Google Maps renames Trump Tower as Dump Tower

That’s how petty, childish, and sore losers the Left are.

Katherine Lam and Talia Tirella report for PIX11 that yesterday, Nov. 26, someone at Google Maps renamed President-elect Donald Trump’s building in midtown Manhattan from Trump Tower to “Dump Tower”.


Google Maps users began noticing the Fifth Avenue building’s name on Saturday afternoon. It’s unclear when the switch occurred, but people on Twitter began tweeting about the new “brand identity” around 2 p.m.

Trump International Hotel & Tower in Columbus Circle was also renamed Dump International Hotel & Tower.

A spokesperson from Google Maps told PIX11 the name change from Trump to “Dump” has been fixed:

“Some inappropriate names were surfacing in Google Maps that should not be, and we apologize for any offense this may have caused. Our teams immediately took action and have fixed the issue.”



34 responses to “Google Maps renames Trump Tower as Dump Tower

  1. This is so typical of Google…the communist search engine. And, it is ugly and disgusting, these people, just like Obama and Hillary, have absolutely no respect or TOLERANCE for anything that isn’t the commie/Marxist beliefs. I’m so sick of these people…I wish they’d all move to Cuba or China

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  2. Goggle is controlled by left wingers so why the surprise when one of their actors punches in a so-called mistake.

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  3. real clever on google’s part..
    I’m done with google just like I’m done with MSM,ESPN,NFL, and most alphabet agencies…..
    probably retaliation for “clinton news network”…and Hitlery references…

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  4. I just looked it up using the Google Maps app for Android. Want to know how they ‘fixed’ it? They REMOVED it! Zooming in on the same block, 5th & 57th, shows Starbucks, Tiffany’s, etc, but no Trump Tower. Even when I type Trump Tower into the search box, it doesn’t appear on the map, only an unnamed pin appears.

    Somebody at Google needs a good paddling. With a spiked paddle. In the face.

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  5. There’s better names, how about Chump Tower. We need a businessman to try to fix what college lawyers with no experience in life have done to us. We’re the chumps.

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  6. This is another silly act of desperation. “That’s how petty, childish, and sore losers the Left are.”
    And the good part is: That’s all they have left! A baby-slap in a barfight. Totally impotent.
    Cry-babies whipping themselves up for one more meaningless stupid gesture.
    The Real Scenario: A 3 year old lying on the floor in Walmart, kicking its heels and screaming because Mommy won’t give it the candy it wants, right now!

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  7. Google apologized? Lol yea right… How about firing the douchbag who compromised the information? In my company that is grounds for getting fired.

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  8. The dump closes to DC ought to be renamed “o’bama library”

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  9. Google Government ogle. An example of what we would have to look forward to under the rule of Regressives.

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  10. I also could not get Google Maps to get Trump Towers, but when I typed in Dump Towers it came right up!

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    • Wow, I typed in ‘Dump Tower’ and no tower showed up, only the ‘Dump Grill’. This time, the pin actually had the name attached. No ‘Tower’ of any kind showed up on the map, however.

      Someone needs corporal punishment.

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  11. Google is a major power in the NWO, of course, and it has corporate membership in the CFR. Imagine what those powers would do with absolute power. All good people would be trashed with lies, then, disappeared.

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  12. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Big Brother, you are not our keeper!

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  13. I don’t really know how to upload pictures, but here goes:

    First, a screenshot from today at 8:42 MST, where I made NO search for a name, I merely zoomed in on the intersection:

    <img src=”” title=”Notice how even though Trump Tower does not appear, the app knows it’s there and suggests ‘food and drink near Trump Tower’” width=380 />

    Next, the satellite view shows a huge building that is, apparently, just Starbucks and Tiffany’s:

    <img src=”” title=”Nothing to see here, folks” width=380 />

    Later, searching for Dump Tower (I suspect they are still calling it that, but have merely removed it from showing), We get the Dump Grill:

    Nothing fake about this news!

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  14. Bunch of children, acting like little brats !

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  15. This blatant disrespect is cause for instant dismissal. Incredibly sad that neither the responsible operative, nor their immediate supervisor, have any concept that they are serving a global community, and not fooling around in a coffee shop somewhere.

    We can therefore assume that end-users do NOT come first from an employee’s perspective within Google. That kind of nonchalance spreads from the top down. It is definitely time to find and support a Google alternative.

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  16. Another temper tantrum by the left!

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  17. I stopped using Google some time ago. Other’s need to do the same thing. If folks throw a party, but they cannot act right, it’s only fitting that other’s just leave the party, and let them cry alone! This is disgusting.

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  18. You are right. So childish and this is who is running most of these internet companies, unfortunately.

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  19. I hope Trump cuts all google tax subsidies and makes them go bankrupt.

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  20. I’ve been using “Bing” instead of “Google”. An added benefit is that they don’t send info to NSA on your searches etc.

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  21. That’s mature…

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  22. Ahh, our only “friends” in the middle east . LOL


  23. Absolutely amazing and idiotic!


  24. Just one more reason to hate Google and switch. We did a long time ago.
    They make way too much money to behave so childishly.


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