Cross-Rivendell Trail

This is for the Tolkien fans in our group

I came across this photo when searching for the location of Mount Cube in Orford New Hampshire. How wonderful to find a little bit of Lord of The Rings in the mountains of New England.

When I found a hiking trail named the Cross-Rivendell Trail I had to share it. For anyone who is interested in hiking the trail, they have a website:
and a Facebook page:

“The road goes ever on and on…”

3 responses to “Cross-Rivendell Trail

  1. 🙂 Time to rewatch my extended-edition LOTR DVDs!

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  2. My introduction to the LOTR was when my friends Elizabeth & Peter Shattuck asked me to read some books just come out [this was about 1969-70], when I returned to Berkeley for a Christmas visit w/friends.

    I soon found that Peter had been appointed as professor in Early American History at Sacramento State, so I was invited by them to visit for a weekend in their wonderful new house on the American River. After one of Elizabeth’s stupendous meals they put the boys to bed, and she asked me to read those books to them, as it was the beginning of a long series of linked novels.

    As a writer I was immediately taken by the flowing magisterial writing: it had the same feeling as when I read Homer’s works. Truly for the ages, as long as we are here!

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