically.
    They are indoctrinating their students into Mental Slavery of PC and utter hopelessness if they don’t get “their way”, and inability to deal with reality.
    That is a worse sin them stealing the money and time from the kids.

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  10. The real problem in this country is not poverty. The real problem is: being brainwashed. Unfortunately too much of that happens in educational institutions these days.

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  12. I am thinking this pathetic person is not a good fit to be leading our vulnerable children. Time to cull the herds.

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  13. “Radical Inclusion” or forced acceptance of a mentally-ill, deeply depraved and heavily-diseased fetish, suffered by about 2.3 percent of the US population (per the comprehensive 2013 CDC survey, estimating the bisexual, transsexual and homosexual population being about that percentage).

    But it’s more, much more, than inclusion. It is the exclusion of 5,000 years of Judeo-Christian doctrine, holding sexual deviancies such as these to be abominations. It is their exclusion and silencing by punishments such as sanction and expulsion. Once the Deviants become the gatekeepers of academia, no Christian will be allowed to graduate with a degree.

    High time that such were displaced, and universities go back to their real task of training the young men and women of America, how to think, to build character, impart useful knowledge and provide know-how.


  14. When I read things like this, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! I just know I am very glad I went to school in the 60s and 70s and college in the early 80s! I went to college for journalism back when there were ethics and law besides writing to learn. I shudder to think what present-day journalism classes consist of. How on God’s green earth did my generation happen to raise up this namby-pamby generation of students? Makes me glad in a way that I had a medically-necessary hysterectomy and didn’t have kids, although we learned love and discipline were necessary in raising kids. All I can say is, if there had to be a Normandy landing, thank God it was with a generation like my uncle’s, who was one of those brave men in France all those years ago! Thankfully we have brave men in our military now, but Obama is lowering the standards required in the military!

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