Seattle to set aside money for undocumented students

The liberal City of Seattle has a major problem with homelessness. Mayor Ed Murray declared a State of Emergency on November 2, 2015.  To address the homelessness problem, the city set up safe RV lots for families and individuals living in vehicles. The problem with that? The City didn’t calculate the high costs associated with the program.

"The Jungle" homeless camp in Seattle/AP Photo

“The Jungle” homeless camp in Seattle/AP Photo

The money and resources spent has done nothing to solve the problem.  In mid-November, the Department of Housing and Urban Development released a report that indicated that there was an increase of 7.3 percent more homeless people in Washington state this year than in 2015.

Given that track record, does anyone believe that the city of Seattle can efficiently and effectively address the needs of illegal aliens? And why is the city allocating money to illegal aliens when U.S. citizens are living on the streets? Because it’s progressive.

From Seattle Times: The city of Seattle is allotting $250,000 to address the needs of undocumented immigrant illegal alien students enrolled in Seattle Public Schools and their families.

Progressive Seattle Mayor Ed Murray

Progressive Seattle Mayor Ed Murray

The move is part of an executive order Mayor Ed Murray signed Thursday, reaffirming Seattle’s status as a “sanctuary city.”

An “inclusive and equitable city cabinet,” made up of representatives from various city departments, will come up with a plan for how to spend the money, according to a news release from the mayor’s office that did not offer further details on what such needs might be.

The order also directs city employees not to ask residents about their immigration status, unless police officers have a reasonable suspicion that the person is committing or has committed a felony. It also directs departments to serve all residents regardless of immigration status.

The order had been expected as Murray had earlier promised that Seattle would remain a sanctuary city with policies to protect undocumented immigrants, despite Donald Trump’s election as president. Trump has vowed to crack down on cities that shield residents from federal immigration authorities, pledging to block federal taxpayer dollars from going to them, though it’s not clear Seattle would necessarily be among them.

Mayors of other cities, including New York and Chicago, have joined Murray in limiting the extent to which their city departments will help federal immigration authorities.

Washington’s population of undocumented immigrants illegal aliens grew by 40,000 between 2009 and 2014, making the state just one of six nationwide to see an increase, according to the executive order signed by Murray.

government solve all problems


17 responses to “Seattle to set aside money for undocumented students

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  2. Seattle, The city that is a sanctuary city.” to ALL BUT it’s own citizens! Don’t they know if you have a problem with pigeons but keep on feeding them the problem only gets worse instead of better!

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  3. It would be ok if the funds were used to send them back where they originated.

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  4. I truly hope that President Trump KEEPS his promises to deport the Illegals, and prosecute Hil LIAR y.

    If Trump doesn’t pursue/prosecute Clinton as he said he would I have no faith in Trump to do right.

    If Trump lets these criminals go free he is just as bad as them.

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    • Not to worry-it’ll be done. He’s not even in office yet though-So how ’bout we give him maybe six months and see where things are going by then? Those criminals may walk free for a while,thinking they’re off the hook,but aren’t going anywhere-they’ll be dealt with when the processes are in order to do it RIGHT.

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  5. well, when the ‘progressives’ become totally inundated with illegals and homeless people despite giving the govt all their monies, what will happen? They’ll most likely either leave or stay. I doubt they’ll get too many taxpaying people coming INTO Seattle, however. And then they’ll declare bankruptcy and ask for a hand out from the US govt. I LOVED the unicorn ‘poster’!!!

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  6. I find that my blood was boiling after reading this . . . . . Hard working citizens have to not only take care of themselves, but they are called upon to feed, shelter, and provide medical services (no doubt) to all those who flock to this city to avail themselves of all this great F-R-E-E stuff. As one reader has already stated, when you subsidize something, anything . . . you will sure as shootin’ get more of it! This is true of Welfare recipients, Food Stamp recipients, Free Phone recipients, as long as moochers can get free stuff–they will bust their buttons to get to where the free stuff is being given out. Outsiders are flocking there so that they can get “their share of the goodies,” Frankly, Seattle was a lovely city, but all these Progressive mandates has turned it into a sewer. Unless facilities are provided by some governmental agency, those who camp out, spread out and use the neighborhoods they are infiltrating as “outhouses.”

    Two weeks ago I saw a camper which had set up residence in the vacant lot next to me (it’s actually owned by a church on the corner.) Evidently the church asked them to move, so they parked on the street. Many of us home owners have had issued with homeless persons, urinating and defecating in our yards. I called the city to report this “camper,” but they left the following day before the city inspector had a chance to tag them. (Someone in the neighborhood has a supply of M-80’s that they let off from time to time. That night they let one of the M-80’s rip . . . our campers pulled up stakes by dawn the following morning by dawn. I guess they thought it wasn’t to safe to stay around here. That’s the only time I was happy with the M-80 users.) Once you get one set of homeless people set up, then other’s follow, just like those small ants that you get once in a while in the kitchen–till there is a steady stream of them. The only way to preserve the sanctity of life for those who have a legitimate claim to living in an area is to make it hard on those who want to set up these homeless tent cities.

