Nearly half of Americans want to keep ObamaCare

I’ll bet that those in favor of Obamacare didn’t receive an 80 percent increase notice for their health care premiums for 2017.


Via NY Post: Barely a quarter of Americans want ObamaCare completely dismantled, while nearly half want it kept as is — or even expanded, pollsters said Thursday.

In a post-election poll commissioned by the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation, 26 percent of respondents said they want all of the Affordable Care Act repealed. Pollsters found that 19 percent of those surveyed said they like the status quo, and 30 percent want ObamaCare expanded.


President-elect Donald Trump — who spent the campaign trashing ObamaCare and promising to repeal it — has already backtracked on that pledge.

Trump now says he wants to keep at least two major ObamaCare provisions — allowing children to remain on a parent’s plan until age 26, and barring insurers from denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions.

That approach seems to match with 17 percent of poll respondents, who want ObamaCare scaled back but not thrown out entirely.

Republican respondents, at a 52 percent clip, were strongly in favor of killing ObamaCare altogether, this poll found. But even that’s a shift down from 69 percent of GOP backers who said a month ago they wanted all of ObamaCare trashed.

This poll was conducted between Nov. 15 and 21 with a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.


23 responses to “Nearly half of Americans want to keep ObamaCare

  1. I wonder how many of the 49% who like Obamacare get taxpayer healthcare subsidies?

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  2. I don’t believe this poll. Perhaps it is comprised entirely of people who are receiving maximum subsidies or free ‘insurance’ through medicaid, or are illegally in the country, or refugees who get all benefits without fees. And it likely also include the tens of millions of unemployed.

    There is no way any one not being highly subsidized would want to keep this joke for insurance. In many cases, a family of 4 has to spend thousands of dollars before they can even submit an insurance claim. This entire program is dysfunctional anyway you look at it.

    P.E.Trump had better not rely on this poll. The two provisions that need to be worked in to replacement private insurance offerings are the dependent coverage to 26, and pre-existing condition coverage. This is achievable. Companies will be allowed to sell across state lines – i.e. garner business that they’re currently barred from seeking. OBamacare must be scrapped in its entirety and replaced. This is the current strategy.

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  3. Seems like this Poll must have been half surveyed on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, a “Land of Libtards.” Then the rest of The Nation was polled.

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  4. Some of the idiots in this country think “Obamacare” is a synonym for “healthcare”.
    So you ask them if they want to keep Obamacare and they are hearing the question “Do you want healthcare?”
    I know someone who got a good rate and is perfectly content with her plan so she hates Trump. A typical drive-by voter, a numb skull.

    That’s one person out of the many I know who are not happy either because costs and plan rates are rising (our gap insurance keeps going up), or because they recognize that Obamacare was the first step of the progressive transition towards government control of at least 16% of our economy and empowering a panel or bureaucrat to make the life or death decisions for all Americans.
    I oppose mandated vaccines too

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  5. This is easily explained. It was reported in 2015 that 86% of the enrollees in the program received subsidies (taxpayer money). The surprise is that only half were for it. While ACA has certainly cost me way more for way less, if you are honest about it, there are certain provisions that aren’t evil. Preexisting and extended child coverage are two. Trump concurs and should not be lambasted for that. We’ll see where it goes.

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  6. how many of those polled get it FREE?

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  7. I would be dubious of anything, including this survey, associated with Kaiser.
    Kaiser, although technically non-profit, is high profitable for the executives who run it as they are paid proportional to enrollment, which has boomed
    with new Obamacare welfare patients. Kaiser is zealously promoting
    flu vaccines far more than anytime in my 40 years as a Kaiser patient.
    Reportedly the vaccines contain squalene, allegedly the cause of Gulf War

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  8. Like being both un-insured AND having to pay (out the nose) for it effectively– what those “20 million who now have health insurance under Obamacare” actually have.

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  9. You mean a poll by the guys that told us that The Hildabeast would take “90%” of America? Or the poll guys that told Newsweek to print the “she won” cover? Polls got no more credibility.

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  10. So if it is ‘free’, then of course the victim class wants it.

    The pre-existing coverage provision is not copyrighted by Obama. The sad truth is that the DC uniparty had allowed the insurance companies write their own check with taxpayers’ money, and in order to further the socialist agenda, Obama ‘addressed’ this problem.
    So now you are covered, but your deductable only can be achieved if you are on the critical list for a year, then you die anyway.

