Commie-lover, cop- and national anthem-hater Kaepernick is benched after disastrous game

Imagine my distress…

Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick

From Fox News: Kaepernick was benched in the fourth quarter after completing just 1-of-5 passes for four yards and no touchdowns. The 29-year-old signal-caller was also sacked five times for a loss of 25 total yards, which left the 49ers with minus-21 net passing yards when he exited the game.

The 49ers-Bears contest marked the first game in 28 years where neither team completed a pass in the first quarter. Kaepernick had averaged more than 275 yards and more than 50 yards rushing per game in his last four contests prior to Sunday’s debacle.

The game was a major setback for Kaepernick, who restructured his six-year, $126 million contract to drastically reduce his guaranteed money in exchange for the right to opt out of the deal and test the free agent market. Prior to Sunday’s game, the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported that Kaepernick is indeed planning to waive the remainder of his deal to pursue a new contract, whether with the 49ers or another franchise.

For risk-averse franchises, Kaepernick’s on-field struggles are compounded by his divisive behavior outside the gridiron.


A polarizing figure, Kaepernick has drawn widespread criticism this season for refusing to stand during the playing of the National Anthem in protest of perceived social and racial injustice. In November, Kaepernick was involved in a testy exchange with a Miami Herald columnist after wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with an image of deceased Cuban leader Fidel Castro to a press conference.


9 responses to “Commie-lover, cop- and national anthem-hater Kaepernick is benched after disastrous game

  1. He’s a fan of Castro. The 49’ers should pay him a salary commensurate with that of what a quarterback would earn in Cuba- about 2400 bucks!
    I’d have a hard time pointing out unfairness and inequality if I WAS MAKING 18 MILLION A YEAR!
    Boy, the left are the most hypocritical people on this planet!

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  2. For the good of everyone else . . . this joker needs to b kicked to the curb–permanently! He is a disgrace to our country, his team, and mankind.

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  3. What do you expect from one given up by his mother, shall we call him a born looser or a bastard? Adopted by a couple that did him a favor trying to make a man out of him and this piece of garbage, this refuse dishonors saluting the flag. Wait and see when he becomes a free agent, the last game was the last nail in the coffin.

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  4. It made me sick when I read that the Pentagon has for years being paying the NFL ($10 Million) in advertising to do the fly overs, troop recognition, special honor guards, etc. Here I thought it was all about the NFL being “America’s game,” and being so patriotic, when it was really all about the money. Kapernick was the final straw for me and I am glad to see that he has now learned just how pernicious Karma can be . . . . .

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  5. He just needs to move to Cuba and live “happily” ever after.

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  6. bubbles toils n troubles

    Agree with all points covered here…would like to throw this in:

    Lest we forget the entire “dis” of the Anthem by this cretin was cooked up by the nfl and/or our [fake] “news” outlets. We know this since the Anthem is never, ever televised for games. The coverage flips back and forth between the talking heads and commercials right up until the opening kickoff.

    Yet, all of a sudden, this moron, who is being paid by Soros for all we know, is headline “news.” No one would have noticed otherwise as he is washed up and wasn’t a starter at the time — persona non grata. He wasn’t even near the sideline; it just looked as if he was being a bum. Players probably ignore the Anthem frequently, as quite a few fans do in the stands (notice all those who don’t bother to remove their hats, much less cross their hearts).

    I’m not certain what the endgame was here, but there is no doubt the whole kerfuffle was manufactured.

    Funny how this non-story has gone far and wide, yet the yearly luciferian halftime ritual is promoted and never dissected for what it is, except by us ‘truthers’; we will doubtless be aghast at what Lady GaGa will foist on an unsuspecting pubic, just like Madonna, Katy Perry and the like that came before her.

    “America’s game.” I weep for this country.

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  7. If he played for the Falcons, he’s be living in Siberia by now.

    What an ass.

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  8. Lest you’all think this is something to go away and “doesn’t’ matter”……
    I have 7th grade middle-schoolers trying to “”take a knee”” during the ONCE A WEEK (that’s ALL we do anymore)) Pledge—.and they have NO IDEA WHY they are doing IT… I do not allow it in my room…(Unless they are current NFL employees……..:)) ) but my guess is this is legally “”dicey” & I could be smacked down on this.

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