Now that Trump is PEOTUS, Madonna is “ashamed” to be an American

Ashamed? This comes from a womyn who offered a blowjob to anyone who would vote for Hillary Clinton. Back in October, Madonna introduced fellow libtard Amy Schumer at an event and said, “If you vote for Hillary Clinton, I will give you a blowjob. OK? I’m really good. I’m not a douche, and I’m not a tool. I take my time, I have a lot of eye contact, and I do swallow.”

The womyn knows no shame.

Madonna is ashamed...

Madonna is ashamed…

From Hollywood Reporter:  Madonna repeatedly criticized President-elect Donald Trump, said she was “ashamed to be an American,” flirted with ex-husband Sean Penn and kissed Ariana Grande at a star-studded benefit in Miami Friday night that raised more than $7.5 million for her Raising Malawi charity that she founded to help children in the African nation. The sold-out $5,000-a-head event was the hottest ticket of Art Basel in Miami Beach.

The focus of the evening’s festivities, which promised “An Evening of Art, Mischief and Music,” was a marathon auction where Madonna sold off several of her possessions to benefit Raising Malawi. The African country is close to the pop icon’s heart because that’s where her adopted son, David Banda, is from.

During the auction and concert, Madonna made a number of provocative comments. The staunch Hillary Clinton supporter, who had promised to perform sexual favors for those who voted for the Democratic presidential nominee, revealed she’d “slept in Donald Trump’s bed.”

Madonna and Ariana at the event/Instagram photo

Madonna and Ariana at the event/Instagram photo

“Now don’t go jumping to conclusions because he wasn’t in that bed. He wasn’t anywhere near that bed. He wasn’t even in the room. I was just doing a photo shoot in Palm Beach for the Versace campaign in his house,” she said, before criticizing the president-elect’s sheets. “I just want to mention that his sheets were not 100 percent Egyptian cotton. Yes. Cheap slumlord. Here’s what I’m wondering: Do you think he’s going to have nice sheets in the White House? Here’s one thing I’m sure of. They won’t be Egyptian cotton because we all know how he feels about Muslims, don’t we?

Some audience members gasped at the last remark, but the Queen of Pop wasn’t done. She performed a slowed-down version of Britney Spears’ “Toxic” and sang, “You know that you’re toxic,” as images of Trump appeared on a large screen behind her.

She also spoke passionately about the plight of Native Americans and asked why their land was being destroyed. “It just really makes me feel ashamed, ashamed to be an American, ashamed to be a human being, really,” she said before launching into “American Life.”

Judge Judy shakes head rolls eyes

Several of Madonna’s celebrity friends joined her onstage, including supermodel Karolina Kurkova, who modeled the auction’s first lot — a Bulgari Serpenti Diamond white-gold necklace covered in 15.15 carats of pavé diamonds — which was provided by one of the fundraiser’s sponsors, Bulgari. Alex von Furstenberg won the lot for $180,000. Ariana Grande modeled the next lot, a Swarovski crystal-covered dress by Jeremy Scott for Moschino from Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour. Grande did a dance with Madonna, whose ex-husband Sean Penn outbid Grande to win the dress for $160,000. “You can come over and wear it in my place anytime,” Penn told Grande.

Penn later joined Madonna onstage and restrained her with a pair of handcuffs — a nod to their kinky days as a couple — to auction off their wedding photos by the late Herb Ritts, which ultimately went for $230,000. “For once, he’s not the one being arrested,” the singer joked of Penn, who also crawled through her legs at one point as the two tried to coerce the audience to bid higher.

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35 responses to “Now that Trump is PEOTUS, Madonna is “ashamed” to be an American

  1. Ashamed to be an American???? She is anything but American to begin with for her immorality is decadence absent of American values.

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  2. Feel free to move your skank, whore ass out.

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  3. Reblogged this on North Carolina Pockets of Resistance and commented:

    How I wish I could enforce mandatory deportation.

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  4. Is there ever an expiration date for this skank, this piece of trash?

