Statue of Jesus is the only thing still standing in Tennessee wildfire

The terrible wildfire that devastated Gatlinburg in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee last week took 14 lives, injured 134, and burned down over 1,600 structures, including homes and cabins.

CNN reports on Nov. 5, 2016:

“Families nestled by the Great Smoky Mountains are bereaved — houses completely blazed . . . . As homeowners are allowed to enter Gatlinburg and secure their properties, some have returned to find all they owned in ashes.”

In Sevier County, the fire devastated countless homes but left one object untouched by the flames, though covered with soot and ashes. It was the only thing left after the home had burned to the ground.

Donovan Long reports for WVLT Channel 8 in Knoxville, TN:

“By nightfall Monday [November 28, 2016], nearly every inch of Sevier County was covered in flames, forcing hundreds in the mountains to evacuate. ‘Almost every cabin in Chalet Village is burning to the freaking ground.’ . . . By the time the sun rose the next morning and in the days to follow, thousands had been displaced from their homes . . . . In the midst of the ash, the rubble, and the devastation, this statue remains . . . . “

The one object left standing amidst the ashes and ruins that used to be a home is a statue of Jesus.


Statues of Mary are also known to have survived devastation.

See “Amidst a devastated landscape, Mary stands” for a statue of Mary amidst Typhoon Haiyan’s total destruction of the city of Tacloban in the Philippines in November 2013, and another Mary statue found intact amidst the charred remains of a home in Breezy Point, NY, which was one of 100 homes burned to the ground after the flood from Hurricane Sandy in October 2012.

Breezy Point Madonna


9 responses to “Statue of Jesus is the only thing still standing in Tennessee wildfire

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  2. The Living Word stands forever.

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  3. The message is clear, God, the Son and the Holly Spirit and Mary our mother will reign after the fire consumes the world.

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  4. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in Thee.
    O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

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  5. May God take Pity on these people. And we need to look into the possibility that these fires were arson: There have been too many fires across America over the past eight years, and DOJ hasn’t seen any cause to investigate, to my knowledge. It may only be hearsay at this point, but I believe they should all be investigated. My suspicion: Radical muslims started these fires.

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  6. Steven…I’ve heard, too, that the Tennessee fires are possibly arson.

    There would have been a time when people might have thought you were grasping at straws with “….Radical Muslims started these fires,’ BUT… we know that the fires in Israel right now were intentionally started by Palestinians. Nothing is NEW under the sun. Dive back into Medieval History, which I taught for a over a decade…..and you will find that, during the Crusades, Muslims used fire as an offensive battle tool……they’d surround the enemy by night and start fires that moved in a ring inward…..sort of like a rattlesnake roundup today…..and, while we are “there,” don’t forget that all this beheading is not a NEW thing….Muslim factions beheaded each other, & their enemies, with regularity….which is how Muslim Spain came to be the “high point” of Muslim culture: in brief—-one faction fled a grand extravaganza of beheadings from another Muslim faction and, ….went across North Africa (establishing mosques along the way….”if you build it, they will come….”) and settled in Spain (until Ferdinand and Isabella kicked them out some years later.)

    So, while I think the Tennessee fires were most likely set by illegal campfires (maybe even by illegal aliens…happens here in CA ALL THE TIME….they build night campfires in the mountains and foothills…where they are traversing….and walk away from them the next day without extinquishing them….)….or by a mental case……I can’t rule out what you’ve proposed….it is just as likely these days.

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  7. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this beautiful post. Clearly, there is no coincidence here. God sends us signs reiterating His love for us.


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