Petition to name next Navy ship ‘USS The Deplorables’

On September 10, 2016, her mask slipping, Hillary Clinton actually called millions of Americans, over whom she wants to rule as president, “a basket of deplorables” whom she characterized as “irredeemable” racists, homophobes and jingoists because they deign to support her opponent, Donald Trump.

Those whom Queen Hillary maligned immediately took “Deplorable” as a badge of honor.

Now, there is a petition on to name the next major U.S. Navy ship “USS The Deplorables”!

The petition was begun by D.S. “To honor those citizens who rose up to defend America and The Constitution from the globalists.”

Only 2 days old, the petition has gathered only 162 signatures but needs another 99,838 to make the goal of 100,000 signatures by January 3, 2017.

Make this happen!

Sign the petition here — and spread the word on social media and via email!




15 responses to “Petition to name next Navy ship ‘USS The Deplorables’

  1. I’m in! I hope it is a big one with rail-guns & lasers, as well as missiles & guns.
    Even if you don’t like the name, it is ‘a poke in the eye’ to Hillary, Obama, and the DemonRats in general.
    Don’t want to miss a chance to do that!!
    Alinsky works for us now.

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  2. I’m for this, as it follows a world-wide tradition of naming ships after a state of mind, heart, and being, i.e., HMS Vengeance, Invincible, and so on.

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  3. Just make it the USS Deplorable. That’d be a shot of hitliary’s bow.

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  4. Oh yes please! Then I can visit it while wearing my t-shirt: proud member of basket of deplorables (which garnered positive comments when I wore it).

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  6. Done and done.

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  7. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t be proud to serve on her

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  8. What a terrific and meaningful name. How beautiful would it be to Roll up with guns blazing for the Deplorable Dogs.

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  9. While I understand the sentiment, the meaning of deplorable would (weep for, regret deeply) not be fitting for a proud vessel. My choice would be for USS Triumphant, a more fitting descriptor for P.E. Trump (a derivative of triumph) and our movement in general.

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  10. Has there ever been a conventional political animal that its nation wanted to dispose of ASAP? I doubt it, and in this alone, Broom Hilda sets the mark to best [it never will be!].

    Go, drag thy wormy carcass away from the arena, and disappear w/o mention! You are not wanted, not needed, and not loved: get thee behind us and go to Hell!

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  11. I would say No to this, at this point, for this reason: It gives the author of this buzzword an implicit honor for having coigned it. I would prefer the prosecution of the author of this buzzword UNTO MADNESS as the real monument she so richly deserves!
    President Trump could, however, name the new ship “We the People,” a long-lasting fighting reminder of Whom the Constitution is supposed to represent. (Although it would make no difference to the shadow government!)

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    • I understand your sentiment, but I think it is greatly overshadowed with the opportunity for another “poke in the eye with a sharp stick” to the Hildabeast.
      Logic has no effect on her, ridicule does, make her nuts.
      Alinsky works for us now!
      I like your idea of “We the People” but that should be saved for a humonous nuclear aircraft carrier, which we don’t need and can’t afford right now. 3 off our current ones need “refueling” and up-dating now, and I think 2 more will be due before Trumps first term is over. Obama spent that money on vacations. Once those are caught up, maybe in his second term we will have the money to afford it. Or Pence’s first term.

      And Happy Pearl Harbor Day! Always remember. And raise a glass to Fallen Heroes, absent friends, and “Confusion to the Enemy!”, foreign and domestic.

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  12. Sure, why not! People consider this historic election campaign as the “Second US Revolution” and “Les Deplorables” are its heroes. I’m sure the crew of the USS Harvey Milque will abandon him for the USS Deplorables.

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  13. No. do not honor the author of this buzzword.


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