Pajama Boy Approved: Toddler’s ‘Scary’ Pants Banned From Preschool

After  looking at the “monsters” on the leggings, I wonder if a pre-schooler really has a rational fear of them. Or is the mom being a helicopter parent? If a character on clothing warrants a complaint, can you imagine what else might upset this mom when her child enters grade school?

You have a choice as to how you want to raise your children: afraid or strong. Afraid isn’t a good way to go through life.


From Yahoo: A mom put her toddler in what she thought was a cute pair of cartoon monster-themed leggings, but they were deemed too scary and were banned by his preschool. Apparently, another mom at the daycare complained, saying the leggings had frightened her child.

According to the Daily Mail,  the U.K. mom, under the handle GracyEvans, posted this comment seeking advice on the forum Mumsnet on Nov. 29: “DS [Darling Son] had some leggings on today — they’re gorgeous! They have monsters on (not scary) but apparently he isn’t allowed to wear them?”

She added: “They don’t have a uniform, but apparently a mum said that they scared her daughter. WTF.”

She also shared a photo of the yellow-and-black monster leggings — made by the U.K. brand Fred & Noah — which look more cute than scary to us.

The scary culprit...

The scary culprit…

GracyEvans clarified in the forum that she’s not unsympathetic to the other child. “I’m not knocking the girl for having a fear,” she wrote. “My son can be scared of trees moving in the wind (when it’s really windy) but I do try and explain to him; I’m not saying it takes away the fear, but I won’t avoid the park, etc. I’ll just try and help him get through it.

Some posters on the forum said they could see why a little one would find them scary. But most of the moms in the forum agreed with GracyEvans that the request that her son not wear the leggings was unreasonable, with several describing the leggings as “fab.”

Commenter StefCWS wrote: “OMG there’s nothing wrong with these leggings, if there’s no uniform state that he will be continuing to wear them and they have no right to dictate what you put on your child.”

“Fab leggings and I bet little one looks super cute,” caramac04 commented. “Can’t see [if] they’re scary but if so, nursery should be supporting to overcome the fear not banning the leggings.”

NannyR agreed: “I would continue to send him in them. Children do have irrational fears about the weirdest things; I once looked after a child who was scared of butterflies, but it would have been ridiculous to demand that no one wore t-shirts with butterflies on. Instead we worked with her to overcome the fear.”



19 responses to “Pajama Boy Approved: Toddler’s ‘Scary’ Pants Banned From Preschool

  1. Liberalism is one of the greatest opponents of our country. They disregard the constitution, tradition, and God in EVERYTHING they seek to ban. When people call liberalism a mental disorder, they are spot on the money.

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  2. If this child is afraid of these “monsters” rather than material that has flowers, trucks, cars, fire engines, trains on them–then he probably has been exposed to “monsters” in some form in his home. It is irrational that ONE MOTHER can bugger up everybody because she cannot help her child get over various fears in life. If a prepondenence of the mother’s at this daycare feel this attire is appropriate . . . I would be for asking this mother to take her child to some other daycare. Remember the old adage: one rotten apple spoils the barrel, she is bringing with her goofy ideas that may well spread to the other children.

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    • I’d have to wonder what the kid’s Mom has done to inspire an irrational fear like that. I also think this a scenario where the phrase “mob rule” is acceptable;i.e. if the rest of the Moms are okay with it,the complaining Mom needs to either leave or learn to deal with it.

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  3. The child’s fear sounds as though it might be a reflection of the mother’s insecurity. The complaining mother needs counseling. This day care/nursery staff should have taken the initiative, but much easier for them to just pass the unreasonable complaint on.

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  4. Fake news.


  5. When the whinny moms little girl grows up and can’t make it in the real world, it will be mom’s fault for over protecting her. That mom needs to grow up and teach her chid to grow up also. I have NEVER liked spiders, but i don’t avoid pictures of spiders!

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  6. 21st century America of Precious Snowflakes — “Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad”.

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  7. That’s YAHOO for you. Daily Mail passes off this silly story an how ridiculously fearful Brit kids are and how their Mums cater to completely silly fears. Yahoo pushes it it here like it’s a GOOD IDEA?!
    That girl will still be peeing in her panties every time she a big dog when she is old enough to get married.
    We are breeding and teaching total incompetence in the major part of entire generation.
    Can you imagine what the children of the current crop of Snowflakes will be like? That is assume that any will be heterosexual and brave enough to date.

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  8. Oh good gawd!

    The wimps have taken over.

