College Offers ‘Thanksgiving Toolkit’ for Sensitive Students


From HeatStreet (By Jillian Kay Melchior): Nervous about talking politics over Thanksgiving dinner? At the College of William and Mary, there’s training for that.

The so-called “Thanksgiving Toolkit,” sponsored by the English Department and held Monday night, offers students strategies to cope with family members with political viewpoints “that make you feel vulnerable and distressed.”

On college campuses, students may be able to avoid critical thinking, debate, or exposure to different political viewpoints altogether.

But the tragic reality is that parents’ homes may not have designated safe spaces, so William and Mary has pulled together a plan for students encountering actual dissent for the first time in their sheltered adult existences.

Many of these coddled youths are apparently wondering: “How do you engage with people you love, yet disagree with? How do you take care of yourself in the meantime?”

Fear not. At tonight’s event (the event was held on Monday), students can learn “strategies for discussing privilege,” as well as “how to show solidarity with those who are made especially vulnerable by the election results, including: undocumented immigrants, people of color, queer and trans people, people with disabilities.”

The faculty hosting this event will also teach students about organizations and resources they can pass on to less enlightened family members.

Judge Judy shakes head rolls eyes


21 responses to “College Offers ‘Thanksgiving Toolkit’ for Sensitive Students

  1. Does the tool kit come with a pacifier ? …….If not , it should !

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  2. That college should be bulldozed into an empty field and corn should be planted in it’s place. OR cows could graze there, as then the current population on that piece of ground would be replaced with a MUCH more intelligent one.

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  3. I thought second childhood didn’t go into effect until people were MUCH older. Our children start in daycare, then middle school, next high school, THEN it is back to day care in what USE to be colleges for young “adults”. Standard issue for college should now include, diapers, sippy cups, comfort blankies and pacifiers! From the sounds I am hearing from campuses today these items will be needed to get through college. Biggest problem is what are they going to do when they get into the real world? NO nappy time and you have to be potty trained again and learn to use real glasses!

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  4. William Brandon Shanley

    DCG… Please stop! I’m falling out of my chair with laughter and need to do some work! Simply incredible!!!

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  5. Why are you surprised? You are looking at the over vaccinated, over medicated, toxic filled generation! All that is needed is one really virulent Superbug, and they will be dropping like flies!…That will be the excuse to use total government force to control our health! No more seeking out a healthy lifestyle, cleansing and detoxing, eating healthy organic foods, herbs, supplements and exercise.
    —Example: I took a health quiz in my mid sixties, that would guess your age from your health answers…it guessed that I was 37, and then suggested that if I took an aspirin every day they would have taken off a few more years…
    —I wrote them back and told them, “no thanks, I know very well that taking an aspirin every day can lead to a hemorrhagic stroke.”

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  6. ‘Thanksgiving Toolkit’? Really… I didn’t know that it was broken.

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  7. Taxpayer funding needs to stop going to these indoctrination centers. It has failed because the brainwashing (programming) being done on these kids is so far removed from reality it is being exposed that they are not going to be able to cope in the real world. Although probably not a bad thing since I sure DO NOT want these fragile snowflakes in control of anything in the future. We now need to face the fact that the everyone who lives in reality either has to deal with a thumb sucking rocking mess curled up in a corner or an out of control violent robot on a rampage. Oh Happy Days

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  8. And these are Young Adults who can vote and drive cars? Why are these Universities treating them like semi-retarded thumb-sucking First Graders?
    Their intended ‘Outcome’ can not be remotely good.
    Do they want their students to be mentally and emotionally unstable? Helpless to deal with even the simplest problems?
    Why to the parents send their children to these over-priced Insane Asylums?

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  9. Like this?

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  10. Oh good gawd!

    What a bunch of spineless p*ssies.

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  11. frankly if these snowflakes want to have such libatard opinions, let em pay for their own education. That’ll slap some conservatism into them. And if they don’t like the conversation that comes with the free food on Thanksgiving then stay the hell on campus and eat dehydrated turkey and powdered potatoes. btw. I don’t hire anybody until I’ve seen the bumper stickers on their car. If the stickers scream libatard guess where they won’t be working.


  12. I am going to vomit.
    I am a lesbian, feminist, liberal.
    These disgusting pieces of crippled liberal shit need to just get out of the gene pool.
    How was it that I managed to be who I am and thrive during my college and graduate years 1971-1980, and then in the workplace 1980-2014????
    IN my life argued and debated and shared and screamed until we turned blue…and we walked away intact, happy, informed, educated and STRONG.
    We were adults, with all the necessary emotional and cognitive skills expected of an adult.

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    • Gee Mary, you are pretty hostile today. I thought liberals motto was “Love Trumps Hate?”


    • I love your attitude. 🙂

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    • Mary, key word, WE, We were brought up to be responsible USEFUL Adults. There are very few ADULTS in colleges today. The young today start in life in nursery school. From there they go to grammar school then into high school. After that they graduate back to nursery school. I really pity them when they try to get into the real world where you have to work for a living.


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