    I suppose that I sound like a person who cares little for my fellowman . . . that is far from the truth. I know firsthand that the greater majority of these folks have substance abuse problems (judging from the alcohol bottles and cans left behind in the vacant lot, in addition to the dirty needles that they have thrown away after shooting up) many do not wish to get clean so that they quality for employment. Why would sane people take on the burden of subsidizing this kind of behavior? A behavior that tears down our society.

    As far as I can tell, the city of Seattle has far to much tax money, if they can take from those who work, and squander it not only on the burgeoning homeless population, but on those who are in their city after having committed a felony (jumping our boarder.) The taxpayers in Seattle need to think very hard about what they are creating, and vote into office people who will turn that ship around!

    DCG . . . great article! It shows explicitly what we all need to guard against in our city and county governments!

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  7. The Lib/Progs there will wise up when all their Federal Funds are cut off and they have to start taxing THEIR Citizens instead of getting unlimited funds from Obozo!
    Like Margaret Thatcher said, ” The problem with Socialism is sooner or later you run out of ‘Other Peoples Money’.

    We are finally going to get the FED “Credit Card” away Lib/Progs with the Economic Sense” of spoiled 13 year old girls.

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  8. Where are the churches that should be filling this gap? Are they too busy having committee meetings to discuss this problem? A few Catholic ‘Bingo Nights’ and these folks would be back on their feet in no time.

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    • Many churches in the Northwest do provide help for the homeless. Churches offer “safe parking” for those living out of their vehicles. Churches provide food services/food banks. Some churches become a support church – cooking, providing hospitality and overnight volunteers and shelter.

      Catholic Housing Services of Western Washington helps, too. And many churches partner with the Seattle Union Gospel Mission, an organization that has been providing services for 80 years and one of the largest assistance organizations in Seattle.

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    • “A few Catholic ‘Bingo Nights’ and these folks would be back on their feet in no time.” Not necessarily. Many that are homeless choose to live that way. And many have other issues besides no home (mental and drug issues) that need to be addressed before any type of shelter will solve their problems.

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  9. And many are reluctant to go to anyone for help because of old Warrants,non payment of taxes or judgements from their pasts. Sometimes it’s heartbreaking to know that a lot of the issues they fear will get them jailed can be resolved fairly easily,leaving them access to ways to become productive Citizens again.

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  10. Progressives/socialists are able to keep the money flowing even when they run out of ‘other people’s money’. Because now they can just print more and charge it to the accounts of the taxpayers. The fed res system is the crux of the problem and must go.

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  11. Update…

    Seattle Mayor Seeking $250K to Protect Illegal Immigrants from Deportation

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  12. New York sent their homeless to Oregon once upon a time….

    I just had a true Eureka moment! Why not every single homeless American go to SEATTLE….flood that shit down! Grab signs… a protest for homeless Americans that are ignored! Scream racist, go bat shit f’g crazy…

    If they don’t give em what they need…do what the left does….if that doesn’t work…burn them down….if that doesn’t work scream at their homes, take their homes because they own American homeless, it’s their fault for having so much ‘privilege’…..not spreading it far enough and eating top ramen like homeless do or jumping in the trash dumpsters for food and such….flood them with American homeless….like VETS and others who just lost their jobs and can’t get another because they now have no car, no home, no phone, yeah….Flooooood them with homeless Americans!

    It’s a joke….or is it?

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  13. Goes out my door….
    walks across the street…
    walks behind a laundromat where the homeless who would love a job go to keep warm on a cold ass night as the dryers blow warm air out to keep the chill off just enough and hands out a few hot foods to those huddle in their sleeping bags….after all…

    They are American who have been disposed by their own damn country.

    They hope no one notices them too much there as being homeless is a crime now….

    They hope somehow there is a little bit of hope now that Trump is Prez but…careful of that hope, not nurturing it too much….lest hope dashed is worse than no hope at all at this point.

    Hoping that the handouts I give are not going to get me in a jam and a big fat ticket and court hearing since…well you know…I don’t have a permit and okay from the city to do this type of thing.

    Listen…I have been there and done that and I have found much help and didn’t want to let those who help me down…so tried really hard to do better.

    The fake do gooders seriously just want to ‘look good’…its a fetish for them, in style and it will end with a bang in a very real future….poof!

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  14. I like this man…he is a immigrant…who understands and loves this country which is passionate, not luck warm…and why those of old loved this place and appreciated it so much…a patriot. That is what so many have forgot, lost….for my family we got both thrown out and came for a better life, work hard and become a ‘American’….

    He points out ‘assimilating’…so true….

    Dinesh D’Souza: A World Without America

    My mother has the full movie of America from him and I watched…crying…
    She helped me understand….so much before her passing. She told me…this is the difference…remember the passion and be willing as your ancestors were to build a great real dream….a real one come true. That is what we have forgotten and why we seriously need someone like Trump to help us remember this….

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