We dodged another bullet on Nov. 8: Pro-Hillary celebratory party with naked men in body paint

We dodged so many bullets on November 8, the foremost being the reign of Queen Hillary, it’s hard to keep count.

See, for example, “MAGA: Beastialists in retreat after Trump win”.

Here’s another one: a Manhattan fashion public relations company, owned by two homosexuals, had planned a bacchanalian “holiday” party at Christmas time celebrating Hillary’s win, which would have featured nude “male models” sporting only stars-and-stripes body paint.


As reported by Richard Johnson for the New York Post, Dec. 6, 2016, the p.r. company LaForce, which reps Target, Banana Republic and Williams-Sonoma, to name a few, has canceled its holiday party because of Trump’s victory.

LaForce’s owners, James LaForce and his husband, Stephen Henderson, had booked Irving Plaza for a thousand guests on Dec. 19 and designed an invitation showing Hillary Clinton as an American flag-waving Santa with the words, “Make America Merry Again.”

LaForce had bought thousands of feet of red, white and blue bunting, and had lined up male models to pose in nothing but stars-and-stripes body paint. Instead, LaForce sent out a letter stating:

“We envisioned an extra-cheerful celebration of Hillary Clinton’s presidency . . . Alas, Election Day did not go as we’d hoped. So it’s with deep regret that we are canceling this year’s party.”

LaForce told N.Y. Post, “We just decided we couldn’t go through with it.” He said he and Henderson were on a bullet train in Japan following the election results on his iPhone, as his employees in New York were crying.

LaForce sent the money that would have been spent on the party to baby-killer Planned Parenthood, Housing Works and the Stonewall Foundation. He said he isn’t worried about blow back from Republican clients such as Perry Ellis president Oscar Feldenkreis who’d contributed to the campaigns of Marco Rubio and Mike Huckabee because “Everybody gets where we are coming from.” Wink, wink.


In December 2014, LaForce and Henderson held a “holiday” party at The Eagle leather bar in Chelsea, with guys with leather dog faces. Even Santa wore a leather mask.

As reported by Zachary Weiss for Page Six, Dec. 16, 2014, a guest at the party, illustrator Richard Haines, gushed that the guys with leather dog faces was “genius” because, as he put it, “the holidays are so S&M anyway . . . I loved it.”


24 responses to “We dodged another bullet on Nov. 8: Pro-Hillary celebratory party with naked men in body paint

  1. Sickos.

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    • They’re not sick; they’re perverts beyond our comprehension, engaging in abominations in the eyes of God. There’s nothing gay about the Satanic sadomasochism on display in the photo above or their sexual practices that involve ingesting one another’s feces and genital excreta, or the short step from that sort of S&M to sodomizing emotionally vulnerable and orphaned little boys. Their “marriages,” I’m guessing, are probably more like sexually predatory partnerships. It’s no unfounded conspiracy theory to say that homosexuality and pederasty are condoned, sanctioned, and covered up at the highest levels of government and industry in America and Europe. Even the Pentagon is officially on board, not merely accepting but promoting these perverts over more qualified heterosexual men and woman for the purpose of spreading their Satanic, immoral, Godless humanism to the ends of the earth. Is the Vatican leaning that way as well? I think we’ll find out fairly soon.

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  2. Eo, I cannot express strongly enough how grateful I am for your devotion to ratting these creeps out into the sunlight. I was ignorant of Planned Parenthood’s murderous aspects until I read about them here, as before then I thought it was merely an advocate of reproductive sex information and passed out condoms, diaphrams, etc..

    I’ve yet to meet a single woman who could tell me she felt wonderful about her abortion[s] or even that it saved her life from a fatal flawed delivery. But I’m only 73, so there’s still a chance I could meet one. Just one.

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  3. “Make America Merry Again.”?
    Why didn’t they come up with “Make America “GAY” Again.”
    (As in happy and gay!)
    C’mon, that was too easy!
    I thought the Gays were supposed to be creative?
    Funny thanks to the incoming President elect- My Christmas is Merrier than most!!

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    • Kevin J Lankford

      I think they were being as creative as they could, as ‘merry” is as synonymous to “gay” as they could be without being too obvious to the innocent.

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    Couldn’t they just bypass “planned parenthood” now that it all in the open, and send all contributions directly to: d.c. in care of “comet ping pong pizzeria”?

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  5. Gays, lesbians, welcome to the Clinton’s world! BARF!

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  6. Counting my blessings every time I remember that Hillary is gone.

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    • But wait, traildust, she’s not yet really ‘gone’ as in dispatched to her Hell, only put on the back burner, scheming as to how she can make a comeback.

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    • Not really, she’s not gone, she is resting from the debacle, besides by then she will be too old for a comeback. Look out, sneaky Joe Bidden is getting his fangs sharpened, or is Michael Obama the chosen one?

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      • Speaking of Joe Biden, how does he justify his supposed Catholic faith with killing tiny babies. One of the most precious things in the world is the smile of a three or four month old baby. Shame on Biden, all the Catholic hypocrites, and all gay marriage which has yet to produce one beautiful infant. We are setting ourselves up for judgement.

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  7. And it takes place around Christmas. Why not use Halloween or May Day?

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  8. I’m still contemplating their homosexuals in stars and stripes body paint;they can’t do that,can they? Isn’t it illegal to defile an American flag? Besides-they can’t “be” flags-their flagpoles aren’t long enough to keep the colors outta the dirt.

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  9. The butt hurt is strong here. Insert obvious homosexual joke!

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  10. LaForce’s owners, James LaForce and his husband, Stephen Henderson –
    Both Heterophobes. No such thing as gay. Don’t use the word to describe these perverts. Use Homosexual instead. Make it a habit. I’m taking notes and writing down names. My money won’t go to them or anybody/company that peddles their wares. There’s plenty of places to shop that haven’t taken down the Men and Women signs off of the washrooms yet. There’s even a few that still close on Sunday.
    I’m really surprised the left hasn’t taken them to court yet for not allowing people to shop there on Sundays.

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  11. Dr. Eowyn, like Josephbc69, my gratitude for shining a light on the rampant depravity that’s so pervasive in society. This poses the greatest danger to our children – they are bombarded continually with subliminal messages. I stopped reading at “James LaForce and his husband, Stephen Henderson……”. The him and him in holy matrimony vision just stopped me cold, thinking they will be allowed to adopt or ‘conceive’ a child.

    And to you Josephbc69, as a forty-something female – I can tell you that I was considered in need of psychiatric treatment when I fought every professional and/or well-meaning opinion – that my own survival was far more important than that of my unborn child. Long story short, my son is finishing up his degree and I’m perfectly healthy. God’s mercy and power of healing has no limits. The terms “Planned Parenthood”, “gay” and “illegal immigrant” are an assault on the English language, and our children’s comprehension of reality.

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    • Thank you, filia, for fighting for Life!

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      • I still remember how flabbergasted I was that anyone would suggest otherwise. When confronted with a patient who had the audacity to disagree with their recommendations, they were speechless – “the crazy American woman”. lol


    • Agreed. Homosexuals tend also to be “drama queens” – no pun intended. The most sickening thing is the widespread use of oxymoronic terms. Parents don’t murder their children (PP) and immigrants are pre-approved legal entrants, etc.


  12. I would also imagine we dodged another bullet, in that if they allowed any women, they would have resembled KILLER WHALES!!!

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  13. Oh, just choke, hurl, and puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuke.

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  14. because of hellary’s loss, social deviants couldn’t “come out”:
    another reason to thank the Lord.


  15. Absolutely sickening and evil. . .


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