    Before ACA we had to purchase our health insurance privately.
    Eventually the premium got so high that, if I got seriously ill or injured and was unable to work, after a month I would not be able to pay the premium and I would get dropped by the insurer anyway.

    But the government created the problem of the high cost for healthcare by their providing it as a benefit or entitlement and people stopped caring what it cost because they weren’t paying directly.
    When I was a kid, we payed the physician cash, you asked how much a procedure or medication cost, and maybe you shopped around or seeked alternatives you could better afford.
    No more.

    At one point in time, not too long ago there was serious discussions about the developmental ramifications of prolonging adolescence.
    I guess that argument has been proven true by all the young mental patients roaming around with their hands extended for free stuff,
    especially from mommy and daddy (if they are white privileged racists and they know who their parent(s) is (are).

    So for the thousands of pages of bad law and damage to the medical profession, the argument is these two provisions?
    Trump will do better

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    • Of course,back then people paid what they owed,and the Doctor knew that,so when you asked if he’d take payments,it wasn’t likely you’d be turned down. After all-he knew where you lived.

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  11. How many people who are getting something for nothing are actually going to say they don’t want it. The folks who are working and can pay get to pay not only for their families healthcare, but via taxes, they pay for those who do not work or choose not to work. Has anyone thought of the idea that it is the working people who really should have, and need the healthcare–we need them healthy so that they can continue subsidizing everyone else. Instead, now healthcare is so expensive for them, that in many cases they forgo seeking the advice of a doctor–because they cannot afford both the healthcare premiums and the co-pays for seeing the physician! But, never fear . . . our Congressmen/women are getting the very best healthcare and they will be able to continue to press for draconian laws to cripple the rest of us!

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    • Your points are well taken but what about people who choose not to purchase health insurance and to take their chances instead? While I respect their right to do so, why should insurance companies, hospitals and ERs, and tax payers be forced to insure them or provide them with care if they have an accident, develop cancer or some other serious health problem? Otherwise, why not just wait to get health insurance until you need it. As for covering children on their parents insurance until age 26, it seems unfair to pass the costs of doing so on to people who don’t have children in that age bracket. While these are tough questions I am confident that they will be solved by PEOTUS Donald J.Trump who promised to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something “terrific”…”better coverage at lower cost!” January 21, 2017 cannot come soon enough. Let’s ask Trump to repeal EMTALA while he’s at it. It stands as the original unfunded mandate.


  12. Nowadays, all polls are lies intended to influence people’s behavior.
    Obamacare in its present form is a disastrous, crippling burden: only a highly subsidized health policy holder is insulated from excessive premiums that buy little to nothing. I wish our Congressional Reps & Senators would receive minimum wage for a calendar year and be forced to have Obamacare for their health insurance. They would really learn how the other half lives in that time.

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    • I’ve said for a long time Congress should be paid for the quality of their RESULTS. Maybe then they’d apply a little more logic and common sense to the things they do. Then,if they had to USE the medical care system they MANDATED they’d give the design considerably more thought.

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  14. That’s because half of the people that reside in this country (I refuse to refer to them as Americans) are brain-dead morons, and thus too f’ing stoopid to exist in a free country.

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  15. Non-partisan my ass.

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  16. It’s high time the gument got out of the healthcare biz. Insurance is legalized gambling and the house ALWAYS wins. You’re betting you’ll get sick and the insurance companies are hoping you won’t. Gument trying to level the playing field and protect consumers does neither. The way to stop gument fraud in their programs is to not have the programs. No purse to steal from – there’s nothing to steal. Locks are for honost people cause crooks will always find a way to get in.
    As for letting parents keep their spawn on their policies till they’re 26. They can vote when they’re 18. Why not restrict they’re ability to vote until they’re 26 as long as they’re on they’re parents policy? Don’t let em buy booze or smokes till they’re 26? When robbing Peter to pay Paul, do you think those receiving subsidies wil support Paul?


  17. Does this mean “50%” of American citizens….OR…”50%” of those who actually accessed “Obamacare” as their health care insurer? BIG difference. If it is the former…then, that means, the old 50/50 split between Dems and Republicans in the voting populace, which would include even those who DO NOT use ObamaCare…..if it’s the latter…then, that means roughly 10 million people….about half of those who finally were able to “get” ObamaCare, most of which is subsidized by the government one way or another……roughly equivalent to the population of the LA Basin in CA…..the rest of the country be-damned.

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