Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta has cannibalism painting in his office

It’s been only 20 days since the 2016 election and already pundits are calling it “historic”.

Future and, hopefully, objective historians will look back to our time and adjudge the important role that WikiLeaks had played by its release of a continuous series of thousands of hacked emails, each more devastating than the last in what is revealed of the Democratic Party and its élites.

WikiLeaks‘ release began with emails of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) showing its corrupt machinations to undermine Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton’s rival in the party primaries. Next, the emails of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were released, which expose her reckless lawlessness and her selling of State Department favors to foreign governments.

The emails of John Podesta, 67, a longtime Democratic Party apparatchik and chairman of Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign, were the last batch that WikiLeaks released, with the most revealing ones published when the Election was only days away.

wikileaks-tweet-on-spirit-cookingAmong them were emails exposing the association of Podesta and his brother Tony, Hillary and her close aide Huma Abedin, with a satanic so-called performance artist named Marina Abramović and her “spirit cooking dinners” — an occult sex ritual involving menstrual blood, urine, sperm and breast milk. Ingestion of human blood is a form of cannibalism. (See “Evidence that Hillary Clinton and her associates are satanists“.)


But John Podesta’s perversity is not limited to his participation in Abramović’s “spirit cooking,” as shown in his macabre taste in art, specifically an oil painting in his New York office depicting two men with knives and plate in hand, about to carve into and cannibalize a third.



The sickening painting was lent to Podesta by his brother Tony, one of the most powerful lobbyists in Washington, D.C.

The image was first shown in 2015 in Politico‘s photo gallery of Hillary’s campaign headquarters.


Nine months later on April 28, 2016, the painting was mentioned in a fawning article by Jay Newton-Small for Time magazine. Calling Podesta “the wise man,” “commanding presence in [Hillary] Clinton’s orbit,” and “the man behind the Clinton campaign curtain,” Newton-Small wrote:

“On the wall in his office at Hillary Clinton’s Brooklyn headquarters, campaign chairman John Podesta has an oil painting on loan from his lobbyist brother, who is an avid art collector. The image shows two men hunched over a dining room table, bearing knives and forks. On the table lays a man in a suit, who looks vaguely like Podesta. ‘It’s better to be the guy with the fork,’ Podesta quips to his colleagues, if they ask about the image, ‘than the guy on the table.'”

InfoWars astutely points out that Podesta’s cannibalism painting is “incredibly similar to” an Abramović “performance art” event at the 2011 annual gala of the Museum of Contemporary Art, attended by many Hollywood celebrities, in which participants simulated cannibalism by eating pieces of life-size cakes made in the image of Abramović and pop singer Debbie Harry. (See “Is WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange dead? – the connection with Pamela Anderson“)


His enthrallment with cannibalism, under the guise of an oil painting and “spirit cooking,” is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg of John Podesta’s perversity. Even worse is his and his brother’s pedophile activities, unmasked in a collection of emails published by WikiLeaks. (See “Pizzagate: The Podesta ‘pizza’ emails”)

That such a man has occupied some of the most powerful posts in D.C. — as Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign chairman, Bill Clinton’s White House chief of staff, and Barack Obama’s White House counsel — should trouble any sane person.

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28 responses to “Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta has cannibalism painting in his office

  1. Perversion was one of the noted traits of Hitler’s top people, too.

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  2. Trump has a huge swamp to drain!

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  3. I’m so glad to see this article, Dr. Eowyn; I’ve watched a lot of videos this past weekend, and many of them were about this subject in one way or another. I’m very interested in knowing what other readers think about this. It’s too much to take in. Some people are saying it’s another hoax, and others say it’s either a diversion or coverup for something worse. But I can’t think of many things, if any, that could be worse than what is coming out. It is beyond all reason, but I don’t believe it’s a hoax. A lot of the e-mails, etc. that came from Wikileaks are dated from several years ago, and the sickening demonic artwork has been featured in the advertisements of those pizza places for a while. The Podestas have had their sick artwork displayed for years, including that horrific golden headless man statue that Tony Podesta has, that looks way too much like a Jeffrey Dahmer victim. From what I’ve heard, the crime scene photo of the victim that statue mimics was one that was never released by the police. Where did Tony get it from? Perhaps the police have been selling the most horrible crime scene photos from notorious murders for a huge profit. There is certainly a large market out there of sick people that like to look at that sort of stuff. And it appears that the largest market for it are the wealthy and powerful people in this country. I don’t know what to think anymore, and I sure would like to know what yall think.

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    • Maryaha,

      I have tried to alert readers at my blog about this sick and horrible subject matter. It appears that no one wants to discuss it!

      Perhaps you have seen some of the sites that are discussing this topic. I have included several links within comments at my blog on this post.

      Note: The post itself is not about this subject, but the comments listed include links to sites like “Saboteur365: The Mounting Evidence That Team Clinton Are Pedophiles”, “MicroTurkeyLeaks: John and Tony Podesta abducted 3 year old Madeleine McCann in 2007,” “Sentinel Blog: After Election, the Woman Investigating Clinton Foundation Crimes, FOUND DEAD!”, “State of the Nation: Julian Assange Isn’t Done With Hillary, Reveals Hidden Human Trafficking Network,” “Victurus Libertas.com: Do John and Tony Podesta Have a Connection with Missing Child, Madeleine McCann?”