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  5. REALLY?
    THAT’S the thing that embarrasses you?
    20 years of pure deviance- and that’s what makes you blush?

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  6. Friends, her stupidity and lack of ANY public demeanour is –to my eyes– truly appalling, utterly w/o ANY social values except an opportunity to descend even lower in depravity. Now I’m no nay-sayer to passion or any of the manifestations of love and human relations, but this is SO self-destructive it is truly ‘obscene pornograhy,’ which in the original Greek meant something that was NOT to be made public, but acknowlleged as ‘behind the scenes.’

    I guess Hollyweird’s idea of communication is to promte crapola that we really don’t need to SEE, only acknowledge that it is Out There, and does happen, BUT one must make a mora/ethical choice in one’s decision to participate.

    And I thought I was on the edge when I was 30 years! This is WAY out there for me, too much on the cutting edge of madness. Five thumbs down.

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    • Please forgive my many spelling errors, as my eysight’s not gotten better, and my 2 finger typing never will! I do, however, stand by my sentiments in re of this woman who feels her bizarre [to my eyes] behaviour is worthy of being on a stage for all-too-many others to witness.

      I confess I’ve never suffered –I mean, listened to– any of her witless performances, so it can be said I’ve never given her a fair hearing, but honestly I don’t want to –and certainly do not need to listen to– whatever ‘it’ is at any moment. Truly, she is ‘Bah! Humbug!’ stuff.


  7. Ashamed of being an American? Head down in the toilet and flush so you can swirl down with the sh….. you are the lowest creation ever made. unscrupulous human being.

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  8. Leeann Springer

    I wish the millionaire skank- low-life would just disappear out of humanity. She needs to be put on an island surrounded by sharks. I feel great sorrow for her children, and especially her son, who is embarrassed having her for a mother. Better yet, deport all the skanks who hate America, such as Miley Oink Cyrus, Amy trash Schumer, Lady Gag-a-gag, Cher Botox Bono, and all the others like them, including all the other libs. They’re all a bunch of Satan loving pieces of trash! Leeann

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  9. A stupid vile disgusting skank will never know what a stupid vile disgusting skank is and this stupid vile disgusting skank who’s old enough to be a grandmother will continue being a stupid vile disgusting skank under the delusion that she’s impressing someone until she’s carted off to the old folk’s home where she’ll continue on trying to impress old impotent blind senile grandfathers who will be sound asleep.

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  10. In the picture of Ariana and Madonna . . . Madonna is the skank on the right with the droopy, horrible looking butt. I looked up the heights for each of them: Ariana is 5′ 0″, and Madonna is 5′ 5″. The one on the right is the taller of the two, so I figured out who was who. Madonna needs to cover that skanky butt, and I mean right now! Then she can proceed to move out of the country, since she is so embarrassed.

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  11. Madonna e “La Puttana.”

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    • The problem is she doesn’t think that’s an insult because she not only wallows in being a “puttano” — trollop, skank, slut — she’s in-our-face about it. The question for us then is: Should we further enable her slutty exhibitionism by reporting on it? What do y’all think?

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  12. For the record, I’m ashamed she’s an American, too!

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  13. Madona and I finally have something in common. I’m ashamed she’s an American, too!

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  14. I have to admit that I agree with Madonna here: I am also ashamed that she is an American.

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  15. Not as ashamed as America should be for claiming her as one of its own. She is the epitome of what our popular culture has become; common and vulgar. ISIS easily recruits by pointing to her likes and claiming America is the Great Satan. If she believes the followers of the Prophet will not put her down like a mad dog should they come to power Madonna is badly delusional. Her ilk is what Moslems hate the most.

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  16. Make that offer in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, … parts of Stockholm, Berlin, Ruton, … clad like that, and, I believe you would wish you were in the United States.

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  18. And she says she is ashamed to be an American? Well, how in the hell does she think we feel about her?

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    • Ditto, Glenn—I’ve been waiting for her to leave the country since the 1980’s. No such luck. She’s one of the seven plagues, I’m guessing. Wonder if we’re “done” yet with them?

