Shocker, not: Millennials not sure why they love Obama

The good folks at Campus Reform interviewed some students at the University of Maryland to find out what they were thankful for about Obama’s presidency. And in typical fashion, the young Obamabots had no clue.

I’m so glad we are almost done with this eight-year experiment of having a “cool” president.


18 responses to “Shocker, not: Millennials not sure why they love Obama

  1. It’s astonishing how empty are the minds of studentsx of our institutions of “higher education”.

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  2. Yes! They are so brainwashed, and conditioned to PC and GroupThink that AN Original IDEA! and a drink of water would kill them from the shock!

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  4. From Michele Obama’s Mirror:
    Cognitive Dissonance
    Not only was the Ohio State attacker a Muslim, he was a refugee, black, and didn’t use a gun.
    Imagine being a Liberal right now.
    The difficulty accepting what you believe to be true, is actually false.

    If the Snowflakes can mentally grasp the Ohio State Slasher situation, perhaps they can accept Trump is right, and we don’t need illegal Criminal Invaders, Muslim Rape-u-gees, or Race-Baiter Riots. Maybe even stop ISIS.
    Wouldn’t that be nice for your Safe Spaces and to protect your Comfort Puppies, Play Dough, and crayons?

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    • I am from Columbus, OH. Our asshat governor went right on along with Obama and allowed 41,000 Muslim Somalians into north Columbus. 90% of them are on welfare. Very few of them speak English, wish to assimilate, work or even bathe. Kasich was thinking about all that federal subsidy money, but these heathens trash everything they touch and have run good people out of their homes, schools and businesses. I got out of town back in August. I still work here, but I live 40 miles north out in the sticks now to try to get away from this scourge.

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      • It is noteworthy to actually hear from someone who is on the ground there in OH. I have a terribly hard time thinking that 41,000 people, 90% of which are relying on the hard work of others to sustain them is really good for this nation.

        It is an outrage!

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  5. People need to quit sending their kids to these brainwashing sewers of dumbing down. Universities have become nothing more than tools for the evil globalists, whose goal is to control the world. It is embarrassing that the entire world can now see how ignorant our people have become,

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  6. It’s time to bring back an emphasis on technical education, skilled trades and apprenticeships. My son went into automotive technology. He’s 25 and already has a successful and lucrative career, unlike most of his age cohorts who went the liberal arts-let’s -hold-hands-and-sing-Kumbaya route. He has marketable skills instead of a head full of worthless horse shit. He also owns his own home, pays his own way, and if it is possible, he is even more politically and socially conservative than I am. A rare millennial, I know, but they do exist.

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    • Obviously, you are an excellent parent. Congratulations on a job well done!

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    • Good for him!! Guy earns his own money doing responsible & valuable work, pays his own bills, and is buying a house, building wealth for his future. A young person learns more about Real Life doing that than a B.S. degree, a M.ore of the S.ame, and a P.iled h.igher and D.eeper in some Psycho-socialist crapola they are pushing in these Marxist Brainwashing Camps.

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    • Bravo, elysian! As a teacher I often exhort my students to go on to become opthamologists….so one of them can take care of my old-age cataracts….or, PLEASE PLEASE GOD…make one of them a premier plastic surgeon who reveres/cherishes their old old old teacher, who encouraged them into their medical futures………and would do an Olympian “job” on my face…….

      But…LACKING ALL THAT….I preach to them openly that I would cherish as much a really great mechanic to keep my car running and not cheat me or lie to me b/c I am a mechanical IDIOT….or a former student who would take care of my heating and air-conditioning and/or plumbing…..b/c all those in my post-1980 -built home SUCK BIG TIME with Chinese sub-standard materials that disintegrate day after day……I NEED and would appreciate a really prompt, compassionate, knowledgeable repairman. My husband and I are STUPID about these sorts of things. All we know how to do is shut off the main water valve. WE know and value that the people who can help us are as trained in their professions as we are in ours….we’d just LOVE to have a trustworthy person help us…..

      I’d even LOVE to have a decent “yard man.” I pay “gardener” fees to someone who, in reality, just mows my small front lawn (w/half acre back yard during a drought, we do NOT keep anything growing on it )–no weeding, no edging…no real “gardening.” My grass is cut every week in a 300-square-foot front yard (in 20 minutes’ time or less) but the borders & netherlands grow up into a massive weed-choked land that I must take hours and hours of my “time off” (what’s THAT? Maybe a few hours every other week or so…) doing and digging and what not….things that, at my age, I just can’t do with as much vigor anymore…takes me three times as long……AFTER I’ve already paid someone the equivalent of $30/hour to pretty much just MOW my lawn……AND we don’t “fire” him b/c he he has 4 kids to support…but I’m STILL unhappy……and tired, and feeling poorly about my yard or lack of it.

      I’d also like a household helper worth his/her salt. I used to pay a “cleaning lady” about $15/hour….way over what the norm was in years past—and ONLY what people are griping/striking for publicly NOWADAYS…..for “just” cleaning my downstairs floors, 3 baths, vacumning my upholstered furniture (I have cats). NO kitchen cleaning…no dusting…not lots of anything ELSE….and she still did NOT move the furniture to sweep/vacuum or ever stoop to wipe the baseboards even once a month or so…..and so again….I’d find myelf paying…and then crawling around on my knees on my “time off” doing the things I’d already paid her to do…..(we did not have to fire her…she quit when we expressed MILD disapproval of her job performance and made specific requests thereafter……and, I’ve not hired anyone to take her place….too much trouble….we’ve just tried to keep up ourselves despite the hours of working equivalent 3 jobs between the 2 of us……).

      In short….I’d truly LOVE to see a valid and vigorous alternative highschool system in this country develop for technical professions. They had them when I was in HS…and then, just as now…not everyone wants to go to college….not everyone can go to college, and not everyone will succeed at college, esp. if it’s just “plain old” liberal arts, with no specific skill attached to the degree……..WHAT WERE WE THINKING when we super-imposed this “cookie cutter” outcome for our ed. system?????????

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  7. When will everyone wake up? Only those directly involved or witnessing first hand see the truth. All others must have their heads buried and are living in denial.
    We have seen what has happened to the most beautiful city in the world, Paris, and yet, they let them stay.
    I cry for the cities in our own country and the violent crimes being committed by the Somalis. They are raping and killing our women. the same that is happening in Sweden.
    I think Trump had it right from the get go. Now to get him support from our Congress that has been brainwashed and bought off.
    As for colleges these days. I would be very careful if or where I would send my child, for parents are not getting the same child back. Most are due a refund.
    They are nothing but a cesspool of liberals in the business of brainwashing, not educating for a actual occupation.

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  8. Occasionally I see a little film footage of these “refugees” doing what they do,and do you know how the Liberals react to THAT? They say,”Well THAT isn’t MY neighborhood-WE have DECENT refugees.” Give ’em time-won’t THEY feel like fools….

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  9. OH MY GOD! these people are eligible to vote. And their vote counts as much as mine. They don’t have a clue.

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  10. “No brain no pain” are the millennials the future of this country? they are the sheep being herded by a group of globalist where leadership is absent, no doctrine and no beliefs. I always remember John Lenon and his “Imaging all the people…..”. I’m glad John Lennon is practicing “his anarchism” in some unknown world, or may be he is looking for GOD.

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