      I didn’t want to flood this comment thread with all the links, but you can click on them to read them all from the comment section of this post at my Talk Wisdom blog.

      It is all VERY DISTURBING! But I have found that many people DO NOT want to comment about it online (or even in emails)! I never wanted to involve myself in this disgusting subject matter, but I kept finding more and more posts and links in my reader feed, as well as the comment sections of other blogs. Makes me feel sick to my stomach that such things have been going on with these dreadfully evil people!

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      • Thank you, Christine, for this info. I will definitely be visiting your blog.

        People don’t even want to know about this; as if ignoring it will make it go away. It won’t. For all these years we have been told there’s a kidnapper behind every bush; turns out they are all in DC. And they are protected and allowed to continue this by law enforcement on every level, from city to national, and everything in between.

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        • Thanks for your response, Maryaha. The link to State of the Nation’s Alternative News has not only terrible details, but three diagrams (with the last one being truly massive!) of the far-reaching pedo ring.

          When Dennis Hastert was recently “caught” in his pedophile/pederasty activities, he must have done something to cause him to be “outed.” Recall all the years he was in Congress and the years after retirement where he was most likely “protected.” That is what this huge network of perverts do. They protect their own until they screw up somehow, and then they are purged from the “protected status” and given over to the “authorities.” This way, they can control people who are involved in human trafficking with the fear that if they talk, they will be outed, arrested, punished and jailed for their crimes!

          I saw a video done by a young woman (who appeared to be a Millennial) that revealed even more disturbing evidence…and just how far up the D.C. gov’t “totem pole” this “secret” activity goes! Will try to locate that video again.

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          • I just went to Youtube and there are dozens, if not hundreds of videos about this subject! Put “Podesta pizza” into the search box and see how many come up! Why is this evil being ignored by the FBI? I shake my head in disbelief…

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  5. The fact that Jill Stein has demanded a recount, and the fact that Hillary joined her in the effort, along with the credible accusation that George Soros funded the recount efforts, should tell us that these (alleged) people ARE. NOT. GOING. AWAY.

    That being said, thanks to Wikileaks, we know something we did not previously know about the Podesta Brothers. Alex Jones has made it known he intends to pursue this, but acknowledges that it’s a mine field of litigation ahead.

    That being said, the Podesta Brothers were said to be in Portugal when little Madeline McCann disappeared. It has been reported that they had some (temporary) connection to them.

    I certainly hope that when he is inaugurated as President that Donald Trump will go after all these people with a vengeance. As I replied in another post today, Satanists demand—and carry out—human sacrifice. And they are counting on our denial of that in order to continue their dirty work.

    THIS is where the Culture Wars have led us to. People had better WAKE UP.

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    • “it’s a mine field of litigation ahead.”

      which is why FOTM, already on their watch list (Washington Post is stooping so low as to urge that the govt. interrogate and prosecute those on the list), must tread carefully. . . .



      • I agree 100%, Dr. Eowyn, and you would know better than I. I was in a bad situation at the end of my teaching career (which I deserved to lose). I knew something, but I could not say it. (Forget about being sued—I would have been killed. I almost was).
        So how do we “tread carefully”? Well, it’s no sin for us to comment on and analyze what has already been published as fact. Or at least as credible.
        But I do maintain that we are living in Times the Book of Revelation must happen, and we’re in the warm-up phase here. Before President Trump is done, we will have entered WARP DRIVE.
        We are at the mercy of Satanists, and they’re ITCHING for a fight. We’re not alone in this Game. But I still believe that God IS still in control.


  6. Thanks, Dr Eowyn for posting this. Podesta and others need to be exposed completely. The Sheeple need to know who their Lib/Prog “Leaders” really are. Hillary is a figure-head, her handlers are the cabal that make the decisions.
    Steven is right: “THIS is where the Culture Wars have led us to. People had better WAKE UP.”
    With the money from Soros and others, Hillary and the other LibTARDs are having fun screwing with the Election. They don’t care about the Constitution. Embarrassing the Process is a Marxist/Alinsky goal! It is part of the Cloward-Pivens Strategy to cause Chaos whenever possible. Their goal is to destroy the Republic if they can not suborn it from within.

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    • Actually, it seems to me that Hillary Clinton is no mere figurehead: As the driving and steering force of the Clinton Foundation, it seems to me she has a good number of people under her thumb. She certainly used her position as Secretary of State to, say, see to it that Libya’s PRESIDENT was overturned! According to Dr. Steve Pieczenik, Hillary Clinton had a major role in overturning “over 20 countries [or governments.]”

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  7. Reblogged this on Cinderella's Broom and commented:

    What could all of this mean? What, if any, connections are there to Sandy Hook?

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  8. Anyone with a lick of common sense had better be afraid, very afraid of people who are this enthralled with cannibalism! Also the wise will “know” people by the company they keep!

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  9. We’ll probably have shootings every day to cover for this. Fake news.

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  10. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this important post. The perverted art above-shown is incredible, and knowing that Podesta likes this art is absolutely frightening, given the significant role he has played in this country. Truly, the Church Triumphant protected us and I say this without hesitation.

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  11. We’ve cleaned the air and polluted the soul.

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  12. Such crap! Anything for attention I guess.


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