Actor Daniel Baldwin to those who won’t accept Trump win: “Suck it up”

Wonder if Daniel spent Thanksgiving with his Hollyweird brother Alec

Daniel Baldwin

Daniel Baldwin

From Fox News:  Another Baldwin brother is heated up about the election. Daniel Baldwin sent a message to those who have not yet accepted the results of the 2016 presidential election: “Suck it up.”

The 56-year-old told TMZ that those who are not happy with the results should focus their efforts on lobbying to “change the system” instead of complaining about President-elect Donald Trump.

“This guy won. This is the system you have. The Electoral College, checks and balances that were set up that you could possibly lose the popular vote but still carry the day Electoral College-wise,” Baldwin told TMZ.

He added, “Suck it up, pull up your big-boy panties now, because you lost.”

He also compared the election wallowing to those who complained about the Iraq war.

“This is the same thing I said to people who didn’t believe in the war that was going on,” Baldwin said. “I said, you’re going to punk these kids that are over there fighting the war now? You can’t do that… If you don’t like the reasons that we’re over there for the war, then fight the system and fight the government, tell them we don’t wanna be in a war anymore. But you don’t do that to the kids.

This isn’t the first time a Baldwin has chimed in on the election. Stephen Baldwin, a Trump supporter and Alec Baldwin, a Hillary Clinton fan butted heads earlier this year over their preferred candidates. Stephen even went as far as to say he did not like his brother Alec’s Trump impersonation on “Saturday Night Live.”


9 responses to “Actor Daniel Baldwin to those who won’t accept Trump win: “Suck it up”

  1. Alex, popular culture entertainment livestock such as yourself, no matter how talented, should not wander off your assigned ranch and onto the land belonging to those making America great again.

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  2. Are we sure this wasn’t a private message to his bloviated, egotistical brother Alec?

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  3. At least we know that Hollywood does produce some Heroes.

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  4. Good luck finding work in hollyweird Daniel.

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  6. Among the Left’s epic meltdown over Hillary’s defeat in the 2016 presidential election are women who, weeks later, still can’t stop crying.

    According to one of her close friends, Hillary too cried so hard on the phone a day after the election that her words were indecipherable. But it’s also these same liberal women who insist that there are no gender differences, that women are just as strong as men, blah, blah, blah. And yet, by their weeping and moaning and whining over Hillary’s defeat, they are behaving EXACTLY according to the traditional stereotype of females being emotionally fragile who cry at the slightest provocation.

    I don’t recall conservative women incessantly crying and whining after Obama was twice elected, do you?

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  7. Well, I will take two out of three of the brothers that have weighed in. There is a little hope.

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  8. So sad for fellows like Daniel Baldwin can’t make it big in Hollywoods’s celluloid, his brother is so temperamental and egotistic, and his rendition of Pres. Trump is lousy, there are other actors that can do a better job.

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  9. Daniel Baldwin’s points are well taken but the Electoral College was also established so that elite electors could vote against someone they deemed unqualified to serve as POTUS. While I don’t think it will happen, it is possible in theory and would be Constitutional if a majority of electors voted for Hillary over Donald. Think what a mess that would make.


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