Furious migrants bemoan their shelter conditions in Merkel’s Germany

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From Express UK: With the showers and washing machines broken for weeks on end, desperate asylum seekers say they cannot continue to live in the “unworthy conditions”.

Around 92 refugees live in a gymnasium in Wackenbergstrasse, in Pankow, Berlin, as they wait to claim asylum. But the unhappy migrants have complained an emergency light that is kept on all night keeps them awake.

Some have even turned to drink and drugs to block out their living conditions, according to reports. 

Sascha Langenbach, the spokeswoman for the refugee agency, reports of depression, trauma and alcohol abuse in the shelter. She said: ”We will also have to deal with the topic of drug abuse.”

Pankow’s mayor Sören Benn has been inundated with letters of complaints, with some migrants claiming they have developed diseases and rashes from living in the gym. One letter reads:”We live in dirt. And we do not know at all whether we can ever leave the gym.”

A picture of a German shelter from Twitter

A picture of a German shelter from Twitter

Another said: “The gym hall meant as a provisional solution has evolved into a permanent state which is unsustainable for people. “It cannot be that people in Germany have to live under these unworthy conditions.” And a mother-of-seven said: “We cannot stay here any longer,” while Tofigh, a young man who escaped from Iran, added: “We don’t trust anyone anymore.”

In Berlin, there are still 20,000 refugees living in shelters and around 3,000 in gym halls like the one in Wackenbergstrasse.

Birgit Geist, who coordinates the volunteering in the gym hall, said: “People are breaking down here, one after the other. “Since summer, they were promised that they will be able to move by the end of the year. However, for hygiene reasons alone are the conditions no longer acceptable for the residents.

Another volunteer, Sarah Neumeyer, says the migrants struggle to sleep, adding: “In the hall, it is so bright at night that people have problems sleeping.” 

But Mr. Benn has attempted to reassure the migrants, telling them: “I will see what I can do. Hang in there and do not go crazy.”

More than one million migrants have entered Germany since Chancellor Angela Merkel announced her ill-fated open for refugee policy in a bid to stem the migrant crisis. 


13 responses to “Furious migrants bemoan their shelter conditions in Merkel’s Germany

  1. “With the showers and washing machines broken for weeks on end, desperate asylum seekers say they cannot continue to live in the ‘unworthy conditions’.”

    Then just LEAVE!!!!!

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  2. Leave Hell! Throw them out. Send ’em back where they come from. Ingrates.
    It’s crazy to have let them in in the first place. 1 million? In Germany alone?
    And hitliary wanted to do the same thing here. We can’t even take care of our seniors, our military, our first responders, our homeless. If we want to help then help ’em where they came from. Frankly, I don’t want to help anybody from ‘the religion of peace’.

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    • How about the actual unemployment rate in this country, bearing in mind that just yesterday the rationale for all these immigrants was America and Europe’s need for workers. Real unemployment has been steady at about 23% for years now in America, as calculated by shadowstats using the gov’s own methodology before the unemployed were disappeared through statistical gimmickry, which is nothing like the outrageously dishonest current figure of 4.6% that even supposedly conservative Drudge is parroting. Looked at another way, less than two-thirds of America’s able-bodied workforce have any sort of job.

      Those Americans that’ll be hardest hit will be Americans most in need of those jobs the immigrants will get. Hispanic immigrant families apparently receive well over $30k annually in benefits of the kind most poor American families have never heard of. Charity and free stuff for everyone but Americans who’d be working if they could.

      If this alone doesn’t prove the Washington establishment is the worst enemy America will ever face, I don’t know what would. Unfortunately, Trump is appointing one Wall Streeter and neo-Bolshevik (neocon) after the other. Maybe he’s been forced into it, with some token jobs created and Potemkin factories going up to divert our gaze from more of the same.


  3. Check this out my friends courtesy of Steve Quayle’s site. It looks like Obama has told the border patrol to let these hordes of Muslim Invaders in yet no one on MSM seems to notice and i wonder why we have a congress anymore.

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    • How much longer will we allow the pen and telephone be mightier than our Constitution and these voted, sworn, and paid to administer it? Maurice Strong, George Soros, Barack Obama, the royals of the UK and the Netherlands, Merkel, … on and on, must be happy. None should be admitted. Sort out somewhat with a diet limited to barbecued pork ribs and ham sandwiches and see who stays. Okay, I know it would not work, but, until our economic, social, and security problems are resolved, build a wall and tear down any bridge that would cause our nation harm, and do it all with pride, no shame, no feelings of guilt!

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    • I did not see ANY women among this group. Can you imagine the mayhem that will be perpetrated by these “immigrants.” This is beyond shocking!

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  4. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    We are being attacked by human enemies in ways that make our third world vaccination and agricultural programs appear beneficial.

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  5. It is better to strive against the haram and fall short than to not strive at all– hey, more Johnnie Walker Black over here!

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  6. I imbibe very little, but some victories are worth a drink. Good choice!


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  8. Leeann Springer

    There is a war on the horizon in this country. Obumma is importing Somali Muslims. There will be trouble; so lock and load. Leeann

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  9. Oh my, these complaints seem akin to ‘looking a gift horse in the mouth’, (my grandfather brainwashed me about displaying ingratitude). I wonder if the Quran has a similar verse:
    1 Thessalonians 5:18 – In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

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