Soon to face some Hollyweird backlash? Nick Cannon says Planned Parenthood is about eugenics

Nick Cannon is a musician and currently hosts the TV show, America’s Got Talent. He was previously married to Mariah Carey. He’s got a strong opinion about Planned Parenthood, one that doesn’t fit the mold for Hollyweird types. Good for him for speaking out against the evil that is known as Planned Parenthood!

Not a fan of Planned Parenthood: Nick Cannon

Not a fan of Planned Parenthood: Nick Cannon

From Daily Mail: In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club radio show Nick Cannon called Planned Parenthood ‘real genocide’ against black Americans.

And as he made his way through LAX on Friday, Nick Cannon stood firm on his statements against the organization while talking to TMZ. ‘It’s population control,’ the 36-year-old said of Planned Parenthood, adding that it is ‘modern day eugenics.’

Nick also told TMZ that he was happy to elaborate on his comments, sharing: ‘I can. It would take a long time though.’

Last week he had spoken about the issue while making an appearance on The Breakfast Club radio show.

He began by sharing his distaste for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, saying: ‘Think about all the stuff they did with Planned Parenthood and all of that type of stuff.’ He added that the organization ‘wasn’t designed for our people.’

abortion of blacks

Nick continued: ‘That type of stuff is to take our community and – forget gentrification, it’s real genocide. And it’s been like that for years,’ adding: ‘This system is not built for us.’


The star, who is expecting a child with ex Brittany Bell – and shares five-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan with ex Mariah Carey – has previously taken a stand against abortion. The music video for his 2005 single Can I Live told the story of how he was almost aborted before his mother changed her mind.

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19 responses to “Soon to face some Hollyweird backlash? Nick Cannon says Planned Parenthood is about eugenics

  1. Of course Planned Parenthood is eugenics. Its godmother was Margaret Sanger who believed in the destruction of babies in the womb to keep the non elites and the inferiors in their place

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  2. Unlike too many blacks (and whites and browns and …), Nick Cannon not only has a conscience, he also has the intelligence to realize that were it not for the grace of God, he, along with millions, could have been sacrificed on the altar of Molloch to abortion.

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  3. Eugenics is being implemented state by state now via the “physician-assisted suicide” movement. In Colorado, after defeat in the legislature, the Soros-funded front group “Compassion & Choices” pumped $5.5 million into a ballot initiative, Prop 106, which passed by Colorado’s standard rigged-vote percentage of 65/35.

    I am Alison Maynard, the aunt of Brittany Maynard, who became the poster-child for the assisted suicide movement in November 2014 by reportedly committing suicide in Oregon. I am also a lawyer. I have investigated her “suicide” extensively and concluded it was a hoax, or psy op, For example, there was no funeral; Brittany’s uncle is in military intelligence; and it is not even legal, under the Oregon law, to obtain an initial diagnosis of a terminal condition in one state, then move to Oregon to get the drug. But I could get no investigations from law enforcement in Oregon (or by the feds), nor could I get any records (these things in themselves conclusive evidence that the event did not happen). I was even told by an employee at the funeral parlor whose director signed the death certificate that Brittany “is not in the system.” You can read about my findings at:

    The move legalizing physician-assisted suicide greatly muddies the ethical waters for doctors, who take an oath to save lives, not end them. Although savvily portrayed as a civil rights movement (“your right to die”–huh??), the main beneficiaries are health insurers, Big Pharma, and your heirs, who don’t want to wait for your stuff. Most endangered are the elderly and disabled, who will be made to feel a burden and pressured to end their lives. Or maybe their lives will be ended without their consent. The legislation not only enables that to happen, but mandates the making of a false record, since death is reported as due to natural causes instead of by ingestion of a lethal drug. It is the biggest social change our country has possibly ever seen, and there has been almost no public outcry about it–only disinformation. People have simply been duped.

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    • I’ve changed my view several times on this topic.What are the real motives of keeping a non functioning (I know it sounds cold, and it’s not meant that way) person alive and who truly benefits? Is it respect or profit? My Mother had an inoperable brain tumor- 2 opinions were nothing could be done get the affairs in order. In rides a “new” young Oncologist who asks my Mother simply “Do you want to live- Or do you want to die?” Of course my Mother stated she wanted to live, so the snarky Doctor looks at me and says- “Did you hear that? Your Mother wants to at least TRY something!” I said that wasn’t the question you asked her- you asked her if she wanted to live. Can you put it in writing that you are guaranteeing my Mother is going to survive and get better”? I was met with mumbles and “nothing is guaranteed, complications, side effects blah blah blah”. It was the opinion of the first 2 doctors that whatever gains she would make with radiation- she would lose with cognitive ability- a trade off of longer “life” but potentially in a vegetative state. We are very naive to think that medicine is NOT a business, and a Doctor’s criteria changes based on his/ her situation. Doctors ARE human, and they deal with the same stresses on a daily basis as we do (husbands, wives, bills, children). Doctors, Dentists and Veterinarians all have a philosophy- and it’s important when choosing one that their philosophy for care and treatment meets yours. Same goes for end of life care. I had a friend who was a Hospice Nurse, and I asked her if it was emotionally hard dealing with terminal patients, she stated “At first yes, but then you start to realize that dying is a process, same as birthing, and my job is to facilitate that process as best as I can.”


      • I respect what you’re saying–but there is no way any physician can state that a patient will be dead of any disease within six months, which is one of the requirements of this legislation. Many people who’ve received terminal diagnoses do prove the doctors wrong.

