Lena Dunham proves, once again, that you can’t believe a thing she says


Liberal Hollyweird actress Lena Dunham has a very vivid imagination. She’s said many things that were either not true or just downright made-up stories coming from her dramatic, twisted brain. For example:

  • In 2014, Dunham wrote in her book that she raped by an acquaintance in college. She said his name was “Barry.” After being called out by Breitbart, Lena had to backtrack and apologize. Dunham clarified that ‘Barry’ was just a pseudonym she designed to protect the identity of her attacker, who she never meant to identify in the story.  Instead, she says she wrote the essay to bring comfort to other victims like herself and that she intends to continue raising awareness of the issue of sexual assault on college campuses.
  • Back in September, Dunham assumed a man seated with her at the Met Gala wasn’t interested in her because he was on his phone. Dunham was seated near Odell Beckham (a football player), and she claimed he was looking at his cellphone instead of her because he found her sexually unappealing. She had to apologize, again.

lena dunham apology

Dunham’s apology to Beckham

So did we really believe Dunham would keep her word about Trump’s election?


Back in April, Dunham said she would move to Canada if Trump was elected.

Lena said this: “I know a lot of people have been threatening to do this, but I really will,” the Girls star, 29, said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “I know a lovely place in Vancouver and I can get my work done from there.”

Turns out she’s not moving to Canada after all. Shocker, not.

The day before Thanksgiving, she posted this letter on her Instagram account:


Remember Lena, #LoveTrumpsHate!




11 responses to “Lena Dunham proves, once again, that you can’t believe a thing she says

  1. ” she claimed he was looking at his cellphone instead of her because he found her sexually unappealing.”
    WELL, DUH?!? And the high probability that she is diseased.
    And when she opens her mouth, she shifts in to ‘REPULSIVE’.
    She is one of the reasons Americans may find burkas acceptable… As long as hers comes with a gag.

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  2. People magazine is being excoriated by the pro-Hillary crazies for that cover.

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  3. I don’t hate you Lena. It’s not your fault that you’re a repulsive, lying moron. I’m sure the devil made you do it.

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  4. This girl is a Marxist pig. Any other verbiage is not necessary.

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  5. In all seriousness, I see no mere “confabulation” on the part of Lena Dunham. I see loose parallels between her and Sylvia Plath.
    I hope I am wrong—and I will pray for Dunham, as awful as she is—but do not be surprised if this sick young woman winds up taking her life sometime down the road.
    Upon reflecting on the life and poetry of Plath, I am convinced, all these years later, that she had a demon. I am convinced that Dunham also has a demon. I am appalled by Dunham. But I will pray for her.

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  6. She truly is a nut job. When you are in public, as a female, not every man who comes within 10 feet of you is automatically going to size you up as far as being an appropriate “love interest.” For Heaven’s sake, some people are already attached, or perhaps if they are a black man–they prefer black women, or the man prefers long hair. She has displayed herself for all the world to see, so that there is N-O-T-H-I-N-G left to the imagination. Perhaps the man is an introvert, who is unable to seal with other’s who are so much “out there.” I also agree with those who have already stated . . . “she is rather a well used piece of meat.” That just does not appear to everyone. Rather funny that she ranks on those who choose to believe other than she does, yet is offended when a man sitting next to her spends his time on the phone. I would say it would be a problem if that man was her date, but if he isn’t–he’s free to comport himself in any manner he desires. This woman is truly mentally ill. If she weren’t so offensive, probably more of us would feel sorrow for her.


  7. So, she is raped and in turn she makes up a name for her attacker to protect him? What? If it were true, I would scream it from the roof tops to warn other women.
    They need to do a serious intervention with her before something happens.

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  8. “fill your mailbox with hate”? that gate swings both ways and maybe she does too. I don’t know. But she sure has a manure spreader for a mouth. No shortage of hate there. Walk away. She’s probably to far gone to save. But you can laugh at her.


  9. She is a dumb version of the character Mason Verger, from the movie Hannibal. She had better hope that a Doctor Lecter doesn’t enter her life to see just how far she can be pushed!


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