More Libtard Butthurt: Seattleites plan to “March Against Hate” this Saturday in response to Trump’s election

We’ve now moved into December and the butt hurt continues. I guess holding hands around Green Lake just didn’t alleviate Seattleites’ depression.

Hillary supporter Demi Wetzel

Hillary supporter Demi Wetzel

From Seattle Times: Demi Wetzel was feeling ”lost and depressed” after the Nov. 8 presidential election, so she posted an event on Facebook calling for women to “march against hate.”

Wetzel, a 27-year-old freelance writer, thought maybe 20 people would respond to her “little Facebook event”; if 100 people showed, “that would be a real statement.” Four days before the Saturday march, 5,000 have sent in their RSVPs. More than 20,000 said they might attend. Something struck a nerve.

“It’s really just blown up,” Wetzel said. “It’s been really incredible to watch the community come together around this and support each other and support this last-minute idea that I’ve thrown out to the internet.”

The idea, with Wetzel’s nurturing, has hatched into a community movement.

Wetzel said a crew of volunteers has popped up to help her organize the march, which has a slate of event speakers, a newsletter and a parade route from Volunteer to Cal Anderson parks in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Events begin at 1 p.m. and are open to all.

Wetzel, who has experience organizing corporate events and hackathons, has invited nonprofits and organizations who are “champions of women” to attend. Marchers are encouraged to bring pads and tampons to donate to Mary’s Place, a nonprofit organization that serves homeless women and families.

A Hillary Clinton supporter, Wetzel said the election of Donald Trump, whom she described as a “known sexual predator,” was gut-wrenching. She said women faced anguish and harassment throughout this election cycle.


Wetzel said she supported previous protests and rallies in Seattle, but wants this march to give women feeling “pain and anguish and confusion” their own space to make their voices heard. “I wanted something more than just was anti-Trump. I wanted something to unite women,” Wetzel said.

“We’re going to march and speak our minds. To some people that might look like they’re crying, some — watching silently, and some shouting at the top of their lungs.”


16 responses to “More Libtard Butthurt: Seattleites plan to “March Against Hate” this Saturday in response to Trump’s election

  1. I was blocked from Facebook for saying I thought Michell was a Tranny but here they say Trump is a “known sexual predator,” and nothing happens to her! Why?

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  3. So they’re going to march against hate? Does that mean they’re going to march against themselves?

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  4. Give them enough time, and they will show-up to cheer President Donald Trump where ever he goes, YUP!

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  5. When you really think about all the service hours that could be put in that would actually do some good . . . helping elderly or disabled neighbors with choirs they cannot do for themselves, visiting the sick and elderly, visiting family members who may suffer with depression, volunteering to help in reading programs in the schools, etc. etc. etc. . . . yet this woman feels that “protesting against hate” is a far better means of combating hate that actually doing things that in themselves are acts of love. Well, we all know only to well that liberals truly are mentally ill! This just proves that point.

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  6. Sad to say several of my college friends who live in Seattle city are attending this…along with their children . I’ve been watching them organize and talk about it on FB. They were also cheering Yes We Can when BHO won, thinking the world was saved from war and tyranny. Losers ! Huffy Post Libtards !

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  7. Michael Galligan

    I hear that cotton candy works really good in calming the hysteria of snowflakes and libtards

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  8. I felt lost and depressed when Ibama was 1st elected but here it is, eight years later, and I’m still around and doing okay.

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    • Obama’s election,if you can call it that,and RE-election which I question the validity of even MORE than the first one,only got me MORE involved in Politics and stiffened my resolve to be sure America NEVER makes a mistake like that again.

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      • I am sure that there are many, many people who feel as you do . . . “got me MORE involved in Politics and stiffened my resolve to be sure America NEVER makes a mistake like that again.” Far too many people were just plain asleep at the time that Obungo was elected the first time, then we had to suck it up the second time round. Low and behold after eight years there were enough of us who were fed up to our gills with watching our nation go down the tubes–people finally were waking up, and they cared enough to vote for a change that would possibly turn our nation around. I have no doubt that the prayers of so many of us also played a major part not only in beseeching Heaven’s blessings upon our nation, but individuals minds were awakened to the full extent of what was going on in this land. I agree 100% . . . let our nation never again fall for such deceitful lies. The fact that the mainstream media has been exposed for their deceitful practices in news reporting should help to prevent the same kind of travesty we saw in the past.

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