Nancy Pelosi thinks people don’t want a new direction…


You own her demorats.




21 responses to “Nancy Pelosi thinks people don’t want a new direction…

  1. We darn sure do not want to head in the same direction as Nancy and her socialist cohorts – hell!

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  2. Keep going in the same direction, Demonrats, the party of the lemmings!

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  3. The title of the youtube video should end after the “k” to better reflect the ol’ bags true brain; ie: “I don’t think!”

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  4. Nancy, pass your messages in the bathroom, flush, walk away, and shut up.

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  5. Let’s face it . . . she is a demented old lady, who needs to be forced to retire to her rocking chair, where the only damage she might cause is running over the cat’s tail. It is incredible that the Dems voted to retain her in the minority leader’s position . . . this shows that they are as looney as she is! The only light in this scenario is that big time donors are so disgusted in the waste of their MILLIONS of dollars on a loosing candidate, that the money supplies may well dry up (at least partially–you can be sure that Soros will pony up money until the day the grim reaper comes for him.) She is a shining example of why we need term limits, we get stuck with these sick old people who have been in DC for decades, and yet we have nothing to show for it other than a screwed up government.

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    • “Let’s face it . . . she is a demented old lady”‘
      YES! A perfect ‘Leader’ for the DemonRats! She will destroy the Lib/Prog control of the party, if not the whole party!
      The rest of your comment is ‘Spot On’!

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  6. Nance needs to go back into the crypt.

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  7. Yeah, no thanks…

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  8. Nancy, you need to heed the advise WE THE PEOPLE wholeheartedly give you. GIVE IT UP, ole girl, while there is some left in you, so you can make a disappearing act never to return, oh, by the way, don’t forget to take uGly Harry Reed with you, go into the unknown, maybe you both can attain stardom in some very distant world. BON VOYAGE. 😎

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  9. Wow!

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  10. The entire democrat party is collapsing, along with their minority leader. Septuagenarians leading the party into the sunset.

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  12. Funny comments from everyone! 😉

    I hear Pelosi is also having a fit that Ben Carson (finally) accepted Trump’s invite to be head of HUD.

    As for her thinking we don’t want a new direction, check this tweet:

    @JackPosobiec tweeted today: “As of Friday [12/2/16], 65,800 men and women have applied to serve in the Trump administration”:

    Continued next… more links…

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    • FYI: President-Elect Donald J. Trump’s Transition Team (Twitter @transition2017) is asking Americans to offer their ideas, thoughts, concerns, etc., re “Making America Great Again!” They have provided this link where everyone can do so: under the “Share Your Ideas” menu, or start here:

      “Please tell use how you want to Make America Great. How do you want to Make America Great?”:

      This is our chance to tell the new Administration re whatever subject is close to your heart.


      Two official Trump Admin links for doing that: under the “Serve America” menu:

      And/or submit your resume’ here:

      The list of govt. jobs that are available under the Trump Admin, listed at that link, was so long that it crashed the page when I tried to copy/paste it. So you’ll have to go check it out yourself, if interested. 🙂

      Questions re your online application/submission can be directed here:

      OTHER TRUMP CONTACTS to share your thoughts:

      Besides @realDonaldTrump (which gets too many troll replies), can try…

      @KellyannePolls , a Trump Transition Team member & former Campaign Manager, Kellyanne Conway, who “has Trump’s ear” & is known as the “Trump Whisperer.”

      Trump’s adult children:
      –Donald J. Trump, Jr.:
      –Eric Trump:
      –Daughter, Ivanka Trump:

      –Dr. Tom Price, Trump’s pick for head of HHS: @reptomprice

      –Dr. Ben Carson, Trump’s pick for head of HUD:

      List to be continued another time…

      CABINET CHOICES SURVEY (may be a little late for this one(?):

      FOTM previously provided this next link (I think is where I first saw it): You can also comment re Trump Cabinet choices; survey site paid for by the National GOP, not Trump:


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  13. The definition of insanity- doing the same thing and expecting different results. Based on her dereliction of duties during the passing of the (Un)Affordable Care Act- she should in the least be censured from the House. By the way why wasn’t that quote played over and over again during the 2012 campaign?

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  14. Suuuuurrrre NANCY, just because the country just did a 180 with their voting proves nothing, right? Right, Nancy?
    I can’t believe they are still allowing that wacko weekend furloughs to the outside world. The dems are slow learners.

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  15. Botox makes people even more insane than the mental illness of liberalism.

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  16. I am absolutely convinced that Mrs. Pelosi is demonically possessed. Listen to her gratingly annoying voice: It has “been sifted like wheat.” I have NEVER heard a voice like that. There’s something wrong with it.

    Nancy Pelosi = BAT-SHIT CRAZY!

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  17. OK….tongue in cheek…but needs to be said….. 🙂 with a smiley face: MAYBE the Dumbocrats are right(!) and the Russian Communists HAVE infiltrated our elections systems: Nancy Pelosi was re-elected to her miserably-failed (multiple years) position as minority leader in the Senate and radical Muslim racist Ellis will be appointed to lead the Dumbocrat Party “forward.” Sure looks “rigged” to me (!) b/c no one in their right mind would try to dig themselves out of a hole this deep by appointing/electing Master Diggers.

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  18. This is what we get for allowing dinosaurs like this one to haunt the halls of Congress.

    “If we dump all the machinery and the knowledge we have into the ocean within six months humanity will die. If we dump all the politicians all around the world in the ocean everything will go along very nicely.”
    ― Buckminster Fuller

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