        I have a cat who, in human years, is now 89. She is in perfect shape: her coat is shiny and soft, appetite and vital signs normal, full of opinions, etc. But a year ago a vet advised me to have her put down, rather than pay $600 for dental surgery to have an infected tooth pulled, on the basis that her renal numbers were “borderline.” After Babette had the tooth pulled, she bounced back from depressed to frisky. I have resolved to take care of my old cat until she dies–at home. I didn’t get the opportunity to do the same for my parents, but I would have.

        Yes, death is part of the “life process,” so why should anyone hurry it up? I suggest a reversal of the suicide-ethic tide: that we have a duty to see our lives through to their natural end (and I am not a religious person). This is particularly true if a person is not in pain. Who knows what contributions that person may still make?


      • “…and my job is to facilitate that process..”
        Which means your hospice nurse friend doesn’t stand back and watch, she FACILITATES–which means she assists or hastens the process. Don’t give me that crap about how the doctor came in and couldn’t give a ‘guarantee’. WHO THE HELL can give you a guarantee?? And certainly an allopathic doctor, in the allopathic doctor cannot give you a guarantee since he’d be doing the same thing all allopathic doctors have done for 150 years, which is CUT, SLASH, BURN, and have the nerve to guarantee different results. That’s the mark of insanity.

        I watched my mother get put down like an animal because Medicare wouldn’t pay for anything other than morphine. She didn’t have any f*cking supplemental medical insurance, so the doctors and Medicare said, well too bad. She’s 84 years old and we aren’t going to operate, even if it could save her life. I was told, “she might die on the operating table” and my reply was, “she’s going to die anyway if she can’t receive fluids or nutrition.”

        But the memo came down from on high –where the insurance executives live — and it was too f*cking bad for my mother.


        • “Don’t give me that crap about how the doctor came in and couldn’t give a ‘guarantee’. ”
          You missed the point- the Doctor was trying to goad my Mother into having radiation and playing on her fragile emotions, treatment that wasn’t indicated by ANY medical standards – because he wanted to treat and ultimately get paid. Allopaths pretend to be so scientific and they barely read their own journals- they get their education from a Big Pharma Salesman providing free lunches.
          I in in turn, watched my Mother pass a way gracefully on HER own terms with sound rational decisions.

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    • dinophile . . . thank you for sharing that heart wrenching story. Here in Oregon, we have far to many Progressives–thus we get stuck with laws, like the “Right to Die.” It is far to easy for those with evil intentions to creep in and use this law to profit themselves.

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      • Thanks for your comment, Auntie.


      • “Progressives” aren’t ‘creeping in’. They’re writing the evil legislation –which is no legislation at all. Laws are supposed to protect –not send people to their deaths. That’s why if you ever get on a jury, hang the jury up. If you think the law is unjust, don’t convict and just hang up the jury. They can’t stop you from doing this. Just DON’T TELL any of the attorneys who are vetting the jury pool that you plan on using JURY NULLIFICATION. An unjust law is no law at all.


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  5. The Big Abortion Plan was to support “Free Love” a Leninist strategy, but the real game with Ted Kennedy’s Immigration Plan was to kill off a sizable part of America’s children and replace them with “immigrants”. Poor, often ignorant, with no concept of American history and culture, dependent on Govt Welfare, they are the the “Perfect Dem/Socialist Voter”.

    Now with the Lib/Progs Federal Control of Education, real Americans are marginalized, even demonized, and the Hyphenate, Semi, to Un-Americans are lauded.
    No Pledge of Allegiance, No Flags Allowed, Anti-militarism and Anti-Americanism is the new “Norm”. And think about the effects of the Anti-Christian Lib/Prog movement. GLBTQ normalized and even taught in Public schools. Islam & Paganism now accepted, even given preference. Satanism now being “normalized”. Cannibalism, at least symbolic, being practiced by the highest Political “Leaders”?
    WHAT’s NEXT?


  6. You can’t place the lions share of guilt on planned parenthood. The pregnant woman makes the decision. The org would not have any business if the women viewed abortion as what it is, murder. There’s way too much kid glove treatment for blacks in America. The democrats basically teach that nothing is the fault of the blacks. It’s only their circumstances. I call bullshit!


    • I agree in that everyone makes up their own mind and makes their own decisions and has to live with the consequences of those decisions.
      However, when an evil is permitted by the state, by the ‘authorities’, and that evil is made accessible and seemingly relatively ‘painless’ –(only for the woman of course) then it opens the door to evil behavior a great percentage of which would not have happened before.
      Lets face it; people are basically NOT ‘GOOD’…people are basically driven by their base instincts and need some guidelines —that’s what the Church always understood and taught. Are we perfect? No. We need to know and love God first, in order to know and love our neighbor and ourselves because of our love for God. Only then do we have a shot at leading a moral life. Otherwise, we’re like beasts who go along with situational ethics.


  7. stloninus, I agree with all you have said. Yet, we can only account for ourselves. You are right, that the state permits the evil to exist. But those are in place according to Gods will. My vote record is a simple one. Is a candidate for choice, or for life?


  8. Nick Nick Nick, you broke with the masses and told the truth. Travel safe friend, travel safe.

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  9. Margaret Sanger, the ultimate founder of planned parenthood, said of her organization everything Nick did here and more. Nick Cannon is a hero for the black community and America as a whole for standing for what is right. In this I give him big props.


  10. i never really liked him, but i now have a new respect for him. let’s hope he doesn’t get “suicided” for his remarks.

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