Do NOT let Facebook finish your sentences!

Facebook is trying hack your comments


A few minutes ago, when typing “Yes” in response to a friend’s photo about friendship, Facebook tried to “help” me finish my thoughts by turning a simple “Yes” in favor of friendship into “Vote Yes On The Audit.”  

The photo had nothing to to with a vote audit. And if you know me, you would know I would NEVER call for this vote recount. Therefore it is clear this finished sentence was not helping me repeat anything I had said before.

And the screenshot above was taken when I repeated the attempt to type “Yes.” That means that “Vote Yes On The Audit” is deliberately programed into Facebook right now.

Now we have another reason to proof read our Facebook responses. Not only are we in danger of looking stupid with correctly spelled incorrect words substituted by FB, but now whole political sentiments that are being forced on an unsuspecting public!

Remember please, the “Arab Spring” had Facebook’s fingerprints all over it. Then realize FB is not neutral, and not in any way your “friend.”

PS: I tried to repeat this on my wife’s Facebook account, and it didn’t happen. So it may be me who is hacked. Or FB might have an algorithm that makes this happen on randomly chosen accounts. But please keep an eye open when using FB, and never let it finish your sentences.

PPS: In an effort to stop this problem, I found a piece of advice that directed me to look at the apps that had been attached to the account, and remove any that are suspicious. I did so, and the problem stopped. I did this in a non-scientific way, so cannot say which one was the trouble maker.



17 responses to “Do NOT let Facebook finish your sentences!

  1. Far too many times I would go from making controversial comments on facebook, and within 10 minutes to an hour my security system reports a viral attack on my computer. Or I will learn from my business partner that our webste has been under attack my hundreds of bad credit cards…I only use fb because I communicate with friends there, otherwise I would not wipe my shoes on the place!
    —Considering the amount of money it brings the swine who owns it, fb is poorly put together, and run?
    —If I could get a grip on his nose I would get a really fine apology out of him for both of us!

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    • I’ve thought about the risks of Facebook,and decided that anyone I will ever need to contact I have a phone # or email address for,and vice versa. We can either call or email each other,thus,no more FB. No loss for me-FB is a PITA to use anyway.


  2. How sneaky of Facebook.
    Thank you for the warning, TD.

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  3. REPULSIVE. Never play fair, never accept defeat! Jill Stein is either being used, or threatened, or has been one of them all along.

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  4. Thanks for the heads up, Trail.

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  6. Just Say No!

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  7. Boycott Facebook! Quit now!
    I have never joined, and tried to convince friends not to. The Gestapo and KGB would have loved it! It encourages everyone to tell all your personal stuff to anyone that will listen. CRAZY!
    Burglars love it! You of kids brag about your upcomming vacation and rent a truck from U-Haul.
    Think about what you doing! This is a Culture War, a War Against Criminals, and a War for Liberty from the Elitists Totalitarians, and you have a “spy” in your computer and even your phone!
    Wise UP!

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  8. Thank you!

    I resisted joining Facebook for years, but when I missed the funeral of a dear friend’s son (she lives several states away), I finally gave in and signed up. I never post anything personal, no photos of my husband or son, sometimes a photo of a particularly disgusting chemtrail-y sky or a link to a provocative article. I did find my dog once, through Facebook, when he’d gotten out, but otherwise? Pretty worthless.

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  9. I wouldn’t let Farcebook wash my weenie.

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  10. I’ve got a farcebook account, under a pseudonym. I’ve never posted anything and only been on it but about 3 times. I thought it might be good for finding people I’d lost track of. Not much success so far.


  11. ive been in fb jail many times lol once some of my friends and i tried to start a discussion on the water in flint michigan. boy, fb shut that thread down so fast it made my head spin lol


  12. I used to use it under a nomme de plume, and later learned that that was a wise course of action. Not only does FB have a sharp tilt to the port side, it aggressively attacks and deletes anything that challenges the Leftist Party line.

    More ominously, those who posted using their real names and faces were stalked and hunted by Leftist trolls, threatened, messages left on their porches, photos of their homes and cars posted, with an invitation for others to do something to them, others had their bosses called and insulted, their receptionists insulted and harassed, businesses harassed.

    In real life, you don’t want to have to worry about some creep stalking you, your wife, hassling your employer, or worse yet, taking pictures of your kids at day care.

    All from a Social Networking site. yeah.


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