JP Morgan analyst ‘Gandalf’: investors should look beyond MSM to independent ‘fake’ media

In the 2016 presidential election, the MSM abandoned all pretense at objective journalism by going whole-hog for Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party. See:

Having abandoned the pursuit of truth, it should not surprise that the MSM’s rigged polls and reports of an inevitable Hillary victory proved to be very wrong. Instead, the media who actually were reporting the truth are the Alternative or Independent Media, including little blogs like Fellowship of the Minds.

For that reason, after the election, Democrats and their willing accomplices in the MSM turned their fury at the Alt Media. Washington Post led the way, citing a shadowy and anonymous group with a website called Is it Propaganda or Not? (PropOrNot) as an authoritative source that identified a List of 200 Alt Media websites as “fake media” that traffic in “fake news” that, intentionally or unconsciously, promote Russian propaganda. See:

Now, a renown financial analyst has confirmed the efficacy of the maligned Alt Media.

ValueWalk is a website on financial news and information for investors. From its “About” page:

“Since its inception in 2010, has grown to become a global leader in breaking financial industry news- with a focus on value investing, hedge funds, large asset managers, and value investing. We have provided beneficial information for the purpose of value investing for value investors. The site contains archives of famous investors, and many investor resource pages . . . . is well known throughout the value investing community to be a key source for both current and continuously relevant content. It is read on a daily basis by senior level executives at the largest banks, hedge funds, asset managers and Fortune 500 companies.”

Mark Melin reports for ValueWalk, Nov. 30, 2016, that JP Morgan just issued its 2017 market forecast, titled 2017 Outlook — More Upside but Greater Uncertainty, which predicts stock market investment risks in 2017 will be greater than that in 2016, but overall stocks should edge higher. Although a recession is a “volatility concern,” JP Morgan considers the probability of a recession at only 28%. Investors are advised to “keep an eye on increases in bond yields and strengthening of US dollar as [market] volatility trigger points”.


One of the report’s authors is Marko Kolanovic, Ph.D., the Global Head of Derivative and Quantitative Strategies and Senior Analyst at JP Morgan Chase & Co, Research Division, whose “almost soothsayer ability” had earned him the nickname “Gandalf” — as in Gandalf the wizard in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

As reported by ValueWalk, to understand market risks, Dr. Kolanovic counseled that “Given the failure of many traditional data sources to anticipate geopolitical developments this year,” investors should not limit their information sources and analysis to those only in the mainstream. Instead, investors should look to traditional and non-traditional sources, including “independent media outlets” that are mocked by some as “fake news”.

To Washington Post and the other corrupt MSM:



10 responses to “JP Morgan analyst ‘Gandalf’: investors should look beyond MSM to independent ‘fake’ media

  1. So let me get this correct- the propagandists are the ones telling us which sites are spreading propaganda?
    All the sites that ignored Hillary’s obvious defects were the “Truth” and the ones who predicted Trump could win the Presidency were “fake”.
    Wow, Goebbels is watching from hell saying “Aha!, that’s the way you do it!”.

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  2. All the fury of the powers of falsehood are readying the double down. How they’ll exactly accomplish the intensification is a “known unknown”.
    Since it’s their casino, they can seemingly create and inflate bubbles and release some of the hot air ad infinitum. It’s all discussed in ‘financialspeak’, rather than simple math, so that mere mortals can’t understand it.
    If this guy Kolanovic is a ‘soothsayer’, (meaning one who tells truth via magical means) then I’m Cleopatra’s great, great, great, great, (add a hundred more greats) granddaughter.
    It should be a very interesting year indeed. When information is either suspect and/or limited, pay attention to your intuition. It’s often correct.

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  3. The amount of disinformation being shoved at people through globalist media is staggering – and coordinated worldwide. The only realistic option to influence the sheeple, is the establishment of an outlet on par with the alphabet networks. The rest of us can keep reading ‘fake’ news.

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  5. Cat-zooks! The phinal photo is phantastickal!

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  6. My family and I saw Lee Harvey Oswald get shot to death on live television. We were all stunned. I asked my father if it was an act. He said, “No, it’s real,” matter-of-factly. We knew something was up; We just didn’t know what. Since then, we distrusted the mainstream media. Old Walter Cronkite, “Uncle Walt,” as some called him, just didn’t cut it anymore.
    THANK GOD for the internet, where alternate sites flourish! And it’s really good for someone in Kalonovic’s position to say this. We’re going to be in the fight of our lives to keep the internet free, but I believe that with Trump at the helm, we will prevail!

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    • it was a “real” shooting but a “false narrative” as to why he was shot!
      “They” lied to us before JFK was assassinated- but after, they could ramp up the propaganda at will with a CIA influenced media.


  7. The internet is God’s trojan horse. Thanks for all you do here!

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  8. Don’t just look here (ALT) or there (LSM) but look everywhere. Hardly anyone tells the whole truth. And some tell mostly lies and half truths. But if you read it all and throw it against the wall to see what sticks, you get a better idea of what’s what.


  9. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this memorable post. Clearly, the truth has come out through alternative media, through FOTM led by Dr. Eowyn and/or other such entities who print what is true. As a matter of fact, Dr. Eowyn only presents posts that are carefully researched and documented, because she is a first class scholar.


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