Guess who is up for a fourth-term? Germany’s Merkel announces plan to deport 100,000 migrants

Someone is afraid they won’t win their re-election in 2017.

merkel muslim

From Express UK: The beleaguered Chancellor said authorities would significantly step up the rate of forced returns as she battles to arrest an alarming slump in her popularity which has fuelled a surge in support for the far-right. 

Mrs. Merkel, whose decision to roll out the red carpet to migrants from across Africa and the Middle East spectacularly backfired, has taken an increasingly tough tone on immigration in recent months.

And in her toughest rhetoric yet the German leader told MPs from her party this week: ”The most important thing in the coming months is repatriation, repatriation and once more, repatriation.” 

The stance marks an astonishing U-turn from the once pro-refugee Chancellor, who has been widely pilloried by critics at home and abroad for her decision to throw open Germany’s borders to millions of migrants.

Her extraordinary change of heart has been prompted largely by a series of catastrophic local election results for her ruling Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, which was trounced by the populist Alternative fur Deutschland in both her home state and the capital Berlin.


The party’s slumping poll ratings have sparked alarm amongst her allies in both the CDU and its coalition partner, the Christian Social Union (CSU), with talk that senior officials would try to oust her.

But instead Mrs. Merkel last week announced her intention to stand for a fourth term as leader of Germany, and now she is striking an increasingly anti-immigrant tone as she attempts to restore her battered reputation ahead of next autumn’s election. 

Speaking at a conference of conservative MPs in Neumünster the Chancellor revealed that she expects 100,000 migrants to leave Germany this year, of which a third will be forcibly removed.

And employing a tough new form of rhetoric, she warned local regions to deport all migrants whose asylum applications are rejected, using force if necessary. She warned them: “If state governments refuse to forcibly deport migrants, then of course everyone will say, ‘I will not do this voluntarily, because they will not do anything anyway’.

And in a stunning U-turn on her open borders policy, she added: ”It cannot be that all the young people from Afghanistan come to Germany.”

Her rhetoric this week is a far cry from the now infamous rallying cry of Wir Schaffen Das – ‘we can do this’ – which the beleaguered leader has now dropped after issuing a statement verging on an apology. 

It is estimated that some 215,000 migrants have been denied the right to stay in Germany over the last 18 months, most because they come from countries in eastern Europe and north Africa which are not ravaged by war.

Mrs. Merkel is now insisting that resources must be concentrated on refugees fleeing war and turmoil who genuinely needed support, and that public acceptance for asylum seekers can only be maintained by deporting economic migrants trying to abuse the system.



16 responses to “Guess who is up for a fourth-term? Germany’s Merkel announces plan to deport 100,000 migrants

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  2. If Germans reelect this diabolical woman, then they deserve to go extinct.

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    • Thumbs up Dr. Eowyn this traitorous snake has done irreversible damage to Germany just like Obama has done irreversible damage to America. These so-called leaders just cannot be so stupid that they didn’t know the damage open borders would do to their country.

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    • Instead of pursuing a LOST CAUSE,why doesn’t Killary go to Germany and show Merkel how to “manufacture” votes for fun and profit? Look at all the votes she could create if she doesn’t deport all those heathens,and instead gets them to vote for her.

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  3. They are certainly working on it, aren’t they?
    Rich Germans are leaving, almost like the Jews in 1935.

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  4. If the German people fall for her rhetoric, then they certainly do deserve to loose their country. Let me ask this question . . .”How do you turn a ship on a dime?” Once the floodgates were open, you are fighting an uphill battle, and the ones who are paying the price are the middle and lower class German citizens–not the elites!

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  5. Too bad she only went for the hijab in her photo. She definitely has a burka face.

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  6. I wish Trump would have addressed this issue with Shrillary!

    Ms. Merkel, why is the “appearance” of helping “refugees” on the world stage more important to you then the protection of the German people- the people who have elected you to lead them and more importantly protect them?
    Why, knowing that there is no rational way to screen these people and their intentions, would YOU put the German people in potentially harm’s way? Please explain.

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  7. Too, too late Frau B!tch!
    It’s time to buy some real estate near Barry Soetoro in the U.A.E.
    Auf Wiedersehen and don’t let die tur hit you in the gluteus maximus.

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  8. After all the damage she has done to her country without remorse is mind numbing. The people need to remove her now or yesterday. Can they survive until next year?

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  9. So Germany gets taken over by budding Terrorists-then what? They’ll overthrow the Government,institute Shariah Law,there will be an exodus of lifelong German Citizens looking for a safe Country to flee to…OR,the PEOPLE of Germany will take up the gauntlet and go to work removing these migrants,either vertically OR horizontally,and hold Merkel solely responsible for their damages.

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  10. Based on Soeren Kern’s (Senior Fellow, Gatestone Institute) article, few natural Germans are going to buy Merkel’s propaganda.

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  11. It’s the career politicians like Merkel that everyone is sooooo sick and tired of. The Globalists are not going to take down Europe and the good old USA without a fight. I think they are finally starting to get it. So now she wants to flip flop on immigration? Typical bullshit. Predictable results. The damage has already been done. It will take years to repair. We all need to get back to and support Christianity, Morals, Pride of Country and take care of business in our own backyard BEFORE we help other countries. It may sound insensitive but have you all really looked around here at home? We have a lot of our own problems and issues that need to be addressed immediately. Once we get squared away and back on the right track then we would be in a position to help others. Thank God for Donald Trump. May the Angels keep him safe and protect him 24/7. He’s going to need it.

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  12. Angela Merkel has to go,
    .And perhaps the time has come, when the German People are, at last, waking up to what has been done to them, since WW2 & nor, begin putting wreaths on the graves of the German WW2 war dead,

    And,.. perhaps someone will write some new verses for the ‘Horst Wessel Song.

    And, also, perhaps the German people are ready to get rid of that, awful Black,..Red,..& Gold flag that they now have, & re- institute Black ,. Red, & White as their national colors, which they had, in better days, gone by,.. before Germany was destroyed by the Jewish disease of ‘Cultural Marxism

    Ya think,.?.

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  13. so, after creating the problem, merkel now wants to “solve” the problem….
    yeah, I agree, Dr. Eowyn and Auntie, if the germans re-elect her then they get what they deserve. I pray that witch (german version of hellary) is not re-elected.

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