Fidel (Finally) Goes to Hell


Now the old bastard is a “good” commie.

Sure took long enough.

Via his favorite newspaper:

Fidel Castro, the fiery apostle of revolution who brought the Cold War to the Western Hemisphere in 1959 and then defied the United States for nearly half a century as Cuba’s maximum leader, bedeviling 11 American presidents and briefly pushing the world to the brink of nuclear war, died Friday. He was 90.

His death was announced by Cuban state television.

In declining health for several years, Mr. Castro had orchestrated what he hoped would be the continuation of his Communist revolution, stepping aside in 2006 when he was felled by a serious illness. He provisionally ceded much of his power to his younger brother Raúl, now 85, and two years later formally resigned as president. Raúl Castro, who had fought alongside Fidel Castro from the earliest days of the insurrection and remained minister of defense and his brother’s closest confidant, has ruled Cuba since then, although he has told the Cuban people he intends to resign in 2018.

Read the rest at this link, as I just can’t stomach it.


36 responses to “Fidel (Finally) Goes to Hell

  1. Hip hip hurray!!! The son of Satan is dead. Burn in Hell the beast.

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    • Esther Bunny Brown

      More like one of many of Satan’s children.

      But then there’s one peculiar prophecy I came across:

      ”A day will come when the enemies of Christ will boast of having conquered the whole world. They will say: ‘Christians cannot escape now!’ But a Great King will arise to fight the enemies of God. He will defeat them, and peace will be given to the world, and the Church will be freed from her anxieties.” (Saint Methodius – 4th century.)


  2. Mas Felicidades por Thanksgiving! Fidel esta Muerto!
    For a Media comparison see:
    Happy, happy Thanksgiving Holiday to all freedom loving people!

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  3. Great rhyming headline. I wonder if Barry will go to the funeral?

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  4. Wonderful to wake up to this news! 😀

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    • But why is it that so many dictators die a natural death in ripe old age? — including that evil of evils, Pol Pot.

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      • God doesn’t want them in heaven, and Satan is afraid they will try to take over Hell?

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        • Best. Explanation. Ever. 🙂

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          • Actually, really, really air-tight security..And many ‘body-doubles’ whenever he moved, anywhere..’ Quite a few died for the bastard. And many more died trying to kill him.
            Only God knows how many assassination attempts were made on the old devil, and the hundreds more that never got off the ground. Back in the day, it was practically “an industry” in south Florida & ‘down island’. ‘Everybody’ had a plan.

            Perhaps now “Cuba Libre!” will become more than a rum & Coke with a slice of lime. The Internet is opening it up a bit, I hear. And if Trump allows American Tourism, especially ‘small’ boats, who knows what can happen?

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        • Is that why Jimmy Carter is still around?

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  5. 2016 ending on a great note!

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  6. Ufferndan and Emery, no question that Obama and Mooch will be acclaimed for President and First Gay in the next free “elections” in CUBA!

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  7. Nine days of mourning in CUBA, nine days in hell for the Cubans in the island, elsewhere in the world there is a Cuban will be days of endless celebrations.

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  8. Ya know, commies are having a bad year.

    First the UK votes to give the EU the finger, and it appears Italy is about to do likewise.

    Comrade Broom Hilda gets defeated by Donald Trump.

    Now Fidel is on his way to achieving room temperature.

    LOL – I almost feel sorry for them.

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  9. I wonder if the Obama’s will attend the cremation and get a good feel of what they too one day will go through. A taste of the path to hell for all the commies.
    November should become the month of gratitude for people – HELLary gone and now Fidel. Good riddance to them both.

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  10. They need to drop the commie stuff. and maybe free trade with them would do it in sooner than later. Once the people there see what the people here have to give, how long do you suppose it’ll take for capitalism to take over?

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    • An excellent insight from a conservative stance! I read the article cited in the posting,, and found it was well-balanced and fair. Why?

      It depicted Fidel as a flawed human with many warts and self-defeating rigidities, which are sufferable in an individual, but to subject an entire nation to them is nothing if not despotic. Had he been more pragmatic and less bound by a worthless & unworkable dogma, his people would have advanced to where China is now. Really. Look at the datelines.

      I think it is a fair statement to say that Cuba has done remarkably well, not because of Fidel, but IN SPITE of him. Cubans are bright & innovative, as befits their survival.