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  19. I used to enjoy your blog, but I have noticed lately you certainly enjoy reporting on “sex symbols” and posting their disgusting, almost pornographic images EVERY DAY! You are supposed to be a Christian blogger? Take a little inventory on what pictures you post on your blog…disgusting!!


    • Granted, these pics of Madonna are disgusting yet I would hardly classify them as pornographic. Sorry to offend your sensibilities.

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      • I wasn’t only talking about today’s pictures of half naked women. The one yesterday with the curling iron in the model’s mouth was something I cannot “un-see”…..thanks FOTM!! Your blog used to be better, that’s all.


        • Yesterday’s picture of comic Amy Schumer was a “light sabre” which was from her Star Wars photo shoot with GQ magazine, publicly available nationwide and on the internet.

          The photos that we show are well known on the internet and the left promote them for their shock/entertainment value. The pictures expose the true nature of proggies. That is why we post pictures here that you cannot “un-see.”

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        • “thanks FOTM!! Your blog used to be better, that’s all.”

          Then you obviously haven’t seen my post of Jan. 23, 2015: “New menswear is a dress with a cutout exposing your penis“.

          You’re shooting the messenger. See our motto in the masthead? — “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Long ago, I decided that being squeamish when the evil ones are now in-our-face with their evil, is being cowardly and untruthful. If human beings do and say the vilest things, then we should report them, or how would we find out? Doing so doesn’t mean we enjoy reporting or showing the truth. Nor is doing so being unChristian, for God is Truth. Our Lord Jesus Christ certainly knows and sees all the evils that humans do, so much so that, at the Garden of Gethsemane, He sweated blood seeing all the sins of humanity. What we at FOTM report is but a tiny sliver.

          Clearly, Jacqui, FOTM is not the place for you, but no one gets to change or set our editorial policy. I’m sorry to see you go. Be well.

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    • So sorry you feel this way, Jacqui…but seriously….have you considered that, in the light of this 2-year-long elections cycle (seems an eternity, doesn’t it?) all the Hollyweird “sex symbols” have been “in our faces” day after day in the Hillary camp…and conversely, damning the rest of the country? It is THEY that have the “bully pulpit” b/c they are “famous” for being “sex symbols.” Me, here in my middle class home with too many cats and a big, fat, spoiled blonde rescue Lab dog….a boring middle school teacher in menopause….battling pay cuts, lay-offs, no funding for materials I need to teach a course that requires “expendibles” day after day….(which means…I PAY FOR IT OUT OF MY OWN PAYCHECK)… one cares to read or hear anything about ME or mine……Don’t blame this blog…..look at the relationship between Hollyweird and their favorite politicians….

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      • Many thanks, CalGirl, for pointing out that the nation and some of the rest of the world has languished “…in the light of this 2-year-long elections cycle (seems an eternity, doesn’t it?).”

        In Canada our federal elections are traditionally only 30 days: that period is deemed long enough for parties to state what they stand for, as a voter is expected to have knowledge of prior political events, etc. In the last election, however, we had to endure 60 days of this, because little Stevie Harper and his Harpettes knew they were in trouble, so he doubled down in an effort to convince us his poison was good medicine.

        Having vitiated real Canadian conservativism in the former Progressive Conservative Party, he & his neo-con boot-lickers proceeded to subvert as much as fast as they could. This time however we conservatives bit the bullet and voted for anyone except Harper, so we got Justin Time Trudeau, who is really Harper-Lite.

        So this is a warning to those libtards who want to move here: It’s not going to be what you imagine or want it to be, so suck it up and do what’s right for the USofA, instead of yourselves, for a change. There, I feel better!

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  20. Pigs are Immaculate compared to the likes of this poor excuse for a woman. And their pigpens are clean in comparison to the environment she creates around herself. And there’s nothing shameful about pigs. But this excuse for a woman has plenty to be ashamed of that has nothing to do with being an American.

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