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  9. OMG. When I saw those leggings my skin crawled, I started to shake and cry. I’m so afraid of pictures of monsters that when I see one I run and hide in the closet. I hate spiders, snakes, frogs, bugs, flying saucers, guns, and conservatives. I’ve written letters to movie studios asking them not to advertise chain saw massacre movies, ghost movies, alien invasion movies, war movies, and so on. Even Crime shows scare me. I can’t even watch the news.


    I wonder if she knows just how ridiculous she sounds. She needs a reality check. There are some bad things in the world. For the most part clothes are not one of them. Poor child. This qualifies as poor parenting at least, psychological child abuse at worst.

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  10. I guess it is safe to assume that mommy never played PAC man?
    Is there no end to all the ridiculousness?

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  11. One thing I’ve “discovered” within the politics/administrations of my 25-plus years of teaching is: almost everyone is “SPECIAL” these days…or CLAIMS to be (b/c they might get some “special” considerations ) and we, as teachers, and everyone else—as admin, parents, student peers, etc….MUST contort themselves to “accomodate” these “special” students: their “fears,” needs, special learning needs, emotional needs, any special needs related to race, religion, special orientations of sex or political persuasion or anything else I’ve forgotten how to describe (but I’m sure someone will remind me of it by calling for a parent/teacher conference so they can berate me/scream at me/belittle me for some transgression or another—maybe one of which I’m totally ignorant of b/c I am from another era & I’m so busy teaching that I go home at night and collapse into sleep on my couch, in my clothes…& I don’t have TIME to keep up on all the news about NEW political transgressions, sexual orientation news, all the gender “choices” of late…..and…..etc.) Unfortuanately…..the result is….we are all….teachers, students, admin….”contortionists” these days….and REAL education of the mind and preparation for the future has become secondary or LAST……..

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    • The ONLY reason all these “special snowflakes” are special is because we ALLOW them to be. If they had to prove their case in Court,could they? “MY child NEEDS to be considered special because he fears toilets with the seats up!” All it’d take is for a Judge to say,”Have you listened to what you just said? Do you even REALIZE how utterly RIDICULOUS you sound? Have you considered getting yourself some counseling,and maybe some training in how to RAISE your child?”

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    • Are you telling me the answer to 2×2 depends on whether you are black or white, gay or straight, male or female, tall or short,mentally challenged or not????????? That means history would be a real challenge to teach


      • David—-BINGO! I was a History teacher who “ran away” to Art. AND….that does not mean I am totally immune to the demographic list you gave now that I am primarily an art teacher (I am still called upon to take a history class as my assignment most years, in addition to the other—4—art courses)……it just means that no one cares (including my admin & other teachers) what GRADE I give these art students when they succeed OR fail. Mainly….their parents don’t care. I’ve NEVER had a parent get “up into my face” over a failing art grade. But, boy-o-boy….in years I taught just history or English, or English/History cored….I had parent after parent trying to cadge a passing grade for their failing kid…..very stressful…day after day….”vacation after vacation” that I spent with a suitcase of papers to correct, ignoring my family, friends, pets, home needs.. so on…Art is SOOOO much easier b/c of the “visual.” Either the assignment is “done” or NOT…..Like I tell my kids….I never went into a museum to view HALF a Mona Lisa….I’ve never bought a CD of HALF a song…nor have I ever paid to see HALF of a dramatic play……..I don’t give ANY credit for ANYTHING that is NOT finished. In the arts, the grade depends upon a finished product…….no fractions “count” for anything…..& any attempt by a student or parent to “defend” this indefensible….is primarily NEVER even initiated…

        I don’t have to go to the Supreme Court to defend a failing grade for a trans-gender 8th-grader who doesn’t complete even ONE assignment, but instead, broods and “sketches” in his/her little private book day in and day out, despite the assignment, my direct instructions, and the progressive use of new media and new skills….challenging assignments that prepare them for their high school elective (you need TWO electives to graduate HS…one of which must be “advanced.”). Ditto….for any race, gender, disabiltiy (tho’ I DO “modify” for differently abled kids…) and whatever.

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    • RUN! RUN AWAY! GET OUT OF TEACHING AS FAST AS YOU CAN! OR, wait a little while, and relief will be on it’s way. I think this administration will un-do the last one’s absurd policies, and the “special”-ness of everyone will stop, as will the gender retardation and the stupid absurd, anti-learning common core.

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  12. Future snowflakes!!

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  13. After pizza gate, I’d bet the illustrations weren’t the problem. Rather the excuse to get the pants removed!

    May the Lord help us.


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  14. Pants r so cute ( scary ???????). Don’t know what she’s saying .😕😕


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