      Now they are a world leader in organic agronomy because they were cut off from 1st world chemical fertilsers, but again: the PEOPLE, not Fidel, figured out what to do and went ahead, even if some went to prison because of it. I hope they can now be released.

      As a child, I used to attend picnics where funds were raised to send to Franco’s regime to release prisoners from the Civil War, and Cubans are in the same plight. Hundreds, if not thousands are lanquishing in prison for no crime at all, by our lights..

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  11. HELLary is far from gone! If she does “die”, we better drive a hazel stake through her heart, cover her in sea salt and fresh garlic, cut her head off, and still wait ’til it thunders, then cremate the whole mess on a hot hardwood fire, and wait until wildflowers bloom where the fire was to even think about relaxing.
    Did I miss anything? I’m not really superstitious, but with her, I don’t think we should take any chances. No telling what kind of devilment she is up to.

    And feel sorry for any of them? Not in this life..

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    • “HELLary is far from gone! If she does “die”, we better drive a hazel stake through her heart, cover her in sea salt and fresh garlic, cut her head off, and still wait ’til it thunders, then cremate the whole mess on a hot hardwood fire, and wait until wildflowers bloom where the fire was to even think about relaxing.”

      Thank you fpr expressing all that is in my heart!

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  12. FINALLY!!! And leave it to the Times to call him “Mr.” Castro! It figures.
    But Alex Jones, the inconvenient agent provacateur of truth, correctly identified in his video rant of today “a creation of the CIA” which, I believe, he was.
    One Castro down, one Castro to go. I hope that the future President Trump can provoke Cuba to freedom. If he does succeed in doing so, expect the Times to caterwaul, “Mr. Trump Takes Advantage of Market Forces in Cuba” when he builds a casino or hotel there!
    At any rate, I also look forward to the day when ANY American President fulfills the desire of President Kennedy, and dismantles the CIA and “breaks it up into a million pieces.” THIS is also “a consummation devoutly to be wish’d.”

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  14. An unrepentant Communist/Atheist. But Bergoglio is ‘sad’ and is ‘grieving’.
    If you are a traditional Catholic Bergoglio has some choice words for you though: doctrinaire, ideologue, rigid, ritualistic, rigorous, scary, closed in the past, Pelagian, Donatist, neurotic, pious, fundamentalist, obstinate

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  15. Good article on how Fidel came to power. Lib/Prog traitors in the State Dept are nothing new.

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  16. Crap-I never even THOUGHT about this-Isn’t it just PERFECT timing that Castro cashed in JUST as Obama is out of a JOB? And what better job could he find than as Co-President of CUBA-no,of OBAMA. (I’m surprised Obama didn’t try to re-name the US after himself…..)

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  17. El Presidente de CUBAMA…….
    assisted by his ‘wife’ Miguelito de Pee Pee Grande.

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  18. Donald Trump won the election to become President of the United States of America…And some freaked out, and some pulled their hair out, some set fire to their cities, some just got drunk, and some want a recount, some moved to Canada, and some laughed, and some cried, and some died…Adios Fidel!

    Happy Healthy Trails
    Doc Blake, ND (still at large)

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  19. Cuba is so screwed up by Communism they can’t even get the old devil’s ashes to graveyard!
    And this is best of their “jeeps”, old Soviet of course.

    Where is the MSM on this story?!! The Miami Cubans must be rolling around in the streets, howling with laughter! Karma is truly “a bitch”, to this old bastard. This is just too good!

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    • Why, you ask, is the MSM not reporting on this? Do you not realize that the main stream media LOVES Castro? Never would they report on something like this, as it would put a bad light on one of their heroes. For well over eight years, the media has NOT been reporting news. They have been reporting what they are TOLD to report by the Democratic party. They are no longer journalism, but the media department of the DNC.


  20. Uhh, …sarcasm, Emery, sarcasm.
    But your point is 100% correct.
    Now try to explain that to a Lib/Prog. A good chunk of 2X4 will help. Maybe.

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    • A 2X4 nor a large hammer, or anything else will penetrate their brains, UNESS you convince them that what you are saying comes from the DNC. THEN they will lap it up like gravy to a starving dog. Nothing else will ever work. They’re NUTS.


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