Michigan win pushes Trump’s Electoral College votes to 306

The AP reports (via ABC News) that shortly after 2 pm on Monday, Nov. 28, the Michigan State Board of Canvassers unanimously certified Donald Trump as the winner in the state’s presidential election.

Trump won Michigan by 10,704 votes or 0.2%, making 2016 the tightest presidential race in the state’s almost 200-year history:

  • Trump 2,279,543 (47.6%)
  • Clinton 2,268,839 (47.4%)
  • Johnson 172,136 (3.6%)
  • Stein 51,463 (1.1%)

The result pushed Trump’s total Electoral College (EC) votes to 306 (vs. Hillary’s 232).


Trump’s 306 Electoral College votes places him above these U.S. presidents in modern history (Wikipedia):

  • Harry S. Truman, 1948: 303 EC votes
  • John F. Kennedy, 1960: 303 EC votes
  • Richard Nixon, 1968: 301 EC votes
  • Jimmy Carter, 1976: 297 EC votes
  • George W. Bush, 2000: 271 EC votes
  • George W. Bush, 2004: 286 EC votes

Ronald Reagan in 1984 received the largest number of Electoral votes of any president in U.S. history: 525 (vs. Walter Mondale’s 13).

Trump’s 306 Electoral votes, while 74 votes more than Hillary’s 232, are not a landslide victory because his votes do not constitute an “overwhelming majority” in the Electoral College, being but 56.9% of the 538 total. An “overwhelming majority” is defined as at least 80% of the total EC votes.

H/t GiGi and The Last Refuge


10 responses to “Michigan win pushes Trump’s Electoral College votes to 306

  1. This in spite of voting machines that automatically change a Straight Repub Ticket vote to Hillary/Kaine in Dem controlled districts, over 3 million dead people registered to vote (True the Vote), and over 3 million non citizens registered to vote.
    An amazing observation is a person can be a life-long Conservative Republican, but after they die they always vote Liberal Democrat!

    Obama and Hillary say we can’t have Voter ID because it discriminates against Mexicans, because MALDEF & La Raza say it’s so. But the fact is, in Mexico a person must Register to vote in person, prove who they are and have proof of citizenship. They fill out the card with signature, photo, thumb print, and a hologram is added after it is laminated, so it can’t be counterfeited. After their info is confirmed, and the Voter ID card made, the person must appear in person again, prove they are that person to pick up their card. The card must be presented to vote and their thumb is inked that takes days to wear off after they vote. And that is “Poor, dumb Mexicans”, a hell of a lot smarter than us listening to the DemonRat con-persons.

    We have Motor-Voter and, anybody, anywhere can register anyone to vote. Obama has made it against Federal Law for a State official to ask anyone for proof of citizenship to register. Just check the box.Our elections are a JOKE!! If you are going to have honest elections, you must have HONEST REGISTRATION and Photo ID. Also you must have paper ballots. All the machines are too easy to cheat. If ballots are machine counted, the counting machines must be “off-line”, and “verified” before and after the count.

    Every election there are reports of Massive Vote Fraud in Dem controlled districts, but the Media ignores or denies it, and nothing is done. There are recounts every time and often the recounts go on until the Dems win – Franken-elections. This time Trump won by such a margin that the cheating couldn’t over-come the honest vote, but the Dems are still squalling about the “Popular Vote”- the IMMATERIAL uncontrolled “everybody vote as many times as they want” Big City DemonRat Welfare State Vote. Our Founders knew that Big City Politics is essentially corrupt, so to prevent Mob Rule by Big City Political Machines, they decided on the Electoral College system to elect the President and Vice-President.
    The Senators were originally elected by State Legislatures to represent the States, but the ‘Progressives’ screwed that up to be another lying popularity contest. We need to repeal the 17th Amendment to get back to Constitutional Govt where the States are also represented. The People have the House of Representatives. The Senate is supposed to be the “Senior House” of serious statesmen, but it is a Clown College of Reid, Shumer, Boxer, McCain, McConnell, Feinstein, Franken, Fauxahontas, and Ted Cruz.

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  3. Again, all voter machine “irregularities” were switching from Rep to Dems?
    Irregularities, my patoot- it’s fraud that got noticed. The anarchists (not really a fair name as they want control when can be in control!) are trying to undermine the election of Donald J. Trump, plain and simple.

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  4. So Reagan is the only one we would consider a landslide?


  5. A third party registration drive here in VA tried to sign up about 20 dead people. The system didn’t catch it but instead an alert clerk recognized one of the names submitted…… because she was at his funeral. And no charges were filed against the group. Liberal college students trying to rig the election. How many cases of fraud in how many states went undetected. We need to implement positive identification methods both for registering and for voting. And stiff penalties for those that don’t abide by the voting laws. The demonrats don’t get it. It’s not how they present their plans that needs to change. It’s their immoral plans that need to change.

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  6. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. I am so happy that Michigan went to President-Elect Trump. How wonderful!

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  7. I resent that map showing Nevada voting for Killary. I didn’t, nobody I KNOW did,nobody I know even knows anyone dense enough to vote for Clinton. If you could see the breakdown,Nevada was ALL RED,except for two dots-one was Reno and the other was Lost Wages. (Proof we should give LV to Califorina.)

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    • When Trump builds the wall- California and Los(t) Vegas can be on the outside!!


    • Truck….I SO hear you, esp here in CA 🙂 This is the perfect argument for keeping the electoral college. It is sooooo telling if you look at the COUNTY vote records for this election: Out of 5,000 counties in the USA….TRUMP won 4,700, and Hillary won 300. CASE CLOSED on the argument to abandon the Constitutionally provided electoral college in favor of the “popular vote.” Can you imagine? If we abandoned the electoral college of our founders to use ONLY the popular vote…..for the forseeable future…maybe a century or so…..candidates would ONLY have to visit, play to, court, give special “gifts” to ONLY those 300 populous counties and the rest of the country could just “retire” their votes every year and give up their voice within the supposed “Republic.” In the day…the founders called this, “the tyranny of the majority.”

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