Actor/comedian Patton Oswalt calls on ISIS to attack Trump’s hotels

There is no limit to how vile Progressives are.

Now, it’s actor/comedian Patton Oswalt who’s issuing death threats against not just Trump, but the people who live in Trump’s real estate properties and hotels.


I’d never heard of Patton Oswalt either and had to look him up.

Wikipedia says that Patton Oswalt, 47, is a stand-up comedian, writer, actor and voice actor, known for roles such as Spencer Olchin in the sitcom The King of Queens, voicing Remy in the movie Ratatouille and playing multiple identical brothers on the TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


On Nov. 25, 2016, Oswalt @pattonoswalt retweeted a message by Iyad el-Baghdadi @iyad_elbaghdadi prompting terrorists to attack Trump properties around the world:

“Trump has properties all over the world. Terrorists will have a long list of targets that are literally owned by POTUS and bear his name.”

iyad-el-baghdadiIyad el-Baghdadi identifies himself as an Islamic “Arab Spring activist,” born in and expelled from the United Arab Emirates, who now lives in Oslo, Norway.

Oswalt retweeted el-Baghdadi’s tweet with this message, encouraging terrorists to attack:

“Holy fuck. Come ‘n’ and get it, terrorists!

Below is a screenshot of Oswalt’s retweet:


When another Twitterer, David Dzierba, confronts Oswalt for supporting ISIS terrorism against Trump, Oswalt immediately backs down by resorting to the usual excuse that he was merely being “ironic”:


Oswalt is a gutless wimp, and he admits it. In a very long interview peppered with obscenities (“fck,” “fcking,” “sh*t,” “a**hole”) with the fawning A.V. Club, Oswalt describes himself as “I’m not a very confrontational person.”

In that same interview, he identifies himself as “very much an atheist”.

Remember the name Patton Oswalt, yet another Hollyweirdo to shun.

It is a federal crime, USC 18.41 Sec. 875(c), punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000, to transmit any communication containing a threat to injure the person of another, via the Internet, e-mail, telephone, beepers, and other means of communication.

Report Patton Oswalt to the FBI, here.

See also:

H/t Truthfeed and Kelleigh


18 responses to “Actor/comedian Patton Oswalt calls on ISIS to attack Trump’s hotels

  1. Any asshole that voices threats like this ought to be stripped of his American citizenship and deported to the middle east.

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    • Very Good!
      In addition to the crime for a threat over the Internet, there is another law that makes it a crime to threaten any Federal Official, and another for the Prez, so they can prosecute this dirt-bag ,IF the Obama Administration enforced the Law Equally like they are supposed to.
      The House should threaten impeachment proceedings against Obama, Lynch, Comey, and the Head of the Secret Service, if legal action is not taken against all persons threatening and encouraging violence against the President-elect.
      Can you imagine the reaction if he said this about Obama?

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    • Donna . . . I’m with you on that idea! This joker is outrageous to say the least.

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  2. Considering a small boy who points a pop tart in the shape of a gun to be picked up by the authorities, this low-life should be investigated for uttering threats. In today’s hyper-sensitivity to the very real threat of terrorism such careless speech, whether it is meant as a joke or not, cannot be ignored.

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    • But the little boy was being insensitive to others’ feelings and fellow students could’ve felt unsafe, and Oswalt just said something about evil (oooh) Trump. (Left/libtard progressive priorities, you know… )

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  3. OK…he deserves his entertainment material pirated as well.

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  4. That’s not funny! He didn’t get much in the looks department either. Just sayin’……………….

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  5. Gee I wonder if his account has been suspended by Twitter like they do to every conservative. Milo Yiannopoulos’s account was when other people posted on his thread insulting Leslie Jones. Twitter claimed he incited racism by others or some such silliness. Even though Milo didn’t post anything negative about her…hmmmm.
    I hope he goes to jail-freaking moron!

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  6. The level of stupidity being exhibited by so-called celebrities is frightening.

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  7. I find it hard to believe he is considered a stand up comedian. I found nothing cute nor funny in his despicable. statement.
    It is time for a visit from the FBI.

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  8. I am convinced all culture is created for the purpose of moving us in the direction of Marxism,Paganism,Debauchery. I can no longer tolerate any of it.

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  9. Patton Oswalt needs to pack his bags, sell his shit and get on a plane the fuck outa here. I’m so tired of Hollywood Assholes like him using his so called fame to rag on this Country and especially the new President elect. The Secret Service should be knocking on his door ASAP. Where do you want to go Man? Then take him away, snag his passport and drop him off to live with the types of low life’s he obviously admires. Buh Bye now!

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  10. Thanks for looking this jackass up-I didn’t know who he is;now,I STILL don’t know who da Hell he is,but it’s okay-I truly,honestly don’t CARE-as special as HE thinks he is,he’s JUST like all the other Liberal idiot. No skills,no talent,no scruples,no values,no common sense,nothing of value to offer the world.

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  11. Deplorable Jeff

    Nothing says “love Trumps hate” like wishing DEATH on thousands of innocent people, huh? Libtards are all pathological hypocrites,….every last one of the quivering lemmings.


  12. Patton Oswalt’s wife died under EXTREMELY suspicious circumstances. It appears to be a suicide that was covered up, but nobody knows for sure.


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