Libs will have a meltdown over this song!

Enjoy! dancingbanana Carrot Chilli Muffin

H/t FOTM‘s MCA & GiGi


15 responses to “Libs will have a meltdown over this song!

  1. I love it !!

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  2. Hilarious …..Fantastic …..Can’t wait to see the millennials and all the other neer-do wells wet their pajamas on this !!!

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  3. It is a good message, but it is not over, do not rest, be ever alert. Just one possibility, Douglas Hagmann told of Fox news recent report of Muslims, some already well armed and trained to confront the Trump administration. Who is permitting this? A puppet master with many marionettes and socks. JFK also had many enemies.

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  4. Oh noes! Libs gonna need some more hand-holding marches and therapy dog sessions after seeing this…

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  5. That was great!

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  6. Thanks. Now I’m in the Christmas spirit.

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  8. What a wonderful Christmas this year is going to be!!!!!

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  9. Well, by all means we should play it often and loud.

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  10. Love it–thank you!

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  11. That’s great. 😀

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  12. A superb accompaniment with morning coffee. More seasonally fitting than the Happy Dance!

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  13. I love it!

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  14. I love how all of the characters are depicted, especially Hilary.


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